‘Open clinic on Sweeting’s Cay’




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EAST Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson is urging Minister of Health Michael Darville to open the clinic and deploy full-time medical personnel to Sweeting’s Cay.

He said the absence of a full-time doctor and nurse in the clinic on the cay was a major concern raised by the residents during a town meeting he attended on April 30.

Mr Thompson indicated that residents raised several examples where urgent medical emergencies occurred on the cay and there was no nurse or doctor available.

He said that although Dr (Stacey) Bevans did her best to address the matter with residents, they were still not satisfied.

The MP wrote a letter on Tuesday to Dr Darville to inform him of the residents’ concern about Sweeting’s Cay.

“As the Member of Parliament, I hereby call upon yourself and the Ministry of Health to urgently address the situation and open the clinic with full-time medical staff,” he wrote.

In the meantime, Mr Thompson has personally requested Dr Bevans and Dr Freeman Lockhart to arrange for a doctor and nurse to visit the cay on a weekly basis.

He suggested that one day out of the week a nurse or doctor from the High Rock Clinic could take the short ride to Sweeting’s Cay to see patients who reside on the cay.

Sweeting’s Cay was devastated by Hurricane Dorian two years ago. Many of the houses, government buildings and schools were damaged. The cay is still in the rebuilding phase.


stillwaters 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Once this actually happens, come back and let us know, ya hear?


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