The big Christmas cleaning


Tribune Features Writer


Christmas time is the perfect time to spruce up your home.

As one Tribune reader joked, “I know it’s Christmas when I smell paint.”

There is something about the holidays that just inspires the soul to want to refresh your environment and enter the new year clean and fresh.

“It’s also the time of year when people are always popping in to see you,” said Nicole.

“I like to make sure that they have a nice environment. I like my house to feel like the holidays with scented candles and music playing. I hate the idea of someone one popping by and my house is not fixed and so I clean more around this time of year than ever.”

Kelly agreed: “I clean more at Christmas than say Spring cleaning, because to me Spring comes right before summer when the kids will be home from school. So, I feel like summer they are at home and the house will need cleaning after they go back and then really once September hits, Christmas is right here.

“Cleaning for Christmas just makes more sense because then you get rid of all the junk from the year. It is really easy to keep your new year’s resolutions when your house is organised and clean and shiny. It makes things easier to maintain.”

Lynette said her Christmas cleaning routine includes taking down all her curtains and taking them to the laundry, shampooing her rugs and buying a new comforter set for her bed.

“I grew up with my mom doing that and now that I have my own home, I do it too. Isn’t it funny how you just do things from your childhood without giving it that much thought. But I like the idea of having a set time of year to do certain things around the year,” she said.

Maria said that she loves to entertain and cook, especially around Christmas, and so her cleaning routine focuses more on those areas.

“I have a formal dining room that we only use for Christmas, to be honest, so I clean it from top to bottom, and I have really nice silver and China pieces that my grandmother left me when she passed. So, I polish all of them and wash them before and after the holidays. She loved to entertain too and cleaning her pieces helps me feel close to her,” she said.

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