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Thursday, August 31

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08312023 EDITION

Thursday, 31st August, 2023.

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STATESIDE: The history of abortion issue in the US

THERE has been reporting and commentary in The Tribune in recent days about some issues that are important to a lot of women here and in the United States. (And to a lot of men, too).

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FRONT PORCH: Religious leaders in the public square

THE temptation of religious leaders to become obsessed with political power and influence is older than the Christian Scriptures. Among many others, Rev. Billy Graham warned religious leaders to be judicious in the manner in which they interact with political leaders.

EDITORIAL: Mentality of our people in need of a course correction

THIS week, The Tribune is inviting a series of guest editorial writers to answer a single question - “What is one thing you would change?”

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Bahamas Humane Society ‘receives 10 to 15 daily complaints’ about animal cruelty

THE Bahamas Humane Society reportedly receives between 10 to 15 complaints daily about animal cruelty.

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Uriah McPhee primary school expected to open today with staggered learning

DOMINIQUE McCartney-Russell, acting director of Education, said the Uriah McPhee Primary School is expected to open today with staggered learning that will see some students return today and others next week.

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Atlantis hits pre-COVID cash flows with $182m

Atlantis has “stabilised” its net cash flow at pre-COVID levels by generating $182.3m for the year to end-March 2023, it was revealed yesterday, as analysts reaffirmed the credit ratings on its $1.2bn debt.

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$30m investment set to aid 25,000 Bahamians

Some 25,000 Bahamians and 150 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are projected to benefit from a $30m investment to unlock the country’s ‘blue economy’ potential and enhance coastal protection.

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AML: ‘Smaller’ stores are path to the future

AML Foods has signalled it paid $1.1m to acquire the future site of its Solomon’s Carmichael store and associated shopping centre as it revealed that “smaller footprint locations” will be its future format.

Commercial driver licence training raising concerns

Concerns were voiced yesterday over Abaconians and other Family Island residents incurring extra cost and inconvenience through having to fly to Nassau or Freeport for commercial vehicle driver training.

Downtown business owners warned about waste management practices

DOWNTOWN business owners have been warned that failing to clean their premises could result in a fine or imprisonment.

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‘Startling’ that 164 abuse cases were reported through national hotline

LISA RAHMING, Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development, said it is “startling” that 164 abuse cases were reported through the national hotline this year.

Human Rights Bahamas addresses ‘deeply distressing case’

HUMAN Rights Bahamas said asking an 11-year-old child to carry her rapist’s child “is an unimaginable burden that no one should bear”.

Record heat causing coral bleaching

THE record heat this summer is causing widespread coral bleaching, “killing off entire reef systems,” according to the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS).

Abaco firefighters in licence confusion

HOURS after Abaco firefighters claimed police threatened to “book them” if they failed to get a commercial driver’s licence, the Ministry of Transport said fees for that licence are waived for emergency first responders.

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Pistol found near Deangelo Evans’ body ‘not police-issued’

A POLICE officer testified yesterday that a .40 Springfield pistol allegedly recovered near Deangelo Evans’ body was not a police-issued weapon.

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Lisa Rahming: I consider abortion to be murder

STATE Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming said she considers abortion murder.

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EXAMS: DROP IN STUDENTS RECEIVING A TO C GRADES – Minister says BGCSE results show ‘much work to do at all levels of the system’

THE number of students who achieved A, B and C grades in BGCSE exams this year dropped compared to 2022, with more students receiving D, E, F an G grades.

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Four months for drug possession

A MAN was sentenced to four months in prison after admitting to having over $1,500 worth of drugs in his home earlier this week.

Poultry farm targets next month for $45k hatchery

An Abaco poultry farm yesterday said its $45,000 hatchery will be completed by the end of September 2023.

Senator’s financing ‘push’ over downtown authority

A government senator yesterday pledged he will “push” to ensure any authority created to manage downtown Nassau has access to the necessary funding.

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Team Bahamas named for Concacaf Nations League

THE Bahamas Football Association has announced a 23-player roster for the upcoming Concacaf Nations League match against Puerto Rico. The game is scheduled to be held at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium on September 9.

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Rolle: UB Athletics looking forward to ‘productive’ year

THE University of The Bahamas (UB) Mingoes have welcomed 25 freshmen student athletes to join the respective sporting teams. The Mingoes have fielded competitive women and men’s teams in basketball, soccer, track and field, golf, volleyball, softball and cross country over the years. With fresh faces now joining the fold, the UB Athletics Department is ready for the new sporting year.

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Marlins’ Chisholm Jr launches foundation to help youth

BAHAMIAN Major League Baseball (MLB) star Jasrado “Jazz” Chisholm Jr officially launched his foundation earlier this month and had its launch event, a charity fashion show, this past Monday.

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CHARLTON, STRACHAN IN DIAMOND LEAGUE: Top athletes set to compete today in Zurich, Switzerland

Following their respective stints in the finals of the sprints and hurdles at the 19th World Athletics Championships, Bahamians Anthonique Strachan and Devynne Charlton are expected to compete at the Zurich Diamond League meet in Switzerland today.

Bahamian insurer shrugs off ‘profitability pressures’

A Bahamian general insurer yesterday saw its financial strength and creditworthiness reaffirmed by the industry’s major rating agency in the face of “profitability pressures”.

The Health Professions Council unveils new app

THE Health Professions Council has unveiled an innovative APP to enhance patient care and safety while streamlining the professional registration and accreditation processes.

A plea for understanding and change

This is a plea for understanding and change. It addresses the concerns raised by Grace Community Church's senior pastor:

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Woman charged with attempted murder

A WOMAN is behind bars accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the neck during a fight last weekend.

Wednesday, August 30

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08302023 EDITION

Wednesday, 30th August, 2023.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Are we protecting criminals while violence victims struggle to survive?

IT was just about two weeks ago that the general public was told that a serial sex offender who has not been rehabilitated would be released from prison.

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Lucayan Towers South board submit proposal to transform deteriorating condominium - GBPA grants brief extension

THE Lucayan Towers South board has submitted a proposal to the Grand Bahama Port Authority to transform the deteriorating condominium.

EDITORIAL: Lower the eligibility age to 18 for the House of Assembly

THIS week, The Tribune is inviting a series of guest editorial writers to answer a single question - "What is one thing you would change?"

Social Services national hotline received 164 reports of abuse so far for 2023

ONE hundred and sixty-four cases of abuse were reported on the national hotline through July, according to the Department of Social Services.

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‘Get fiscal house in order’ before $2.3bn debt repay

The Government has a narrow window to “get its fiscal house in order” and refinance $2.36bn in external bonds maturing over an eight-year period without challenges, a governance reformer warned yesterday.

Gov’t ‘doesn’t compare’ to GBPA upkeep record

The Government “cannot compare” to the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) record in maintaining Freeport because much of the infrastructure it is responsible for on the island is in “disrepair”, a licensee argued yesterday.

‘Four hurricanes’ cost GB resort 20% of its revenues

A Grand Bahama resort generated “about 20 percent more revenue” prior to the “four hurricanes” that have struck the island since 2016, its senior executive has revealed.

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Vendors exceed expectations at Royal Caribbean workshop

Royal Caribbean yesterday said the first Royal Beach Club workshop for potential Bahamian food and beverage, retail and artisan partners exceeded expectations by attracting around 70-80 attendees.

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Fiscal Council limbo sparks ‘alarm’ over accountability

Governance reformers yesterday voiced “alarm” that the uncertainty surrounding the Fiscal Responsibility Council highlights a growing “trend” where public accountability and transparency “lack priority” within government.

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Haitian community comment on ‘tragic loss’ of Jean Rony

JEAN Rony Jean-Charles’ legal trials symbolised hope for many residents of Haitian descent.

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Bahamians in Florida bracing for hurricane, flights impacted at home

BAHAMIANS in Florida are bracing for Hurricane Idalia, a Category Three storm expected to hit the state today.

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Treatment of swimming pigs investigated after viral video

THE Ministry of Tourism is investigating a report alleging pigs have been mistreated at an excursion business in Grand Bahama.

