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INSIGHT: Stamping out crime can be a dirty, risky job

ARE we hard to please as a people? For the last few years, the cries have been similar: What is the government going to do to stop the scourge of crime? How are we going to be made to feel safe again in our communities?

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WORLD VIEW: Firing up a furnace in an igloo – the OAS

A NEW report has been produced on the Organization of American States (OAS), a body that began with ideals appropriate to the geo-politics of the 1940s. Those old ideals were enshrined in a Charter that now traps the Organization and immobilises it.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Lifting the burden of education costs

For the tender age of 18, Tyric Mcphee is a mature young man. His mother never complained about paying the tuition and fees to attend the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), but Tyric “knew it was a struggle”.

INSIGHT: A simple way to boost the bottom line - training

2018 is fully underway and by now many of us have reviewed last year’s performance, outlined our goals for this year and recommitted ourselves to our New Year’s resolutions. It’s an exciting time of the year filled with endless possibilities. We are teeming with new ideas, armed with lessons learned from past mistakes, and optimistic this year will be better than the previous one.

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INSIGHT: Losing focus with Parliament’s pantomime

THE last few weeks of Parliament had the makings of daytime television, or as many Bahamian women would call it, “the stories”. However, this storyline tells of something much more horrific.

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INSIGHT: Ruining our heritage

I wanted to weep. 

WORLD VIEW: Structure not ad-hoc agendas key to US-Caribbean relations

MUCH has been said about the government of the United States of America cutting off aid to countries which do not support that country’s position in international organisations.

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Back to business

February now truly starts the business year, after January’s blip when most of our citizens twiddled their thumbs to celebrate that historic holiday (Age: two years), Majority Rule Day.

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INSIGHT: Fifty years and still lost on immigration

THE Haitian exodus to The Bahamas has arguably become as Bahamian as conch salad. Haiti’s precipitous decline has truly become a legend in the Western hemisphere. Geographically positioned in the worst place possible, they have become a nexus for natural disasters, which does not do anything to help a nation already mired in catastrophic conditions.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Scholarship helps Ryan’s journey roll on

As a beach attendant at a local hotel in Bannerman Town, Eleuthera, Ryan Romon Rolle vividly recalls long, hot days in the scorching sun dragging beach chairs in the sand while serving guests with a smile. The 2014 high school graduate was determined to save enough money to allow him to one day attend the then College of The Bahamas (COB).

POLICE ADVICE: Showing by example will help our children become adults to be proud of

Raising your children to be law abiding citizens is one of your biggest responsibilities as a parent. This will help you make sure your children do not follow the wrong path in life.

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WORLD VIEW: Is the OAS putting its credibility in doubt?

NOT for the first time, the Organization of American States (OAS) is in danger of reinforcing the widely-held view that it ignores its own declared values and principles. This time, the danger is posed by the way the Organization is handling develop

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INSIGHT: A society stifled by slackness

“SMALL things become big things.” It’s not intended to be cliché – as much as it may sound like one we’ve heard a million times. However, it is truly a life philosophy that I am guided by. When we look at our nation today, and painstakingly review al

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INSIGHT: The danger of déjà vu

DESPITE Prime Minister Minnis’ lack of nationwide fanfare, on May 10, 2017, he and the Free National Movement formed the next government of our commonwealth. His campaign was established on tenets of transparency and accountability. Essentially, it did not take rocket science to know that a lack thereof was chief among the reasons we had enough of the previous government. The Free National Movement probably could have campaigned on anything and safely become the next government.

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INSIGHT: Off Abaco the water is crystal clear but golden elkhorn coral is shrink-wrapped in plastic

That kid — there’s one in every school — putting up posters about protecting baby seals and organising beach cleanups? Yeah, that was me.