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A good start but we need to see more

INTRIGUED by the prime minister’s announcement of some of the high-level details of the government’s programme to revitalise the historic Over-the-Hill area, the nation is eager to know more. With a hodge-podge of feelings among the populace - ranging from excitement to cynicism - Minnis did manage to catch headlines by unveiling one of his most touted initiatives on his way to becoming prime minister. However, despite the public’s hunger for more information, the prime minister and his team are encouraging us to wait, as he promises the main course will be much more satisfying than the appetizer.

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Meet Mr Motivator

Anthony Ramtulla inspires his students to go beyond ordinary.

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Comply or else: The EU blacklist

The Council of the European Union (CEU) published its much anticipated ‘List of non co-operative jurisdictions for tax purposes’ on December 5.

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A surprising display of vision and imagination

Never mind the naysayers. The progressive spirit behind the Commercial Enterprises Bill (CEB) is exactly what our stagnant, suffocating economy needs right now.

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INSIGHT: The presumption of innocence

Former Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell’s (PLP) November 2014 immigration policy explicitly targets people who are already here legally; not people who have violated the Immigration Act. The focus was on people being “documented”, “regularised” and having “papers”; not on whether they broke any laws. Having just come to office, Brent Symonette (FNM) seems intent on blithely continuing this heresy.

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INSIGHT: Progress means working together and waking up to our cultural xenophobia

THE controversial Commercial Enterprises Bill (CEB) has been met with broad criticism across the length and breadth of the nation. It has been vehemently opposed by many citizens. That said, there are also still some who view this bill as a progressive step towards ushering in a much-needed stimulus of our economy.

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INSIGHT: Why the Paradise Papers passed us by

Two years ago, publication of the Panama Papers caused the principals of law firm Mossack, Fonseca to be arrested by Panamanian authorities for assisting their clients managed from that somewhat shady Latin American base. Now, the Paradise Papers cause Appleby, the blue-chip firm in straight-laced Bermuda, to stoutly insist its clients are innocent of any wrongdoing, and that confidential documents were stolen by determined internet hackers.

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INSIGHT: Minnis failing to deliver on Grand Lucayan

IN what has been a lacklustre first six and a half months of leading the nation, Prime Minister Minnis found himself in the midst of another self-inflicted shooting gallery last week. After being recognised as the Person of the Year by the Bahamas Press Club, the prime minister sought to give the press a lesson in journalism and point out a multitude of deficiencies. Whether he was right in his analysis or not is a matter of debate. However, the ill-advised speech may have taught the prime minister a valuable lesson – “don’t throw stones from a glass house”.

INSIGHT - Grace Mugabe: An alternative view

Contrary to popular assertions, Grace Mugabe was not the undoing of her husband, Robert. He was his own undoing.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Applying to university - what does it take?

Applying to colleges and universities can be a daunting task. Each academic year, University of The Bahamas (UB) accepts approximately 2,000 new students in total at the Oakes Field Campus and Grosvenor Close Centre in New Providence and UB-North in Grand Bahama but there are plans to accept many more as new growth targets are met.

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INSIGHT: The power of a dollar means more than passing on a birthright - Bahamians are betraying their own people

LAST week’s landing of a sloop containing perhaps as many as 250 illegal migrants has added fuel to what already has been a fiery debate. For as long as we can remember, even the most dispassionate Bahamian has not been shy to voice his or her opinion about immigration. In this context, the clashing perspectives on illegal immigrants – or if we are to be honest with ourselves and speak plainly – our problem with the illegal migration of Haitians, has been a subject of intense debate all around the country this past week.

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INSIGHT: Fighting for everyone’s rights

Bahamians must begin to think of the fight to protect immigrant rights as part of a larger battle to defend the rule of law for the benefit of all who reside in this country.

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WORLD VIEW - Mugabe: a graceful coup

WHEN independence was finally wrenched from Britain in April 1980, Zimbabwe was described as the “jewel of Africa” by Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere.

POLICE ADVICE: Pedestrian safety tips

WALKING is a healthy activity, but you need to know the rules of pedestrian safety. Especially if you are walking in an area where there aren’t sidewalks or paths separate from the road. To stay safe walking, follow these rules.

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INSIGHT: Come on Dr Minnis, be the leader we need

LAST Thursday marked the third anniversary of the death of Pastor Dr Myles Munroe and his wife, Pastor Ruth Munroe – and The Bahamas is sorely missing the kind of leadership he embodied.