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Darville: Most people contracting more severe form of dengue fever

SEVENTY-SIX per cent of people diagnosed with dengue fever have type three of the virus, a more severe form of the disease, according to Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville.

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FAMILY OF EIGHT-YEAR-OLD IN SHOCK AFTER SHOOTING: Mother afraid to return home after daughter shot in leg

THE mother of an eight-year-old girl shot in the leg in Flamingo Gardens on Monday night said she is afraid to return home, is struggling to sleep and can’t stop replaying the moment when a man in all-black sprayed bullets on her and her children, endangering their lives.

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Doctor testifies she observed 11 gunshot wounds on the body of Deangelo Evans

A FORENSIC pathologist testified that she observed 11 gunshot wounds on Deangelo Evans’s body during an autopsy, concluding he died as a result of gunshot wounds to the torso and extremities.

Regulator's warning on digital assets exchange

Bahamian regulators yesterday issued a warning about an unregistered digital assets exchange purported to be operating from this nation illegally.

Royal Caribbean 'went above and beyond' on PI questions

Royal Caribbean was yesterday said to be "comfortable" all environmental concerns surrounding its Paradise Island project have been addressed after activists pronounced themselves satisfied with its wastewater treatment solution.

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Man fined $5,000 for seven pounds of marijuana

A MAN was fined $5,000 after admitting to having $7,000 worth of marijuana last week.

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Man on attempted murder charge pleads guilty to gun and ammunition possession

A MAN accused recently of a botched murder attempt in Nassau Village was sentenced to 15 months in prison after he admitted to having a loaded gun in his bedroom closet.

Landscapers starting earlier to beat heat

Landscapers yesterday revealed they are starting work a full hour earlier to protect their workers from over-exposure to the summer heat and potential health complications.

No public interest in Sand Dollar

This Sand dollar thing - Central Bank says 90% of all bank accounts have a credit balance of $1,000.

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Team Bahamas roster named for Concacaf Nations League

THE Bahamas Football Association has announced a 23-player roster for the upcoming Concacaf Nations League match against Puerto Rico at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium on September 9.

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Esports player Lucius in playoffs

JOHNATHON Lucius will advance to the next level after collecting wins in the group stage of the International Esports Federation’s (IESF) World Esports Championship this past weekend.

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Lori Roach: CARIFTA Triathlon & Aquathlon went exceptionally well

AFTER The Bahamas placed third overall with six medals at the CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships, event organisers are impressed with the country’s first hosting of the event.

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Hall running for president of BBF

From running the floor as one of the top point guards from high school to college to serving as a junior national team coach, Grand Bahamian Quentin ‘Three Ounce’ Hall is hoping that his intensive background will enable him to move up as the new president of the Bahamas Basketball Federation.

Tuesday, August 29

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08292023 EDITION

Tuesday, 29th August, 2023.

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Ministry unveils road improvement equipment

MINISTRY of Works officials showcased road improvement and flood mitigation equipment worth more than $1m yesterday.

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PETER YOUNG: Can BRICS create a new world order?

A relatively new international grouping has taken centre stage this past week. It is called BRICS. The world is bombarded by endless acronyms by which bodies and organizations are universally known, but it is probably a safe bet that BRICS will not yet be widely familiar even though its significance seems to be growing.

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FACE TO FACE: Bahamasair reaching new heights for its golden jubilee

WHEN the architects of an independent Bahamas foresaw the success of this country driven by a people united in service, they made the decision that a national airline would be essential. It would serve as an initial introduction to the Bahamas, welcoming the world to our shores, even before the passengers arrive on Bahamian soil.

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Man accused of sexually assaulting a woman after a night of drinking

A MAN was sent to prison yesterday accused of sexually assaulting a woman after a night out drinking in July.

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$200m Carnival Cruise Lines development in Grand Bahama to be named Celebration Key

CELEBRATION Key is the name for the $200 million project Carnival is developing in Grand Bahama.

EDITORIAL: Making history and aesthetics part of the national vision

THIS week, The Tribune is inviting a series of guest editorial writers to answer a single question - "What is one thing you would change?"

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DEPP are reviewing BPL document regarding diesel spill in Andros last year

DEPARTMENT of Environmental Planning and Protection officials are reviewing Bahamas Power & Light’s documents concerning a diesel spill at its north Andros power station last year.

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Local fuel prices nearing $6 per gallon as crude oil costs increase

BAHAMAS Petroleum Retailers Association Vice-President Vasco Bastian said an increase in crude oil prices explains why gas prices are nearing $6.

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Aviation unions sign three year $1.8m industrial agreement which will benefit 117 members

THE Bahamas Air Navigation Services Authority and the Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union signed a $1.8m three-year industrial agreement yesterday.

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Investigation nearly complete into police officer accused of beating students in Bimini

DEPUTY Police Commissioner Leamond Deleveaux said an investigation into the alleged beating of several Bimini Primary School students earlier this year is almost complete.

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Students turned away at Uriah McPhee Primary School due to teachers dispute with MOE official

URIAH McPhee Primary School did not return to classrooms yesterday because of a dispute between teachers and a senior education official.

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‘Less dips’: Resort occupancy increases 10% for September

Resort occupancies for September are around 10 percent ahead of prior year comparatives, a senior hotelier revealed yesterday, adding that “we’re seeing less dips and valleys” in the tourism calendar.

Freeport hotelier backs Gov’ts push for change

A hotel operator has backed the Government’s Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) stance as evidence of its “commitment to Freeport”, and asked: “When was the last time the Port Authority did a major investment?”

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Ministry’s $400k purchase first acquisition in 20 years

The Ministry of Works yesterday said it has hired an extra 25 workers to man $400,000 worth of newly-acquired equipment that is “vital” to patching potholes and enhancing the road network.

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FTX Bahamas liquidators told: It’s only ‘a wrist slap’

A Delaware judge has warned FTX’s Bahamian liquidators that he is unlikely to sanction their US adversary, or dismiss the legal action he has brought against them, on the basis that the two sides’ co-operation deal was violated.

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Fiscal responsibility watchdog in limbo

The Bahamas’ main fiscal watchdog is in limbo until its members obtain “clarity” from the Prime Minister on whether their appointments remain valid and how they are to “function” under the new legislative regime.

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Man accused of murdering Jean Rony Jean-Charles charged

A 53-year-old man was charged yesterday with murdering Jean Rony Jean-Charles, the Bahamas-born man of Haitian descent who famously sought constitutional relief after being detained and deported to Haiti in 2017.

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UB’s delinquent financials audit to be completed by year’s end

THE University of the Bahamas raised $9m from private donations over the past three years and is nearly up to date with audited financial statements.

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Environmentalist says RCI addressed many concerns

ERIC Carey, once one of the most vocal critics of Royal Caribbean International’s proposed Royal Beach Club, said the project will not be an environmental threat if it replicates the wastewater system RCI uses on Coco Cay.

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‘TERRIBLE PRECEDENT’ FOR ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Ferreira questions AG’s refusal to disclose fine for Exuma oil spill

FORMER Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira and environmentalist Joe Darville said Attorney General Ryan Pinder’s refusal to say how much Sun Oil was fined for an oil spill in Exuma last year sets a “terrible precedent” for environmental justice in the country.

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Man admits to possession of a loaded rifle in his home, gets two years jail

AN 18-year-old youth was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to having a loaded rifle in his home.

Union president: ‘Hundreds of workers afraid to speak up about working conditions’

A union president yesterday charged that the impasse with Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) management goes beyond alleged breaches of the two sides’ industrial agreement to involve concerns such as health and safety issues.

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Grand Bahama police are looking for two men for armed robbery of a businessman

GRAND Bahama Police are investigating an armed robbery involving a local businessman who was robbed of his truck and cash last Friday.

Quality of new surfaces and banks

Public Works … is anyone checking the quality of new surfacing? Airport Road passed the airport close to One West and the shopping centre to stop flooding they raised the road but what a finish … hope PWD doesn’t pay that contractor … the work has to be redone.

