Munroe defends both monitoring company and police after criticism

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe.


Tribune Staff Reporter


NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe defended both the company that monitors people on bail and police who respond to notifications about bail violations after both groups were criticised.

Carlos Reid, a consultant in the Ministry of National Security, told The Tribune that Metro Security Solutions is doing an ineffective job monitoring people on bail, contributing to the high number of murders among people on bail. But Orin Bethel, the president of the company, said police sometimes do not respond to the company’s notifications and that people on bail sometimes turn up dead days after police are notified.

Defending the police, Mr Munroe said yesterday: “Quite frankly, police have many things to do.”

“Most people could say they’ve made reports to the police that haven’t been followed up as they think they should have. So yes, Metro does report to the police violations. Yes, the police do follow up. Whether it’s within the timeframe that Metro thinks is efficient is a different question.”

Mr Munroe noted that police bring numerous people to court for breaching bail conditions and that magistrates may fine the offenders, revoke their bail, or award imprisonment for breaches.

Mr Munroe said if breaches were found with Metro Security Solutions, the contract could be terminated if needed.

He said he hadn’t received complaints from the Royal Bahamas Police Force concerning defects in the monitoring system, adding that the lack of official complaints must mean police are satisfied with the service.

“Having an ankle bracelet doesn’t stop people coming to kill you and the police, that’s a big case they make,” he said. “When you get out on bail, sadly, the statistics show that quite often people are coming to kill you, and it would be better if they not be granted bail. The ankle bracelet will just show us where to find them and when something happens who was in the area, but it won’t stop people doing foolishness.”

Forty-two per cent of murder victims in 2023 have been people killed while on bail, according to Carlos Reid, a consultant in the Ministry of National Security. Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander has described bail for serious crimes as a death sentence.


stillwaters 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Politics..........if he were in Opposition, this would be a whole different conversation......definitely not defending this nonsense with anklet bracelets.


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