BAAA elections all set for December 3


Senior Sports Reporter


It’s all set now with three candidates, including two former presidents, vying for the post of president, while a sports reporter, several coaches and former athletes are among the list contesting the other positions up for grabs during the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ elections.

The election is set for Saturday, December 3 during the BAAA Annual General Meeting at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium, starting at 9am. Although the elections held in the past were ran on a slate of officers, it appears that the majority of persons are running as individuals as they support certain candidates running for president.

The nominations were submitted to May Miller, the chief executive officer of the BAAA, on Thursday.

• Here’s a look at who’s in the running for the various positions:

Incumbent president Drumeco Archer, nominated by Robert Ayton, will be seeking another term in office as president, but he will be challenged by Rosamunde Carey, the immediate past president, who will be hoping to return to office after she was nominated by Dexter Bodie. Dawn Johnson rounds the list with a nomination from Ednal Rolle.

There are four candidates vying for the first vice president spot. They include former president Foster Dorsett, who was nominated by Andrew Tynes, incumbent Rupert Gardiner, nominated by Robert Ayton, Carl Oliver, nominated by Bodie and Ednal Rolle, nominated by Rashad Patton.

And the second vice president spot will be filled by one of three nominees coming out of Grand Bahama. They are John Ingraham, nominated by Dionne Britton, Sandra Laing, nominated by Dexter Bodie and incumbent Ravanno Ferguson, nominated by Pharez Cooper.

There are four operational positions for vice presidents with an interesting list of candidates.

The list of candidates for vice president of finance include Laketah Charlton, nominated by Dionne Britton, Philippa Willie, nominated by Rashad Patton, Shakera Demeritte, nominated by Dexter Bodie and Darius Ferguson, nominated by Ednal Rolle.

Vice president of public relations and marketing include sports reporter Sheldon Longley, nominated by Dionne Britton, Verna McIntosh- Bonaby, nominated by Dexter Bodie and Tanya Woodside, nominated by Ednal Rolle. Vice president of business operations will have three candidates including Pharez Cooper, nominated by Pharez Cooper, Damarius Cash, nominated by Ednal Rolle and Cedricka Rolle, nominated by Dexter Bodie.

Vice president of technical operations include Tito Moss, nominated by Robert Ayton, Bernard Newbold, nominated by Andrew Tynes and Alexis Roberts, nominated by Ednal Rolle.

There are 18 candidates vying for 12 spots as council members. The list includes the following:

Roberts (John Ingraham); Dionne Britton (John Ingraham); Fritz Grant (Clinton Smikle), Andrew Tynes (Foster Diorsett); Latesa Kemp (Rashad Patton); Stephen Murray (Rashad Patton); Jason Edwards (Clinton Smikle); Jason Larrimore (Dexter Bodie); Nikito Johnson (Dexter Bodie); Daphne Saunders (Dexter Bodie); Emmitt Higgins (Dionne Britton); Kennard Mackey (James Rolle); Mikhilo Strachan (Nekeno Demeritte); Patrick Adderley (Dexter Bodie); Jacqueline Davis (Andrew Tynes); Ray Hepburn (Clinton Smikle) and Everette Fraser (Clinton Smikle).

The BAAA elections is one of several by various sporting bodies this year and next year, but comes at a very important time as the country celebrates its 50th anniversary with the hosting of the 50th celebrations of the CARIFTA Games during the Easter holiday weekend.

No dates have been set as yet for some of the other organisations like the Bahamas Olympic Committee, Bahamas Football Association, Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association, who are all due to stage their elections this year.

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