Government aiding in excessive alcohol consumption among Bahamian alcoholics

Recently I was informed by a businessman that one of his employees died unexpectedly. Even without the benefit of an autopsy, the grieving businessman is convinced that his employee's excessive drinking played a significant part in his demise. About three years ago an individual I personally knew drowned due to his inebriation. He was also a chronic alcoholic. I know of another young Bahamian, about 41-years-old, who is always either drunk or sobering up.

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Man accused of shooting his 62-year-old girlfriend

AN elderly man was granted bail after he was accused of shooting his 62-year-old girlfriend with a shotgun at her home last week.

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Launch party for Jazz Chisholm Foundation

Miami Marlins' Jazz Chisholm Jr., centre, poses for photos with teammates Josh Bell, left, and Jake Burger at the launch party for the Jazz Chisholm Foundation, Monday, in Miami.

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Jones and Liberty beat Aces 94-85

New York tightens up race for top seed in the WNBA playoffs

NEW YORK (AP) — Sabrina Ionescu scored 25 points and Breanna Stewart added 20 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists to help the New York Liberty beat the Las Vegas Aces 94-85 last night in the final regular-season meeting between the teams.

Monday, August 28

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Monday, 28th August, 2023.

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08282023 EDITION

Monday, 29th August

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Mitchell slams Grand Bahama Port Authority - says a new investor is needed

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell said the Grand Bahama Port Authority lacks the financial resources to maintain Freeport and that a new investor is needed.

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WORLD VIEW: Stopping the spread of political assassinations and gang violence

THE saying, coined by the Latin poet, Horace, that “you too are in danger when your neighbour’s house is on fire” is particularly relevant now in relation to Latin American countries which are the closest neighbours to the member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

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THE KDK REPORT: The angel on my shoulder

IN a moment of self-reflection, it is not unusual for an overwhelming torrent of emotion to inexplicably take hold of your soul as you plummet into a dark void. In that downward spiral, your heart feels like it’s being squeezed, your breath sucked out, and you wonder if the slow beat of a once happy heart will ever return. In those moments of grief and melancholy, even the strongest amongst us can succumb to the tentacles of depression. It’s unbelievably harder when the one experiencing the unexpected is still a teen.

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INSIGHT: Bouquets and brickbats for the government this week

THERE is an old phrase about giving out bouquets and brickbats – bouquets in praise and brickbats in criticism, and this week, the government has earned both.

EDITORIAL: What is one thing you would change?

THROUGHOUT this week, The Tribune is inviting a series of guest editorial writers to feature in this space - all of which have been posed the question: “What is one thing you would change?” We also encourage readers to offer their suggestions on the same topic, and send their contributions. The first of our guest editorial writers this week is, appropriately enough as children go back to school, educator Shar Hanson, of Boost Academy.

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Munroe warns against vigilantism after incident involving serial groper

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe warned the public against vigilantism, saying information about a person’s criminal history is not an invitation to presume they are guilty of alleged attacks.

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Pastor Bethel pushes back against criticism of those who oppose marital rape legislation

LYALL Bethell, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church, said critics are too venomous to those who oppose criminalising marital rape.

‘Bittersweet day’ as Cafe Matisse closes after 28 years in business

CAFE Matisse, a fixture of the downtown scene for nearly three decades, officially closed on Saturday.

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IDB warns Bahamas on rollover ‘difficulties’

The Bahamas has been warned it may “face difficulties to roll over existing debt” in the medium-term if market conditions do not improve with almost $900m in external foreign currency loans coming due in the next two years.

Raising ‘Freeport out of the ashes’

The Government and Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) owners were yesterday warned the latter’s 3,000 licensees must “have a say” over any changes to its ownership and Freeport’s founding treaty.

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Sands: It’s the wrong marijuana ‘gold mine’

The Free National Movement’s (FNM) chairman says the Government has delayed the “potential gold mine” of industrial hemp to focus on legalising a medical marijuana industry that is “unlikely to be a big economic boon”.

Settle $29m Exuma cays dispute ‘once and for all’

The ownership of two disputed Exuma cays, valued at a collective $29m, must be settled “once and for all”, a Bahamian attorney is urging.

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Penalty for small amount of cannabis higher than other Caribbean countries

THE penalty for having a small amount of cannabis in The Bahamas would be higher than most countries in the Caribbean that have decriminalised the drug if the Davis administration’s proposed legislation becomes law.

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Steve Haughey, former chief operating officer of The Tribune, dies

STEVE Haughey, The Tribune’s former chief operating officer, and ex-controller at the 100 Jamz radio station, passed away yesterday morning following a short illness.

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Investigation into missing funds nears completion

DEPUTY Police Commissioner Leamond Deleveaux said police are 80 per cent complete with their investigation into funds allegedly misused during the small home repairs programme under the Minnis administration.

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Munroe: My view is life begins at conception

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe has given his view on the debate about permitting abortion in cases of rape.

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‘CANNABIS DRAFT BILL INADEQUATE’: Rastafarian community dissatisfied with location limit for religious use

THE Rastafarian community is not satisfied with the Davis administration’s proposal for legalising cannabis for religious purposes, calling the draft bills inadequate.

Pharmacist concerns over medical marijuana licences

Concerns have been voiced that persons and companies lacking pharmaceutical and medical qualifications can obtain licences to operate marijuana dispensaries under the Government's proposed regulatory regime.

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Investors advantage


The boom in artificial intelligence continues to fuel profits and sales for chipmakers. Nvidia exceeds expectations with its figures, the stock climbs to a record high and makes chief executive, Jensen Huang, $4bn richer.

Summit explores multiple financial technology uses

Future opportunities for financial technology were debated last week as executives from government and financial services gathered in Nassau for MasterCard’s first Fintech summit in the Caribbean.

Taxi union chief wants 'hustlers at dock' end

The taxi union's president says the industry is seeking to shed its "hustlers at the dock" image after several drivers protested over the Nassau Cruise Port's new call-up system and police efforts to enforce it.

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When companies succeed all Bahamians can prosper

In today's dynamic world, where opportunities and challenges intertwine, the success of companies goes beyond their bottom lines. When companies flourish, the effects ripple through every aspect of our lives, leading to improved living standards, enhanced government revenue and a cycle of progress that benefits all. Let us delve into how economic growth transforms the landscape of The Bahamas, and how money flows through companies to create a harmonious circle of prosperity.

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Back-to-school events provide assistance on Grand Bahama

As thousands of students prepare to return to school this week, some back-to-school events were held over the weekend in Grand Bahama.

Reform in civil service

Before I delve into the primary reason for writing this letter to the Editor, I want to acknowledge that many civil servants, both past and present, have selflessly sacrificed to make the Bahamas what it is today.

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Pauline Davis-Thompson honoured

“RUNNING Sideways: The Olympic Champion Who Made Track & Field History,” the biography of the Bahamian Golden Girl, earned Pauline Davis-Thompson the 2023 Coogan’s Book Award.

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Champions crowned at AID Clay Court Championships

THE 29th edition of the Automotive and Industrial Distributors (AID) Limited Clay Court Championships culminated after two weeks of competition at the Gym Tennis Club in Winton Meadows.

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The Bahamas finishes third in the CARIFTA triathlon

THE host country finished third at the 2023 CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships this past weekend at Goodman’s Bay. The Bahamas accomplished a much better showing at home following last year’s fifth place finish in Bermuda. Barbados repeated as champions once again, earning a first place finish at the event.

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Track coach Tito Moss reflects on Bahamas' performance at World Athletics Championships

Two finalists, one sparked by a national record-breaking performance, along with a pair of injuries highlighted the Bahamas team’s appearance at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Friday, August 25

Larger police presence in schools expected as more school resource officers graduate

STUDENTS can expect to see a larger police presence in schools this school year, with the Friday graduation of 27 more school resource officers.

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FNM Chairman hits out at AG for refusing to reveal oil spill fine

FREE National Movement Chairman Dr Duane Sands said Attorney General Ryan Pinder refusing to reveal how much the government fined Sun Oil Limited for an oil spill in Exuma last year is “rank arrogance.”

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Officials 'working to tear down barriers against women with disabilities'

SOCIAL Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe said officials are working to tear down barriers against women with disabilities.

