Officers questioned whether Evans was identified as a suspect before shooting




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AN attorney representing Deangelo Evans’ estate questioned police assertions that Evans was the suspect in an armed robbery that preceded his death in 2018.

Romona Farquharson cross-examined PC Dwayne Miller after he gave testimony in the Coroners Court yesterday as the inquest into Evans’ death continued. PC Miller testified that he and PC Deneko Major responded to a report of an armed robbery in Masons Addition shortly after 9.50am on May 27, 2018.

The two officers went to the scene of Evans’ shooting on Sandy Lane after hearing gunshots, with PC Miller claiming it took the officers 30 seconds to arrive.

PC Miller said he saw a large hostile crowd of 90 to 100 people surrounding Corporal Wright and Inspector Wilson, the officers involved in the shooting. He said Inspector Wilson was only three feet away from Evans and had a gun under his foot.

Ryszard Humes, who also represents Evans’ estate, suggested the victim was not wearing the red shirt and white pants the officer said he was wearing.

Asked if he saw anyone but the two officers near Evans after the shooting –– specifically a civilian helping the victim –– PC Miller said no, contradicting the testimony of Evans’ cousin Edmund Lee who said on Monday he was on the scene beside the deceased minutes after the shooting.

PC Miller said his priority was crowd control.

When attorney Farquharson asked him if he got a description of the armed robbery suspect wearing a black shirt and pants, the officer said he could not recall.

She suggested the officer did not tell police control that Evans did not match the robbery suspect’s description.

The officer agreed that he should have reported these details. However, he said he never wrote in his report that the armed robbery suspect was wearing red and white.

Mrs Farquharson suggested that his description of the armed robbery suspect was made up after the shooting to match what he saw on the scene.

“I’m going to further suggest to you that what you are saying is a recent fabrication,” she said. “You’re making it up to match what you saw on that scene. Do you accept that or not?”

PC Miller denied her suggestions.

He said he didn’t see a gun near Evans until the crowd was under control.

K Melvern Rolle represents the two officers in the case: Corporal Wright and Inspector Wilson.

Patrick Sweeting is marshalling the evidence.

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