Seeking out our hidden heroes

PARTICIPANTS at the Character Day Bahamas workshop in August.

PARTICIPANTS at the Character Day Bahamas workshop in August.

A CAMPAIGN is calling on people to nominate their Hidden Heroes.

The Character Day Bahamas campaign is asking people to nominate the hidden heroes in our community.

With a theme this year of “Let Your Light Shine”, the campaign held workshops for educators, guidance councillors and youth workers last month, and a lunch and learn event on September 7.

Sonia Brown, president of the PACE Foundation which leads Character Day Bahamas, said: “We tend to focus on the negative from a societal aspect. But it’s all about recognising for example in a child that we might call stubborn, that there is grit and perseverance. We have to find a way to channel their energies so that they can understand and strengthen their character to better themselves, their school, their communities and their family.”

“You can work on your strengths and make them stronger,” said project coordinator Charlene Carey. “Character is malleable. Our goal is to help students and others to be their best.”

Workshop attendees were reminded to take care of their wellness to have a stronger, positive impact on children and others. “Educators spend more time with our children, than we do,” said Brown. “Your work is extremely important. We need you to take care of yourselves so that you can educate our children and improve our country.”

For more information on the Hidden Heroes awards, as well as how to apply for a small grant, visit www. characterdaybahamas.org. Nominations close on September 30.


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