Conditional discharge for man accused of damaging woman's car


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 54-year-old man who admitted to damaging a woman’s car last week was given a conditional discharge on Friday.

Lemoine Alexander appeared before Magistrate Kendra Kelly accused of causing $737 worth of damage to the door handle of a woman’s car on January 10.

After admitting to the offence, Alexander explained his actions to the magistrate.

The business owner claimed the woman had bought several items from his store worth $6 but was mistakenly charged $2 less than the actual price.

Alexander said when he explained the error to the woman, she declined to have her bank card swiped a second time.

“She gone outside,” he added, “and I followed her because I thought she was going to give me the $2. She had the car door open. I gone there and... she start the car and press gas and her (door) handle was in my hand.”

Alexander told Magistrate Kelly that his actions were not intentional, adding he only wanted to retrieve his money.

“I is a victim and the police them, they charged me,” he said.

He also claimed that police wanted to charge him hundreds of dollars to repair the woman’s vehicle.

“They asked me to pay $300,” he added. “I say I’m not going to pay $300, and they ask me to come to the station. When I come to the station, they ask me to pay $600.”

After hearing the defendant’s explanation, Magistrate Kelly granted him a conditional discharge and ordered him to compensate the woman.

He was warned that failure to comply would result in a one-month prison sentence.

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