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08252023 WEEKEND

Friday, 25th August, 2023.

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08252023 EDITION

Friday, 25th August, 2023.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: A few thoughts about contrasts

Would morning be so beautiful if it did not emerge slowly from the darkness of night? Would recovery be so welcome if it did not follow illness? Would the sight of a loved one you had not seen in years be so sweet if you had seen them yesterday?

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Anthonique Strachan finishes sixth in 200m final

ANTHONIQUE Strachan finally took her rightful place in her first global final in the women's 200 metres at the 2023 World Championships, but she had to settle for sixth best in a time of 22.29 seconds in Budapest, Hungary.

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ERIC WIBERG: Historic plane falls short of ambitious goal in Exuma

IN 1930, two significant historical aircraft, one with a life-long crippled man as radio operator, the other with a single-handing Australian aviatrix, crashed in The Bahamas, in Andros and Exuma.

EDITORIAL: Legalisation and the law of unintended consequences

AFTER a long wait, the consultation over what to do about marijuana legislation is now under way.

Two shanty town structures are set to be demolished within ten days

TWO shanty town structures in Carmichael will be demolished in the next ten days as part of the Davis administration’s shanty town eradication plans, according to Deputy Press Secretary Keishla Adderley.

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Members of Parliament agree that abortion issue needs to be discussed

SOCIAL Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe said it is wrong to force a raped person to give birth to a child.

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COVID-19 cases have increased over last two months but not a cause for alarm

HEALTH Minister Dr Michael Darville said COVID-19 cases have increased slightly over the past two months, but are not a cause for alarm.

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As dengue fever cases rise officials warn of increased risk to those previously infected

HEALTH officials said people knowingly or unknowingly infected with dengue fever during an outbreak in 2011 are at risk of serious illness if they get infected this year because of the type of virus confirmed to be in New Providence.

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Police investigate after woman shot, man stabbed in separate incidents

A 60-year-old woman is in hospital after being shot by her 64-year-old boyfriend on Thursday night.

IDB: $856m strategy for Bahamas ‘too ambitious’

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has admitted its last country strategy for The Bahamas was “overly ambitious and unrealistic” despite approvals for over five times’ the originally-forecast level of financing.

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Bran: ‘Let’s get on with’ medical marijuana plan

A former DNA leader, who made medical marijuana and its legalisation a core campaign issue in the 2017 general election, yesterday said Bahamian ownership stipulations “sound reasonable” and urged: “Let’s get on with it.”

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Armed guards called amid unrest at BPL

Union leaders yesterday denied that they or their members plan to disrupt Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) electricity services after armed guards were posted to several of the utility’s sites as a precaution against looming industrial unrest.

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GBPA threats ‘bad judgment’ by PM

The Opposition’s leader yesterday accused the Prime Minister of “exercising very bad judgment” by appearing to threaten that the Government will “wrest away control of the Grand Bahama Port Authority” (GBPA) from its owners.

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Mitchell blasts GBPA’s $64m tax break ‘subsidy’

A Cabinet minister yesterday argued the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) gained a $64m “subsidy” from just one tax break amid private sector warnings that “there’s no other way” but for the two warring parties to collaborate.

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Taxi driver licence suspended after viral video

A WEEK after tourists accused a taxi driver of defrauding them in a viral video, Transport and Housing Minister JoBeth Coleby-Davis said road traffic officials suspended the driver’s licence.

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Volunteer Society Act passed into law

After successful readings in the House of Assembly and the Senate, Governor General CA Smith saw the Governor-General’s Volunteer Society Act 2023 codified into law on August 11.

Clubs & Societies August 25th, 2023

THE Cancer Society of The Bahamas will hold its next free clinic in Long Island on September 16, 2023, from 9am-2pm at Deadman’s Cay and Simms.

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Exuma oil spill settlement ‘confidential’, says Pinder

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said he would not reveal how much the government fined Sun Oil Limited for an oil spill in Exuma last year.

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Serial groper falsely blamed of attempting to abduct girl

POLICE took Sidney Cooper, a serial groper whose prison release authorities publicised,  into custody for his own protection yesterday after he was wrongfully accused of trying to abduct a 12-year-old girl.

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BPL staff on work to rule as issues unresolved

BAHAMAS Power and Light workers have gone on work-to-rule, raising questions about how the company would function in emergencies.

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Jean Rony - famed for legal fight to stay in nation - is stabbed to death

JEAN Rony Jean-Charles, the man born in The Bahamas to Haitian parents whose legal case had far-reaching implications for the country’s immigration and citizenship laws, has been murdered.

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MARIJUANA LEGAL PLANS REVEALED: Bills would ease restrictions on religion and medicine use - but recreation ‘an offence’

THE Davis administration released a compendium of bills that would transform cannabis use in The Bahamas from a strictly illegal activity to an industry regulated for medical, recreational, religious and scientific research purposes.

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Man charged with housebreaking and death threats gets $5k bail

A MAN was granted $5,000 bail after he was accused of housebreaking and threatening a woman with death.

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Man accused of not charging monitoring device and escaping police pleads not guilty

A MAN on bail for armed robbery and kidnapping was sent to prison after he was accused of failing to charge his monitoring device and trying to escape police.

North Andros says BPL 'could have given more'

North Andros businesses and residents feel Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) "could have offered more to ease their burden" even though the utility alleged the area's consumers owe it a collective $500,000 in arrears.

Gov't challenged over industrial hemp delay

A marijuana legalisation advocate yesterday challenged the Government’s decision to legalise medicial marijuana but not industrial hemp, arguing: "They are the same thing.”

Industrial hemp legislation to follow medical marijuana

The Attorney General yesterday said the Government is "working on" legislation that will eventually facilitate industrial hemp usage as it makes medical marijuana legalisation its first priority.

AG: Minimal benefits from Commercial Enterprises Act

The Attorney General yesterday said he believes the Commercial Enterprises Act has brought minimal economic benefits to The Bahamas as the Government now works to refocus the law on "empowerment zones".

Credit union provides $25m 'blue collar' mortgage funds

A credit union yesterday agreed to supply a $25m financing package that will cover around 100 mortgages for purchasers of affordable government homes.

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Former amateur boxer Kieshno Major now IBA certified coach

KIESHNO Major is now the latest former amateur boxer to become an International Boxing Association Star 1 certified coach in the Bahamas.

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Basden-Williams adds IBA Star 1 Coach to her résumé

SHE’S broken grounds as a referee and judge, now Grand Bahamian Geddet Basden-Williams has added her certification as an International Boxing Association’s Star 1 Coach to her résumé.

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Girls’ beach soccer camp ‘success story’

IN a bid to champion the cause of women’s football and to promote the sport at the grassroots level, the Bahamas Football Association (BFA) recently wrapped up its invigorating Girls Beach Soccer Camp.

CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon gets underway for first time in The Bahamas

THE Bahamas Triathlon Association (BTA) will host the 2023 CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon for the first time in New Providence, Bahamas, this Saturday and Sunday at Goodman’s Bay.

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Unlocking athletic performance: Essential role of fats in an athlete’s diet

AS athletes, we often hear about the significance of proteins and carbohydrates in fuelling our workouts and competitions.

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Anthonique makes it to 200m final, Devynne Charlton fourth in finals of 100 metres hurdles

She was so close, but hurdler Devynne Charlton was denied a spot on the podium for her first major global medal and now it’s left up to sprinter Anthonique Strachan to get it done at the World Championships.

Blood bank policy is a failure

I am vexed over the circumstances of the death of another Bahamian citizen who died at the Rand Hospital on Grand Bahama Island. They were waiting for the Rand blood bank to take blood from a donor, so they could get a blood transfusion.

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Prosecution makes closing arguments against brothers accused of murder

THE prosecution closed its case yesterday concerning two brothers accused of murdering a man in 2019.

Police investigate Flamingo Air crash landing in Exuma - no injuries reported

Police on the island of Exuma are investigating the circumstances surrounding an emergency crash landing that happened yesterday.

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Men charged with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply

TWO MEN were granted $9,500 bail after they were found with dangerous drugs last week, including 327 methamphetamine pills.

