One man killed, another injured in shooting


ONE man is dead and another is in hospital after they were shot on Friday night.

While police did not officially give the identity of the dead man, relatives said he is Vernal Stubbs.

At the scene of the murder, Superintendent Audley Peters told reporters that shortly after 5pm on Friday, police received a complaint of a shooting incident at Eighth Street, Coconut Grove.

“Officers were dispatched and on the arrival of the first responders they met a white jeep on the eastern side of Eighth Street with two inside suffering from gunshot wounds,” Supt Peters said. “Emergency Medical Services visited the scene and following the assessment of the technicians one of the males were pronounced lifeless.

“Initial investigations indicate at least two males were standing outside the residence when a vehicle approached them. Two males exited that vehicle brandishing a firearm and discharged their weapons at the males injuring them about their bodies.“

While one of the men died, the other was taken to the hospital. However, his condition was not known. They were believed to be friends and in their early 30s.

When asked if the incident could have been gang-related, Supt Peters said it was a possibility however, police could not confirm that until more information is gathered during the investigation.


John 10 months, 3 weeks ago

If any of the last five administrations were to be judged and their success with crime, murder especially, they would all receive failing grades. All, all ALL! This country is going into at least four generations of young men killing up each other and no end appears to be in sight. But at least three things are clear: 1. Too many young men are leaving institutions of learning and entering society without the skills to function and cope. There definitely needs to be some national


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