Minnis says PM is ‘out of depth’ as Minister of Finance

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis. (File photo)

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis. (File photo)


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis threw darts at Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis yesterday, calling the Davis administration a “do-as-you-like” government amid frequent inconsistencies in governance.

He questioned Mr Davis’ competency in his role as Minister of Finance, following his recent misstatements about the deficit.

He described the Prime Minister as “out of touch” and “out of depth”.

“This issue raises serious questions about the Prime Minister in his role as Minister of Finance,” he said yesterday.

“It raises serious questions about the credibility of what he says publicly and in the House. Instead of initially accepting responsibility he blamed his speechwriter and he blamed a newspaper.”

He continued: “This seems to be a pattern — duck responsibility and blame someone else. Big people accept responsibility for their errors. If he could get this figure wrong and come in here and read it out to the House of Assembly, what other numbers has he gotten wrong that may have slipped by?”

Earlier this month, Mr Davis clarified in the House of Assembly that the government’s fiscal deficit actually decreased by $5.3m in the first half of the fiscal year when compared to the same period in the previous year. He conceded that his earlier comments on the deficit were not accurate.

However, at first Mr Davis singled out The Nassau Guardian and said its headline, which stated “Revenue Rises but Deficit Up” was not accurate. However, when he was later reminded by East Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson that his previous speech contained the figure about the reported deficit increase, Mr Davis then admitted that his speechwriters made an error when writing the figures in his speech.

Dr Minnis suggested yesterday that the Prime Minister resign from his post, saying that the country is far more deserving of a “capable, serious and hands-on” Minister of Finance.

He noted that Chester Cooper, Glenys Hanna- Martin, Alfred Sears or Obie Wilchcombe would be better suited for the role.

During his contribution in the House of Assembly yesterday, Dr Minnis said that the Davis-Cooper administration has implemented a “tax crusade”.

He called out the Davis- Cooper administration for “falling by the wayside” as they have failed to adhere to the many promises in their blueprint for change.

“In their Blueprint for Change they promised action on immigration, crime, a revolution in education, a master plan for each island, and many other lofty initiatives.

“Since winning the last election, these plans seem to have fallen by the wayside. There has been a crime crisis in New Providence throughout their term. Illegal immigration is at record levels. There has been no revolution in education.”

He continued: “Where are the master plans to develop each island? What has emerged as the governing ideology of this PLP under this Prime Minister is ‘Tax the people and give to PLPs.’”

According to Dr Minnis, Bahamians no longer trust the “new day” administration to act in the best interest of The Bahamas.


TalRussell 4 days, 2 hours ago

Who the hell is the former 'finance minister.' --- Thee Mr. Minnis --- to just, 'pop-up like a boil,' all right. --- He needs to listen to Pintard, telling him to 'eff off.'.---Yes?


wellsy242 4 days, 2 hours ago

I can understand why former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis would have concerns about the current administration, as inconsistencies in governance can lead to a lack of trust from the public. It's certainly not acceptable for a Minister of Finance to make misstatements about the deficit and then blame others for the error. I agree that leaders should take responsibility for their mistakes and strive for accuracy in their public statements.

It's also important for a government to follow through on promises made to the public, such as those outlined in their Blueprint for Change. If they fail to do so, it can erode public trust in their ability to govern effectively.

In light of these concerns, it's understandable why Dr Minnis would suggest that the Prime Minister resign from his post. It's crucial for a country to have capable and serious leaders who are committed to serving their people's best interests. Hopefully, the current administration can take steps to address these issues and regain the trust of the Bahamian people.


birdiestrachan 4 days, 1 hour ago

The former PM does not know any better so he just talk even if he is making no sense


bahamianson 3 days, 22 hours ago

The cliche is " out of his league ", not out of his depth. When you try to be a fish , but you are actually a tadpole.


ThisIsOurs 3 days, 14 hours ago

I dont know that Mr Davis "cant" be a good finance minister. The issue I see is like Halkitis they dont seem to have an interest in the job. I guess he wants to be in control of the purse for good or evil, but its 2000% clear he's ceded the management and decision making of finance to someone else. That someone else appears to be the FS. It's fine to make the wrong informed decision, you tried, but the unanalyzed policies and simple mistakes coming out of the ministry speak for themselves, something isnt right


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