Thursday, August 24

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Four-year-old boy and two adults shot – one man dead

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy and two adult men were injured in a shooting on Thursday night that left one of the men dead.

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08242023 EDITION

Thursday, 24th August, 2023.

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STATESIDE: Too early to pick from a crowded field of alternatives should Trump falter

ALL the talk these days is about an election still 15 tortuous months away in the future. There’s breaking news out of Iowa, where the numerous Republican also-rans were scrambling to gain some traction – any traction – ahead of last evening’s first GOP debate of this endless political season and the looming first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses scheduled for January 15.

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FRONT PORCH: The long march of nationhood

AT the 50th independence anniversary celebration at Fort Charlotte, Prime Minister Philip Davis declared: “Independence was the first big step on the long journey that continues to take our nation forward and upward.”

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Dr Hubert Minnis: Davis administration on wrong course on Haiti intervention

THE Republic of Haiti has been in a state of chaos since the assassination of its president in July 2021. The central government has lost control of significant parts of the country. Armed gangs have taken over. There is widespread violence.

EDITORIAL: How long to wait for a right?

AT THE start of May, a major ruling was handed down by the Privy Council on citizenship.

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Residents of Crooked Island upset with lack of progress on new road work

CROOKED Island residents say they are dissatisfied with unfinished roads, telling The Tribune the roads are affecting their quality of life.

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Thompson: Davis administration making a mockery of accountability as fiscal responsibility report late again

EAST Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson said the Davis administration has again failed to release a fiscal responsibility report in time.

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Police make 30 arrests in GB as a result of Operation Sling Shot

Grand Bahama Police made over 30 arrests during a police operation that was successfully executed on Tuesday.

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Cooper announces new air service between Abaco and Miami coming by year’s end

A NEW airlift service between Miami and Abaco involving JSX Airlines will start on December 24, 2023, the Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation said.

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FTX US chief blasts ‘meddling’ liquidators

FTX’s US chief has resumed battle with the crypto exchange’s Bahamian liquidators by asserting that their “meddling is hindering” efforts to return recovered assets to former clients and creditors.

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Deficit in ‘jeopardy’ on VAT under-shoot

The Opposition’s finance spokesman yesterday warned the failure to hit VAT targets for 2022-2023 could place the current year’s forecasts in “even more jeopardy” and potentially trigger spending cuts to meet the $131m deficit goal.

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PM: FTX ‘lessons learned’ will make Bahamas better

The Prime Minister yesterday pledged that “the lessons we learned” from the FTX crypto exchange’s collapse will enable The Bahamas to better strengthen its regulatory regime and emerge as a regional digital assets hub.

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FTX’s Bahamas properties rack up $450k unpaid fees

FTX’s US chief has revealed that the collapsed crypto exchange’s Bahamian property empire has amassed $450,000 in unpaid fees to local services providers over the ongoing impasse over how to sell the portfolio.

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FTX Bahamas demanding $9.15bn from US affiliates

FTX’s Bahamian liquidators are seeking to recover a total $9.15bn from the crypto exchange’s US entities with some 84 percent of this sum involving assets that were “misappropriated” prior to its late 2022 collapse.

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Do cry for us, Argentina

YOUTH, Sports and Culture Minister Mario Bowleg responded to Argentinian critics of The Bahamas’ male basketball team yesterday, saying: “They could cry as much as they want.”

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Man shot dead while on bail for murder and other offences

A 34-YEAR-OLD man on bail for several murders and other serious offences was shot dead yesterday morning on Carmichael Road.

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‘40 percent of work permits are jobs Bahamians can do’

LABOUR Director Robert Farquharson believes 40 per cent of the 12,000 work permits issued this year relate to jobs Bahamians can fill.

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DARVILLE: WE MUST PREVENT DNA FRAUD – Genetic testing rules necessary to ensure lab sample integrity

OFFICIALS are grappling to prevent mischief related to how DNA samples to establish a person’s paternity are collected following a landmark citizenship ruling in May.

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Devynne Charlton hurdles to finals, Anthonique Strachan advances to semifinals of the 200 metres

Following a record-breaking performance on Tuesday, Devynne Charlton remained poised in the 100 metre (m) hurdles semifinals yesterday and booked her ticket to today’s finals.

Where are all the ministers at meeting?

Last evening interesting watching the live showing of the 13th Commonwealth Women’s Conference… did you notice how few Government Cabinet Ministers were present? Where were the top advocates - AG Pinder and Minister National Security Munroe? Probably two rows behind the top Minister’s seating empty.

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Three men plead not guilty to charge of possession of a firearm and ammunition

THREE men were granted bail after they were accused of having a loaded firearm in their vehicle on Soldier Road last weekend.

MasterCard aiming to drive Bahamas Fintech solutions

A MasterCard executive yesterday said the company is committed to driving Fintech (financial technology) solutions in The Bahamas so that its "underserved and unbanked" populations can better access such services.

Could fire happen here?

MAUI fire… originated - started because overhead electrical wires crossed - caused a flash, unfortunately in a residential area. We have witnessed the horrific results. Could it happen in Nassau?

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Young boy admits to car theft, sent to Simpson Penn Centre pending probation

A JUVENILE boy was remanded to Simpson Penn after he admitted to a carjacking.

National cyber breach plan may 'take years'

A Bahamas-based cloud services provider yesterday said developing a comprehensive national response strategy to deal with cyber security breaches can be “complicated” and “take years”.

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Lawyer resumes representing brothers accused of murder

A JURY heard yesterday that the outfit matching a gunman who killed a man in 2019 was found in the defendants’ car.

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Closed consultation on marijuana legislation expected to begin today

THE Davis administration has started closed consultation on a compendium of marijuana legislation, The Tribune understands.

Minister urges Bahamians to report over-charging jitneys

A Cabinet minister is urging Bahamians who are being charged $1.50 by jitney drivers to report such incidents to the Road Traffic Department for investigation as the practice is illegal.

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Stephen Brown: ‘We have not had any good facilities in a very long time’

FAMILY Islanders are once again appealing for better baseball facilities to aid in the development of youth on the respective islands.

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‘Gamer’ Johnathon ready for World Esports Championships

JOHNATHON Lucius will represent The Bahamas for the second time at the International Esports Federation’s (IESF) World Esports Championship.

We should not go cashless

Glad to see at least one Minister, Fred Mitchell is openly against cashless society... we, all those that totally disagree with the cashless stupidity, are supported that recent Central Bank stats indicate in a quarter the ‘wallets of these digital things’ the deposits in them decreased - dropped by over $31m. Seems the consumers are saying... be gone!

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Man fined $2,500 for marijuana valued at $1,300 found in his closet

A MAN was fined $2,500 yesterday after he admitted to having $1,300 worth of marijuana hidden in his bedroom closet on Monday.

Wednesday, August 23

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Wednesday, 23rd August, 2023.

The Tropics heat up over the Atlantic, Southern Bahamas eyes on Franklin

LOCAL weather forecasters are monitoring Tropical Storm Franklin, one of five systems being tracked in the Atlantic.

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Prison plans resubmitted with ‘significantly’ reduced costs

CORRECTIONS Commissioner Doan Cleare said plans for new prison facilities had been resubmitted to the Ministry of Finance with a reduced cost, though he declined to say how much money has been saved or what has been eliminated from the project.

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ALICIA WALLACE: It’s about respecting the rights of women

LAST week, we were notified that a serial sexual offender would be released from prison. We are also told that he was not and is not rehabilitated and that it has been clear that he will continue to sexually violate women. The Minister of National Security said the sexual offender is “unable or unwilling to control his urges to commit sexual offences”.

EDITORIAL: Davis facing yet another issue not on the agenda

SHORTLY after the current administration came to office, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis was asked whether marital rape legislation would be on the agenda. At the time, he replied that he had too many other things to be thinking about.

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Coleby Davis to meet with Hope Town District Council on boat fees

TRANSPORT and Housing Minister JoBeth Coleby Davis said officials would meet the Hope Town District Council this week to discuss the increase in boat registration fees, which they called outrageous.

