Flooding mitigation promised by Ministry of Works has not arrived a year later, say Cable Beach residents


Tribune Staff Reporter


ONE year later, residents near Cable Beach say Ministry of Works officials have not delivered on promises to mitigate flooding and its effects in their area.

Last December, residents of Westward Villas on Devonshire Street sought to have the ministry address their concerns about flooding, caused by unapproved filling in of wetlands and mangroves.

Residents have since formed a nonprofit organisation (NPO) and sent a letter to the Ministry of Environment and the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection.

Long time resident and representative of the NPO, Tyrone Neely, said “many residents are upset”.

“The Ministry of Works has not done any identifiable action as per their assertion, and there is a new development in main Skyline, blatant and unashamedly filling in of our wetlands,” he said.

Following a town meeting in November 2022, the ministry and the residents agreed on steps for remediation, with ministry officials saying at the time that remediation would not be immediate.

Mr Neely said his organisation’s next step involves hosting a press conference at the site to bring awareness and speak on the environmental issues.


JackArawak 4 months, 2 weeks ago

LOL, their first mistake was to believe that the government would actually do something that doesn't involve expensive suits, first class airfare and a posse


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