McAlpine to run as independent candidate

Frederick McAlpine

Frederick McAlpine


Tribune Chief Reporter


PINERIDGE MP Frederick McAlpine announced Friday his decision to run as an independent candidate for the constituency in the upcoming general election.

The outspoken MP’s decision follows years at odds with the party.

His announcement came the day after the Free National Movement ratified officer-in Charge of Road Traffic in Grand Bahama Welbourne Bootle for Pineridge.

During a press conference Friday, Mr McAlpine said Mr Bootle’s ratification was a tool not only to force him out as representative of Pineridge, but out of the party.

He said he did everything he could to maintain the tenets of the FNM, under whose umbrella he was elected, but Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ leadership strayed from the original course of the party’s successive leadership leading to his decision.

He said the FNM government under its present leadership seemed agitated and combative in the face of challenges to be accountable and transparent.

Nonetheless, Mr McAlpine maintained that the people of his constituency received good representation.

“Through my representation and vocalisation on behalf of the people of Pineridge, Pineridge has blossomed from an ordinary constituency to national recognition,” the MP said during a press conference Friday. “Pineridge, during this parliamentary session, was well represented on the local and national stage like never yet before.

“As a Member of Parliament under the Free National Movement, I have done all I could to maintain the tenets and doctrinal foundations laid down by the forefathers of this political organization: the likes of Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield and others, who embraced democracy and freedom of speech.

“The present FNM under the leadership of the Hon Hubert A Minnis seems, in my opinion, to have strayed from the original FNM course of successive leadership.

"The FNM today as we know it has become a disappointment for many Bahamians who once wholeheartedly supported the political organisation in support of democratisation and its governmental ability.

“Management during the national and global crisis has been dismal to say the least and has left the citizenry of The Bahamas, as we approach election, between a rock and a hard place. As the incumbent member of Parliament for Pineridge, the political organisation decided this time around that elected members of Parliament should reapply for nomination; something which is not the norm.

“In my opinion, they wanted to get rid of some people and they felt this was the way to go about it. For me, that’s neither here nor there. In good conscience it would be difficult for me to re-nominate or to seek a nomination from the party under the leadership of a Dr Hubert A Minnis.”

He continued: “Notwithstanding, the mere fact that the leadership, disguised as the party, is nominating another individual is doing what they wanted to do from the time I held the government’s feet to the fire, which is to force me out.

“This FNM government, under the present leadership, seem agitated and combative when you challenge them for accountability and transparency; something they claim to espouse.

“Nominating another individual for the Pineridge seat is not only seeking to force me out as a representative of the constituency, but also seeking to fulfill a leadership objective to force me out of the FNM Party at this time.

“I am keenly aware that the rejection by leadership of a political organisation is not a rejection from the people whom I love and have spoken up and out for.”

Regarding a run as an independent candidate Mr McAlpine said he was confident he could provide the needed representation without party affiliation.

“I, therefore, announce this day in the year of our Lord 2021, after prayerful consideration and consultation with my family, constituents and well-wishers, that I will offer myself as an independent candidate in the upcoming general elections to continue my service to God and country through and for the people of Pineridge.

“I have served independently of this government and have gotten things done through advocacy and agitation; and during Pineridge’s greatest need after Hurricane Dorian I was there for the people of Pineridge even when the government was missing in action.

I have been independently representing Pineridge from 2018, after being victimised and ostracised by the government whom I was elected with for standing up for and with the people.

“I have served Pineridge independently all these years; so, I assure you, you have nothing to lose and much more to gain.”

Mr McAlpine urged people in the constituency to vote to maintain their voices rather than to maintain loyalty to political parties or leaderships.

He thanked Dr Minnis and the leadership of the FNM for the opportunity to serve, adding that he held no ill will against them.

“…I have no bitterness, hatred or ill-will against him. I am a practising Christian who believes in forgiveness before asked and the spirit of reconciliation. In my humanity I may have offended you, but in my humility, I ask you to accept my apology.

“To the members of the local and national FNM Council, my parliamentary colleagues, present and past, I say thank you.

“I cannot forget the former leader of the Free National Movement, the Rt Hon Hubert A Ingraham, who granted me my first parliamentary opportunity by allowing me to serve in the Senate for five consecutive years (2007 – 2012) and letting me participate in many rallies that assisted in solidifying many wins for the government at that time.

"I have no qualms or beef with the organisation called the FNM. This decision, as it has been for others in the past, is strictly made due to present leadership performance, not personality. Everything rises and falls on leadership. For the first time The Bahamas finds itself in a political leadership deficit.”


bobby2 2 years, 9 months ago

Running as Independent means he can never get anything done for his District, he can only complain ineffectively as Brave Davis does.


thephoenix562 2 years, 9 months ago

Good riddance to bad selfish rubbish. Bye Freddie.


licks2 2 years, 9 months ago

Man. . .it is like sweethearting on ya wife right in the open with her best friend then "shocked" when she tells him it is over dude!! Man act like ya gat some pride in yaself. . .


proudloudandfnm 2 years, 9 months ago

He'll probably win. FNM has done nothing for Freeport, like literally nothing. Freeport boungy still hurting from perry dem. Independents probably stand a much better chance in GB....


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