Search for missing aircraft near Eleuthera called off

SEARCH efforts for an aircraft that went down after leaving Fort Lauderdale for Eleuthera with one person on board have been called off.

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Sands: Coleby-Davis should ‘rebuke’ supporters for heckling Terneille Burrows

FREE National Movement Chairman Dr Duane Sands said Elizabeth MP Jobeth Coleby Davis should publicly rebuke her supporters who “heckled” an activist that announced her attempt to become Elizabeth’s next MP.

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Real estate ‘bull can only run for so long’

The Bahamian property market is “correcting itself” to more sustainable pre-COVID highs, realtors agree, with 2023 second quarter New Providence home sales down 21 percent as “the bull can only run for so long”.

Bimini airport PPP proposal is revived

A private-public partnership (PPP) proposal to transform and take over management of Bimini’s airport has been revived and presented to residents last week for community feedback, Tribune Business can reveal.

IMF: ‘Progress’ but more needed on crisis regime

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised The Bahamas for “considerable progress” in developing a regime to prevent and address banking industry failures but also warned much work remains to be done.

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Royal Caribbean: Crew will ‘never’ work on PI

Royal Caribbean has pledged that “at no point” will foreign crew from its ships be working at the $100m Royal Beach Club after being challenged over whether such practices occur at its Coco Cay ‘Perfect Day’ destination.

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Months later, investigation into leaked photos still ‘ongoing’, says Skippings

CHIEF Superintendent of Police Chrisyln Skippings claimed police are still investigating the leak of gruesome crime scene photos of a mother and daughter murdered in April.

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FTX’s Bahamas liquidators gain mediator in Ray battle

FTX’s Bahamian liquidators will aim to resolve multiple disputes with their US counterparts when mediation begins next month following the appointment of a retired US judge to act as referee.

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Cooper assures ‘no Fyre Festival’ coming here

AS the Fyre Festival makes international headlines over a potential reboot, Tourism Minister Chester Cooper gave an assurance yesterday that the event would never be approved again in The Bahamas.

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FNM Leader accuses PM of ‘mistruths’ on roof collapse

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard accused Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis of an “astounding collection of mistruths and deflections” related to the partial collapse of a structure under construction at RM Bailey Senior High School.

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Lawyer’s ‘disservice’ in Azario finding challenge

A JUDGE told the lawyer representing the officers who killed Azario Major that he was doing his clients a “disservice” by insisting the inquest finding should be quashed because the coroner did not consider his constitutional motion claiming that pretrial publicity prevented a fair inquiry.

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PM: ABORTION IS PERSONAL CHOICE – In the case of rape it’s a ‘medical matter’ Davis ‘would have to consider’

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said he believes abortion is a personal choice.

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Two men get $10k bail for stealing a safe from an inn

TWO San Salvador men were granted more than $10,000 bail yesterday after they were accused of breaking into an Inn last weekend and stealing a safe containing over $12,000.

Promotion Board chief: 'Revenge tourism' over

The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board's (NPIPB) chief executive yesterday said the destination requires a "concerted marketing effort" to outpace the competition now that post-COVID “revenge tourism is over".

VAT’s $350m gap causes ‘challenge’

A governance reformer yesterday acknowledged it would have been a “challenge” for the Government to bridge the $350m gap to its full-year VAT target during the final two months of the 2022-2023 fiscal period.

Bahamas to upgrade renewable road map

The Government yesterday signed an agreement to "update" the road map for ensuring that 30 percent of The Bahamas' energy needs are derived from renewable sources by 2030.

Show some love for the victim

The comments made by Pastor Mario Moxey and Rev. Philip McPhee in The Tribune on 18 August 2023 are, in my opinion, vile, inhumane and dangerous, and should be publicly denounced. Moxey and McPhee violently move the hurt body of an eleven-year-old into a symbol of immorality in service of their political agendas.

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Lawyer withdraws after dispute with client in murder trial

THE lawyer for two brothers standing trial for murder unexpectedly quit as their attorney yesterday.

Chinese govt partners with Ministry of Education for scholarship opportunities

A SERIES of scholarship programmes has been set up in partnership with the Chinese government, and Bahamian students are being encouraged to apply.

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Man shot in Malcolm Rd area last night, dies at hospital

Police are investigating a shooting incident that has left a male dead.

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DeMarco: ‘We should not take this for granted’

AS the FIBA Pre-Qualifying Tournament came to a close on Sunday night with the Bahamas winning the title over Argentina, a few players were highlighted for their performances.

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Family Islanders make appeal for better baseball facilities

FAMILY Islanders are making a special appeal to the government for better baseball facilities on their respective islands.

NFL Flag Bahamas in search of more coaches, officials

NATIONAL Football League (NFL) Flag Bahamas continues to make preparations ahead of the flag football season, this time hosting an officiating and coaching clinic next month.

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Devynne Charlton advances to semifinals, Steven Gardiner suffers season-ending injury

Devynne Charlton lowered her Bahamian national record yesterday to advance to the women’s 100 metre hurdles semifinals, but Steven Gardiner pulled up and he was unable to complete his men’s 400 metre race.

Tuesday, August 22

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08222023 EDITION

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2023.

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PETER YOUNG: Can new immigration law in Britain ‘stop the boats’?

HAVING written last March about the unveiling by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of new proposed legislation to deal with illegal immigration, it seems timely today to revert to the subject now that the Bill has become law.

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FACE TO FACE: Commonwealth Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting – planning for the advancement of women

IN The Bahamas, gender-based violence is a pervasive issue. Incidents of sexual molestation against children, especially girls, sexual assault, domestic violence and femicide continue to shock this small nation, in particular, New Providence, the capital. Families are being destroyed, lives are being lost, and the society is hurting due to these heinous acts. Indeed, violence and murder on the whole negatively impact the progress being made as an independent nation, now celebrating 50 years.

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PLP are formalising a convention date, while the FNM is not planning one yet

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell said the PLP plans to hold a convention soon, although he did not give specifics.

BPSU members claim union failed to pay what they were owed

TWO employees of the Bahamas Public Services Union accused the union of failing to pay them what they were due.

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No update on photos of murder victims shared on social media

MORE than three months after the release of gruesome crime scene pictures of a murdered mother and daughter, the status of the investigation into the release of the photos remains unclear.

IMF: Bahamians need more protection from bank failure

Bahamian depositors have inadequate protection against “the failure of the largest credit union or any medium-sized bank”, the IMF is warning, as it urged that coverage more than double in percentage terms to $120m.

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DPM targeting ‘best year in Bahamas history’ on tourism

The deputy prime minister yesterday predicted that “barring an act of God” this nation can look forward to the “best year ever in the history of The Bahamas” with tourist arrivals 30 percent up on pre-COVID highs.

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‘Flabbergasted’ at Royal Caribbean’s PI approval

A Bahamian environmental advocate yesterday said she was “flabbergasted” that Royal Caribbean’s Paradise Island project has been given the go-ahead, adding: “I don’t understand how they think they’re going to pull it off.”

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Central Bank advancing financial crisis ‘playbook’

The Central Bank’s governor yesterday asserted The Bahamas “is advancing efforts” to guard against a domestic financial crisis with the authority set to oversee these efforts potentially formed “within the next six months”.

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$110m marina project chooses sales partner

A $110m southern New Providence marina development has selected Bahamas Property Group (BPG) as its exclusive real estate sales and marketing partner.

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PLP supporters disrupt candidate’s announcement

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party supporters disrupted Terneille Burrows when she announced she would run for office in the Elizabeth constituency in the 2026 general election, saying she should “get out”.

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Domes to be repurposed, ‘not suitable for humans’

DISASTER Reconstruction Authority executive chairman Alex Storr said the authority no longer supports using domes as temporary homes, finding the structures unsuitable for “human occupation”.

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Royal Caribbean: Don’t hold us to higher standard than Atlantis

Royal Caribbean asserts it would be “highly inappropriate” to hold it to a higher standard than Atlantis and other developers with its Bahamian head optimistic there will be no “conflict” with the Paradise Island mega resort.

