Mass shooting sees six injured

Bar on Peardale Road where shooting took place yesterday.

Bar on Peardale Road where shooting took place yesterday.

Father laments son’s death after murder at Andros restaurant



A VIOLENT Easter saw multiple people taken to hospital after a shooting incident in New Providence – and another man shot dead in Andros.

Early yesterday evening, a shooting took place that left five men and a 16-year-old boy in hospital.

Police last night said they were “aggressively searching” for three men after the incident.

At about 6pm, the victims were standing at the front of a business on Peardale Road, south of Wulff Road, when a small silver vehicle pulled alongside, police reported.

Police said two men armed with firearms exited from the rear of the vehicle and opened fire on the group. The victims, aged 16, 20, 23, 37, 41 and 44 were all taken to hospital by private vehicle and by Emergency Medical Services Personnel where they were being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police added that one of the victims is presently being electronically monitored for manslaughter and possession of firearm charges, and a second victim has court matters pending for attempted murder and possession of dangerous drugs.

The incident follows a fatal shooting in Andros on Saturday.

Kenton Farquharson was at his aunt’s bar and restaurant on Saturday night preparing for a bike ride on Andros for a motorcycle show over the weekend when he was shot dead.

Kendal Farquharson, his father, said the 30-year-old was with his older brother at the time. He said that someone came around the building and shot Kenton.

Mr Farquharson said: “I was on the phone when I said what happened, Kenton, what happened? He just started saying Kenton and start saying he dead. I said no man... and he’s actually dead.”

Police were notified around 9.40pm of gunshots being heard at a business on Fire Road in Lowe Sound.

Initial reports indicate the deceased was outside the establishment when he got into a verbal argument with several individuals and was subsequently shot.

The father of three went to Andros for a motorcycle show over the weekend. Mr Farquharson comes from a family of several motorcycle enthusiasts.

His father said Kenton and his other son fix motorcycles while his nephew would ride along with the siblings

“They love motorbikes. When I was growing my kids, I just used to buy them the things with these what they wanted and what they wish for. When they get into the motorbike, I didn’t like it because you know it hurt you and break your leg, your hand, or something, but I saw that they like it. So I encourage them.”

He added: “The motorbike thing keeps them out of problems. Riding a motorbike is just relaxing. They’re having fun. They pop their bikes a lot, but that’s a part of them having fun.”

The father was emotional when remembering his murdered son with whom he had a close bond.

“I loved Kenton,” he cried. “He was a part of me. Every day, I spend time with him. Every evening I come home and I’d be with him.”

He reminisced on his son being “loveable” and took care of his children. “I feel so bad until it’s hard for me to believe that my son is dead. He was even a good father to my grandchildren. I teach him to be there for his kids and show his kids some love, like how I show him love when he was growing up,” he said.

“My son was a nice boy. He was a happy boy and the things he used to do used to keep me happy, he made me feel, make me feel happy. I have six sons different from him. He was one of my sons who I could to talk to, and he’ll understand me and we do things together.”

Anyone with information who can help police in either incident can contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 502-9991/2 or 502- 9975/6 or Crimestoppers on 328-TIPS.


SP 2 weeks, 3 days ago

It would be interesting to know what percentage of these slayings and shooting can be contributed to Haitian gang activity.

As usual, the government will not admit to the problem until it is well past the crisis stage.


concernedcitizen 2 weeks, 3 days ago

We don't have our own home grown killers lmao ,,plus we been selling the Bahamas to Haitians since independence ,,anyone connected or w the right amount of cash can get work permits for their indenture servant ,,its a business lol


John 2 weeks, 3 days ago

You can satisfy your curiosity by monitoring the people who go before the courts charged with murder. How many are even Haitian, much less Haitian gang members. Dispose of your prejudices against Haitians fed and fueled by the US media. The Haitian ‘gangs’ are fighting to free their country from the white foreign oligarchs and countries that continue to hold Haiti hostage after two Hundred Years of first fighting for its Freedom against Napoleon and the French army, then having to pay again Billions for its freedom. Only to have the country repeatedly invaded and it’s economy collapse. Stop telling lies on innocent people


John 2 weeks, 3 days ago

The police claim they have technology to identify vehicles at intersections.so how many of these small Japanese vehicles have been identified and how many are attached or associated to more than just one murder scene. Likewise for weapons. When weapons are recovered from crime scenes is any effort made to trace them to at least determine how they got into the country and who brought them in?


ThisIsOurs 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Huh? I once saw a group requesting police check the license plate of every car turning through their corner. What a colossal waste of time and energy. Not to mention privacy intrusion into the information of innocent citizens without probable cause. "Police? I just saw someone driving"

In the Don Saunders case they likely just manually walked back the tape. Also time consuming but effective as they didnt randomly follow hundreds of Japanese black cars. They identified the car and traced it. What gave them success was cctv footage of the actual criminals. It is weird that the suspects would use their own car parked at their residence two blocks away. But criminals are apparently demanding cheques if the cash haul is low.


TalRussell 2 weeks, 3 days ago

We now know, there 'twas 'No six mans' gathering in the 'yard' during the Easter weekend senseless cold-blooded murder of a former House of Assembly deputy speaker. --- Yes?


concernedcitizen 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Tal , I answered where the Lord in Lords jewellers came from ..I want my 3 PC KFC


TalRussell 2 weeks, 3 days ago

@ComradeConcerned, I've upped it from a single questioned answered correctly to (4) Questions and also upped the prize to a: :
8 PC FAMILY BUCKET • 8 PC Chicken • Large Family Fries • 4 Biscuits


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