Man on 12 months probation after stealing two mannequins

A MAN was placed on 12 months probation after admitting to trying to steal $566 worth of property from a department store earlier this week, including two mannequins.

Magistrate Raquel Whyms charged Tanario McKenzie, 34, with attempted stealing.

McKenzie reportedly tried to steal a male and female mannequins and an assortment of clothes from Muck-A-Mucks clothing store on Baillou Hill Road on February 13. The items in this botched theft have a total value of $566.

Following his guilty plea to the charge, McKenzie admitted to being intoxicated at the time and apologized for his actions.

Magistrate Whyms placed him on a 12-month probation, during which he is expected to reimburse the store for the attempted theft. Defaulting would result in a four-month prison term.

McKenzie is also expected to attend alcohol counselling for three months or risk a six-month prison term.

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