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‘UB study highlights need to criminalise marital rape’

A STUDY highlighting the threats married women face emphasises the need to criminalise marital rape, women’s rights advocate Marion Bethel said yesterday.

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PARENTS ACCUSED IN GIRL’S RAPE CASE: Mother charged with causing harm to daughter by committing abortion

A MOTHER was charged yesterday with causing harm to her underaged daughter for the purpose of committing an abortion while her husband was charged with having sexual relations with the young girl.

Appearance is not everything

Spent the weekend with the family. A good visit indeed. A niece came with her partner. We had the chance to go for a few walks and talk a great deal. I noticed a quietness within her, and with the distant looks she gave the horizon I know she wanted to talk freely. I say this because she has had a great deal of difficulty speaking out, expressing herself, her emotions to others. So on one of these walks we sat on a bench and I faced her asking her to talk, just talk.

Shipping costs rise 40% for new price pressures

Bahamian consumers and businesses were yesterday warned that local goods prices will be unable to escape the fall-out from a 40 per cent increase in shipping costs over the the past three months.

School roof failure exposes Contractors Board absence

The Bahamian Contractors Association's (BCA) president yesterday said the recent collapse of roof trusses at R. M. Bailey senior high school again exposes why the Government should “expeditiously appoint” the Contractors Board.

Boat registration hikes are 'too big of a jump'

Abaco marina operators and vessel owners say the hike in boat registration fees is causing confusion and is simply "too big of a jump" that many will struggle to pay.

EY Bahamas announces new Bahamian CPAs

EY Bahamas yesterday announced that two young Bahamian employees, Crispin Hanna and Justin Campbell, have earned their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designations.

More downtown property owners eye demolitions

The deputy prime minister yesterday said more owners of derelict downtown Nassau properties have been approaching the Government since demolitions began to inquire if their buildings can be taken down too.

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Man remanded to jail pending bail on charge of attempted murder

A MAN was sent to prison after being accused of a botched murder bid earlier this summer.

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Harbour Island man granted $8,000 bail charged with importing ammunition

A MAN from Harbour Island was granted $8,000 bail after he was accused of importing 50 rounds of ammunition into the country last week.

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Manslaughter by negligence charge for couple in infant’s death

A YOUNG couple was jailed after they were accused of causing the death of Jeremiah Thurston, their infant son, who was found hanging out of their car window earlier this month.

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242 Ballers Blue win the Caribbean Hoopfest tourney

CARIBBEAN Hoopfest was an incredibly exciting and entertaining event in New Providence over the weekend.

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Minister Bowleg: ‘There were tears of joy to see this come to a reality’

MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg said he was pleased with what he saw from the men’s national basketball team in La Banda, Argentina.

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WARM WELCOME HOME: Swimmers bring home 129 medals - 55 gold - from Goodwill Games

Prime Minister Philip Davis said Bahamas Aquatics can be assured of the Bahamas Government’s support as they continue to excel in the Goodwill Games as they have done in CARIFTA Swimming.

Monday, August 21

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08212023 EDITION

Monday, 21st August, 2023.

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THE KDK REPORT: To never walk alone

BRENDA slowly got out of bed. Her clothes were soaked in sweat; her legs shook uncontrollably. And with her lower back pulsating, like hammers beating on a goatskin drum, she stumbled to the kitchen to get the next glass of water so she could swallow the anti-inflammatory by her bedside. It would be the sixth attempt in less than 24 hours to reduce the inflammation that was now dominating her life.

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WORLD VIEW: Haiti: a peaceful multinational approach, not a warlike force

HAITI needs “to get its political and governance act together”. That is among the important messages that UN Secretary General, António Guterres, delivered to the UN Security Council in a letter on August 14, 2023.

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INSIGHT: Independent, but entangled in protocols

THOUGH it may not attract the attention of the men’s version of the game, the Women’s World Cup has been held over the past few weeks – with Spain beating England in the final yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Lack of insurance revives BAMSI memories

THE admission that the contractor responsible when roof trusses at a school collapsed did not have a written contract or insurance is prompting a sense of déjà vu.

Abaco local government calls new boat registration fees ‘outrageous’

THE Hope Town District Council’s chief said some Abaco boat owners have “boycotted” the increase in boat registration fees, which he called outrageous.

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Local softball player becomes country’s 66th murder victim

EDRON Knowles, a local softball player, became the country’s 66th murder victim of the year late on Saturday night, leaving behind two children.

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PM tours renovations of govt schools, says he is ‘pleased with the work’

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis toured several government schools under renovation yesterday as the new school year nears.

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VAT to under-shoot full-year $1.4bn goal

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday conceded that VAT revenues were likely to under-shoot their 2022-2023 target but voiced confidence that tougher enforcement will keep them on track in the current fiscal year.

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PI entrepreneur: ‘Could I have swift approval too?’

The Bahamian entrepreneur seeking to restore Paradise Island’s lighthouse yesterday voiced hope the Government will now approve his project - now in its 12th year of asking - with the same “swiftness” it has afforded Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean: Can’t blame us for Bay St ‘decline’ reports

Royal Caribbean says Bay Street merchants have reported “a decline” in business volumes amid assertions it has “not sufficiently analysed” the economic impact from its $100m Paradise Island beach club project.

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A weak dragon


China's real estate giants are faltering. Evergrande has filed for bankruptcy protection and competitor Country Garden is on the verge of insolvency. To prevent panic, Beijing could intervene with billions of dollars in aid.

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Man hospitalised after bullet grazes his head, police are investigating

POLICE are investigating a shooting on Saturday that left a 37-year-old man in hospital.

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Women protest release of sex offender, call for laws to be revisited and changed

KHANDI Gibson, an advocate for violence victims, and other women protested outside of the Bahamas Department of Corrections on Friday, as sex offender Sidney Cooper was set to be released a few hours later.

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Body with injuries consistent with a shark attack found near Saunders Beach

The body of a man with injuries consistent with a shark attack was found floating in waters at Saunders Beach on Monday morning.

Tease photo

PM declines to confirm Cabinet reshuffle

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis declined to say if he will shuffle his Cabinet as the administration approaches the two-year mark.

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UB study finds 1-in-4 women knew their partner cheated

AN academic survey found that one in four married Bahamian women knew their partner was adulterous.

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School roof failure error of employee, Davis says

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said employee error caused the collapse of the trusses of a roof under construction at RM Bailey Senior High School nearly two weeks ago - while concerns have been raised over the contract and insurance for the work.

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‘Full steam ahead’ for Royal Caribbean on PI

Royal Caribbean’s Bahamas chief has hailed as “a critical milestone” the environmental go-ahead for its Paradise Island beach club “that could benefit hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of Bahamians”.

Celebrating Perry Christie

In the vast tapestry of life, there are those figures who, with their vibrant threads, leave an indelible mark on the canvas of history. As we come together to celebrate the 80th birthday of our esteemed former Prime Minister, Perry Christie, we aren’t just commemorating the birth of a leader, but a legacy, a dance, and a narrative that has been deeply interwoven with the heart and soul of our nation.

Petroleum retailers continue Gov't talks

Bahamian petroleum retailers are pledging to pass any reduction in oil prices on to motorists as they continue "private" discussions with the Government over their calls for a margin increase.

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Economic growth critical for Bahamians to prosper

As citizens of The Bahamas, we frequently ponder the intricate workings of our economy, questioning its sources of income and its influence on our daily existence.

RCI to host workshop for interested vendors

ROYAL Caribbean International is to host a workshop on August 29 for prospective vendors, artisans, and suppliers for its proposed development on Paradise Island.

Get mad but have some remedies

Quite likely, someone is going to get mad about what I have to say here today. I wouldn’t be saying it if there wasn’t already a lot of madness all around us out there. So, the question might be ‘what am I hoping to achieve by writing this?’ Who knows? Maybe, not much. Nevertheless, by throwing this little, incy-wincy pebble of provocation, maybe it just might hit the right nerve. Instead of ignoring the plethora of madness enveloping us, perhaps a few more people will acknowledge it for what it is.

