Block on former Tribune editor’s pension will be investigated, says NIB


Former Tribune managing editor John Marquis.


Tribune Staff Reporter


NATIONAL Insurance Board chairman Philip McKenzie said the board will investigate former Tribune managing editor John Marquis’ complaint that his pension payment has been blocked “for no good reason”.

Mr Marquis, 80, was The Tribune’s editorial chief for over a decade. He said recently that the board claims his twice-yearly statements have not been submitted since 2019.

“It’s utter nonsense,” he said. “I have my statements stamped and signed by my lawyer every April and October. In fact, the NIB acknowledged receipt of my statement last April, and I am frequently in touch with one of its officials.”

Mr Marquis, who has been receiving his NIB pension since retiring in 2009, said the payments stopped without warning. He was alerted to a shortfall in his account when his debit card showed ‘insufficient funds’.

“It’s a bit alarming that pension payments can be suspended on a whim,” he said. “My Bahamas pension is only a modest part of my income, but there must be thousands of Bahamians and expats who rely on it much more than I do.”

Mr Marquis urged the NIB to reinstate his pension immediately.

“I have asked them for any other documentation they require, but they have stopped answering my e-mails,” he said.

“The only purpose of the twice-yearly statements is to tell them I’m still alive. Well, here I am, writing books, painting pictures, travelling the world, enjoying my grandkids.

“Short of flying over to Nassau and having my pulse checked by the NIB chairman, I’m not sure what else I can do.”

He said reliability and dependability were essential for the NIB’s integrity. “Over the last fourteen years, the NIB has been excellent, and payments have come through without a hitch. I’m hoping this proves to be only a temporary lapse.”

When asked about Mr Marquis’ claim, Mr McKenzie said the matter would be looked into as soon as possible.

During his time in Nassau, Mr Marquis was a controversial figure and the target of four street protests outside The Tribune’s office.

He was constantly at loggerheads with politicians, but presided over a 12 per cent yearly circulation increase that was against all global trends at the time.


John 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Boy when is my time to retire NIB better don’t play with my money. They did that wicked crap during the pandemic and me and hundreds, if not thousands of Bahamians, who contributed for years, didn’t get a single red cent. Had to live if bread and ( not coconut) water during the pandemic. But not this lap. No sir!


birdiestrachan 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Pay him his money due. I use to read what he.wrote and disagreed most of the time


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