COI shows no progress at the polls

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Dear editor, I was waiting with interest to see if the Coalition of Independents’ Facebook audience would actually show up in the vote tally. Now that this election is over, it is clear that those Live views are not translating into votes.

Yet a senior journalist for one of the major news outlets said that Bain had a good showing live on air. I could not believe what I was hearing. He once again made himself the centre of attention and could not find anyone but himself to run on the ticket.

Bain barely got more votes than the last candidate he ran in that area two years ago, and he’s the leader of the party!

His performance had no impact on the final result. He did not gain any ground. If the COI cannot manage to get their deposit back in a by-election with so much going against the PLP and the FNM, then their chances in the general election are none.

This was their best shot at gaining some traction and they came up short. I don’t think they are worthy of our time or attention.

Cordero Wilson

‘The watchful millennial’

November 23, 2023


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