Nassau not protected from the rain

EDITOR, The Tribune.

DA rains! Clearly we are not protected from a severe rain imagine yesterday over three-four days in a hurricane? Oh, yes, PWD will come with ‘resilient drains’… Bay Street, bulla, start afresh trench from Bay out to dock/bulkhead with large diameter water drains.

West Bay by OPM...soon you will need a boat to get to OPM … surely priority has to be to dig some more drains. PW your first ‘resilient drain’ ain’t working...water four plus inches deep across the road.

The Woman Rape Bill … didn’t dey promise a long discussion period with public meetings, etc? Ops, had to distract to get away from the embarrassing Bell-Immigration Ling. Woman’s groups power in and cause dem to amend the weak Act they presented.

Goombay - ahh am I missing something what time in the afternoon does the cruise ships sail out of Nassau Harbour? Ahh, Goombay for who? Hotel people stay in hotels, dey paid for their evening meal! Oh politics as usual.



July 28, 2023.


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