Released sex offender dies from injuries


Tribune Staff Reporter


A SEX offender released from prison last week died in hospital early yesterday morning after being found on a track road suffering from injuries about the body.

 Superintendent Audley Peters confirmed to The Tribune that Alden Scott, 55, died sometime after 2am yesterday.

 Mr Peters said the matter came to the police’s attention on Saturday afternoon after Scott was found on a track road in Yellow Elder Gardens.

 He said: “He was suffering from injuries about the body, was removed and taken to the hospital via ambulance and treated by the medical practitioners and succumbed to his injuries this morning (Wednesday). We will await an autopsy report to give us instruction as to how we’re going to classify the death.”

 National Security Minister Wayne Munroe was also contacted yesterday, but told this newspaper he was out of the country and would await a full briefing from police on his return before he made a statement.

 The minister announced last Friday that Scott was being released from prison that day. The minister also revealed that Scott was being released after an indecent assault conviction, for which he was sent to prison for two years. The incident involved touching the hips of a nine-year-old girl.

 His previous offence involved raping a 17-year-old. For that offence he was imprisoned in 2014 and released in 2020.

 The minister also said that the registrar of the sexual offenders list and the commissioner of the correctional institution deemed him a significant risk to public safety. Viewing their submission to him and hearing the offender, Mr Munroe also determined that he is a significant risk and would be directing public notification of his release.

 At the time Minister Munroe noted the concern of possible retaliation against persons who are the subject of a public notice. He said if it is manifest as a reality, it could lead to courts directing against public notifications.


longgone 2 years ago

That didn't take long!!


bahamianson 2 years ago

Well, hanging isn't a deterrent, this will definitely be. A notice to all murderers , rapist, and scammers, the bahamas is watching you. Keep doing what you are doing. It looks like street justice works better than our justice.


Sickened 2 years ago

Why am I not upset? And... actually feeling a bit better about society too, when these disgusting humans who do extreme harm to others (especially our children) are removed from society. Yay fellow Bahamians.


ThisIsOurs 2 years ago

Not good. We now have a group of righteous murderers walking around.

Not too long ago we'd call something like this lynching and those people thought they was right too. That's the danger, a group of angry people do not think objectively. When they looking for a man in a blue shirt and you or your son pass in your Bahamain flag day colors, dead is dead, questions and sorry later.

Second question where Leroy Pratt, taken into police custody and never seen again. Also too many people hanging themselves with their shoe laces in police custody. Bruises about the body.... from whom?


Sickened 2 years ago

Quite a long time ago the religious people murdered others in the name of God. Maybe this killer is doing the same? Maybe his name is Joshua (Joshua 6:21 and 10:40)? God has judged and has removed Scot, the spawn of satan, from this earth. To God be the glory?!?!?!?


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