MOU signed with Black Innovation Alliance promises to aid technological advancements

DEPUTY Prime Minister Chester Cooper.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Chester Cooper.


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Ministry of Tourism, Investment, and Aviation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Black Innovation Alliance yesterday to aid technical advancements in the tourism sector.

Tourism Minister Chester Cooper said the partnership creates a system in The Bahamas to support innovation in the tourism sector.

“We thought that we ought to lead the way through encouraging innovation in tourism itself,” he said.

“If we are able to do this successfully in the tourism industry, then we would have done it successfully throughout the economy, and therefore we are delighted to be able to execute this MOU today with BIA.”

The partnership includes initiatives and programmes to drive tech tourism and encourage sustainable tourism, resilience and investment with a focus on hospitality and climate technology innovation.

“This is going to be a living collaboration, and we will continue to work in partnership together, and we will continue to hopefully take off some tangible achievements over the months and years to come,” Mr Cooper said.

Kelly Burton, CEO of the Black Innovation Alliance, said: “We’re excited to partner with The Bahamas to develop the elements needed to nurture and grow an entrepreneurial ecosystem that makes the art and science of building a business attainable to all Bahamians.”


Sickened 6 months ago

Exciting! Helping the minority. Wait a second... this isn't the U.S.! Whites are the minority here. So, one must ask, when is White Innovation Alliance coming to The Bahamas? Our minority should not be overlooked.


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