Vaccine-only not working

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There is an article on the front page in one of the daily newspapers this week that reads, “Former minister says change our policy or accept frequent deaths”. Where later in the article he states that “I see a dramatic disconnect between what is happening in the clinical arena and what the public’s perception seems to be.”

I agree and believe that the change of policy we need which will result in more lives being saved and more people kept from being admitted to hospital is for us as a country to adopt a three-pronged approach.

Along with the push to have people take the vaccine, we should also work on preventive medicines and then therapeutic medicines, if a person has gotten COVID-19, much like other countries are doing successfully.

I believe there is irrefutable scientific evidence, for anybody who wants to look at the empirical data, that the vaccine-only approach will not get us out of this pandemic. I refer to just two of many examples, the nation of Israel, that has one of the highest, if not the highest percentage of vaccinated people, yet their hospitals are full and many are dying that are fully vaccinated, compared to Uttar Pratesh, India, that has declared they are COVID-19 free by the government because they have also promoted preventive and therapeutic medicines to their population.

I am a Bahamian who had COVID-19, and have fully recovered by working closely with doctors and by implementing this approach, I want to see more of my Bahamian brothers and sisters being survivors of this COVID-19 virus, and encourage our government to adopt this approach so that we can do just that.


Bahamas Olympic swimmer and coach


October 13, 2021.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 4 months ago

Andy should be Minister of Health


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