IAN FERGUSON: Signs workers need new job challenge


Ian Ferguson

Economists indicate that the only form of healthy unemployment is frictional unemployment. That is the process of leaving a job to explore options that are more in line with a worker’s interests and skills.

The last two generations of employees have been far less afraid of resigning and assuming new roles, trying their hands in the new and unfamiliar. Others, though, remain pensive and trying to determine whether a move is necessary or worthwhile. Here are the signs that will indicate whether you are ready to leave your current employer and take on new opportunities.

You are overqualified

While it may feel like a good thing to complete your work every day and have additional time left over, this can be a sign that it is time to find a job that offers greater challenges. Seeking a new opportunity can help you learn more, progress in your career path and complete new challenges every day.

You are overworked

Feeling as if you have too many duties to complete in one day can be a sign of needing a new job. If you feel you are overworked, you may need to seek an opportunity in which you feel comfortable with the workload. Before looking for a new job, speak with your manager or supervisor and express your concerns. They may be able to help with certain tasks or hire another employee to complete some of your duties.

Your productivity has declined

“Burn out” can occur when you complete the same tasks or duties continuously over a long period of time. Sometimes, burn out can lead to a decrease in productivity. This is a natural reaction that happens to many employees, and the best way to solve the problem is to find a new challenge that helps you feel excited to work again.

You do not have room to advance

A career should have a steady upward trajectory, but it may not be available at every company. If you feel there are no opportunities to advance at your current company, you may have to seek opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes, companies create new positions for employees with unique qualifications. It is helpful to research the business you work for to see if they have an employment gap that you could fill in a new role.

You do not fit in the workplace culture

Employees may sometimes find it difficult to fit in with the workplace culture. For example, you may enjoy being involved with your community while the company could be uninterested, or you may love working with people and these opportunities may not be available. Finding a business that shares the same values as you can help you feel more motivated and productive.

You want a better work-life balance

If you feel that you have less time to spend at home because of your work, it could be time to find a new job that better accommodates your personal life. You should speak with your manager first before taking steps to pursue other opportunities since it may be possible that they can help ease some of your workplace stress.

You found a better opportunity

You may enjoy your job, but you could always encounter a better opportunity. If you find a position that better suits your career path and offers better benefits, sometimes it is totally worth the jump. While it is difficult to leave a job you enjoy, if there is a better opportunity you should not completely rule it out.

• NB: Ian R Ferguson is a talent management and organisational development consultant, having completed graduate studies with regional and international universities. He has served organsations, both locally and globally, providing relevant solutions to their business growth and development issues. He may be contacted at tcconsultants@coralwave.com.


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