Team Bahamas wins the Goodwill Swimming Championships

THE Bahamas continues to prove their dominance in swimming after emerging victorious at the Goodwill Swimming Championships in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Bahamas earns a berth in 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament

ERIC Gordon came up big down the stretch as the Bahamas pulled off a hard fought 82-75 victory over Argentina to win the FIBA Americas Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournament title yesterday to earn their berth in the 2024 Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament next year.

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GARDINER ADVANCES TO 400M SEMIFINALS – Early exit for Miller-Uibo, Jones, Russell, Thomas and Hall-Smith

It was smooth sailing for the return of quarter-miler Steven Gardiner, but past champions Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Donald Thomas along with Alonzo Russell and rookies Terrence Jones and Shakeem Hall-Smith all made an early exit at the World Championships.

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No concerns addressed as BPL union deadline ends

AS a 30-day ultimatum from the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union to Bahamas Power and Light officials ends today, union president Kyle Wilson says none of their concerns were addressed.

Sunday, August 20

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Search teams looking for possible downed aircraft

SEARCH teams were yesterday looking for a possible downed aircraft with one person on board.

Saturday, August 19

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Plane makes emergency landing with Health Minister on board

A plane carrying Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville had to make an emergency landing yesterday morning shortly after take off from New Providence.

Man injured in morning shooting

A MAN is in hospital after being shot in an early morning incident in New Providence.

Friday, August 18

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LPIA officials urge travellers to arrive 3.5 hours before departure

OFFICIALS at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) are urging international travellers to arrive nearly four hours ahead of departure time due to heavy traffic anticipated at the terminal for the remainder of this month.

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Mitchell critical of 'relentless march' to a cashless society

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said Friday he does not agree with the country being a “cashless society.”

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Man jailed for threatening to kill his father

A MAN was sentenced to two months in prison after he admitted to threatening to kill his father earlier this month.

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Man charged with unlawful entry and indecent assault

A MAN was granted $3,500 bail after he was accused of illegally entering the home of an 11-year-old girl in Andros last week and groping her.

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08182023 WEEKEND

Friday, 18th August, 2023.

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08182023 EDITION

Friday, 18th August, 2023.

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Clubs & Societies August 18th, 2023

Civil Society Bahamas (CSB) supported Bahamas Strong Families Forever (BSFF) and Marriage Children Family Alliance Movement (MCFAM) during the third National Family Week, held July 25-31.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: What has happened to America? Where is the leadership?

THE land where I was born and stood tall as a child, head held high, beaming and proud to be part of the greatest nation on earth, no longer feels like the place of high moral ground it once was.

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ONE ELEUTHERA: Meatless Mondays – reducing meat in your meal can impact climate change

I DON’T know about you, but it sure feels extra hot to me these days! As a farmer, I pay particular attention to the weather here in The Bahamas. While it does feel particularly hot here this summer, the statistics are now in and show that this is not just a local phenomenon.

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Open verdict in police-involved shooting death of Ronald Mackey

JURORS returned an open verdict in the police-involved killing case of Ronald Mackey, finding yesterday that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that his 2017 shooting death was justified or not.

EDITORIAL: We must not open door to vigilante action

THE announcement that a man who is deemed a significant risk to public safety will be released from prison today is concerning in a number of ways.

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‘Parole system can reduce expense of prisoner upkeep’

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said he met a bill of $40,000 for bread for prisoners’ meals when he took office, the kind of expense he hopes is reduced when a parole system is introduced.

Freeport to participate in Cities Forward programme partnering with Coral Springs, Florida

THE City of Freeport has been selected to participate in the Cities Forward programme, which partners cities from Latin America and the Caribbean with cities in the United States.

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*SKYGuard Weekend ePlanner*

Friday, 18th August, 2023.

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Fidelity ‘ramp up’ after 30% first half profit fall

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) yesterday pledged to “ramp up” its performance during 2023’s final months after a near-30 percent first-half decline put the “stretch” $25m profit target for the full year seemingly beyond reach.

Bahamians increasingly becoming fraud victims

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) yesterday warned of an increase in Bahamians having funds stolen from their bank accounts after falling victim to phone and online scammers.

$29m Exuma cays quieting labelled ‘mockery of justice’

A fresh bid to quiet the title to two Exuma cays, valued at a collective $29m, was yesterday branded “a mockery of justice” by the family estate which defeated the previous attempt in the Supreme Court.

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Police find burned body in Baillou Hill Road area

POLICE in New Providence are investigating after the body of man was found burnt beyond recognition Friday morning.

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Long-time PE teacher Hattie Moxey retires on August 31

WHEN the new school year begins in September at Jordan Prince Williams High School, one of the familiar faces returning students won’t see is long-time Physical Education Department head Hattie Moxey.

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New 125,000 gallon tank completed by WSC for Grand Cay

After concerns were raised recently over water supply on Grand Cay, the Water and Sewerage Corporation has given an update on works there.

Three test positive for dengue fever

THE Ministry of Health and Wellness said three people have tested positive for dengue fever, the viral illness spread through contact with the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

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Make Freeport ‘boom town’ before Hawksbill deal ends

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s president is seeking a legal opinion on whether corporate income tax can be lawfully imposed in Freeport as he yesterday warned that time is running out to make the city a “boom town”.

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Court quashes gun sentence of 81-year-old grandmother

THE Court of Appeal ordered the release of an 81-year-old great-grandmother yesterday, citing her age and medical condition while releasing her from a one-year prison sentence.

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‘Genetic tests needed for paternity proof’

FORMER Immigration Minister Brent Symonette believes genetic tests should be required for people affected by a landmark citizenship ruling even if their father is identified on their birth certificate.

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Munroe gives public warning of habitual sex offender’s release

A MAN convicted of 20 sexual assault offences over nearly 20 years will be released from prison today.

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‘WE OPPOSE ABORTION EVEN IN CASE OF RAPE’: Pastors say they support ‘sanctity of life’ after case involving 11-year-old girl

AFTER an 11-year-old girl allegedly impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend aborted the baby with pills procured by her mother, two prominent religious leaders said yesterday that many churchgoers still oppose abortion in such circumstances.

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New York high school players are ready for Caribbean Hoopfest

WITH the Caribbean Hoopfest 19-and under (19U) tournament scheduled for this weekend, the high school players from New York are excited to compete against the Bahamian teams.

Chamber chief optimistic on Carnival's 2m guests

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce's president yesterday said he is optimistic that Carnival Cruise Line will deliver two million passengers to the island annually once its Grand Port is completed.

Tourism advances downtown plans

The Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation (MOTIA) sought to further advance pedestrianisation plans when it met with downtown stakeholders on Wednesday, it was confirmed yesterday.

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IAN FERGUSON: Companies and Gov'ts must sometimes reset

Staying ahead of the game has never been so important. Businesses need to make sure they are questioning all those things they do out of ingrained habit versus what customers and shareholders have come to expect and feel comfortable with. Once you have identified things that are not working, leaders must have the courage to stop doing them and change course.

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Nan sentenced to 22 months for $4,000 worth of drugs with intent to supply

AN elderly man was sentenced to 22 months in prison after admitting to having $4,000 worth of marijuana.

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Man remanded on charges of gun possession with intent to supply

A MAN is behind bars after police allegedly found him throwing a bag with two guns out his house window on Eastern Road earlier this week.

BISX-listed firms blame profits drop on inflation

Two BISX-listed companies have blamed surging inflation for a margin squeeze that resulted in first-half and second quarter 2023 profits slipping against prior year comparatives.

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Coach DeMarco likes Bahamas’ ‘resilience’

COACH Chris DeMarco likes the “resilience” that he’s seen so far from the Bahamas men’s national basketball team in the FIBA Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournament 2023 in La Banda, Argentina.

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Dr Kent Bazard – Fuelling excellence: Unveiling the vital role of protein for athletes

WELCOME, athletes, to a journey of optimising your athletic prowess through the power of nutrition. This week we take an overview of the indispensable role that protein plays in your athletic journey.

BBA gets support of WBSC/COCABE

BAHAMAS Baseball Association president Sam Rodgers welcomed the support of the World Baseball Softball Confederation and its affiliated member COCABE on the suspension of father and son Greg Burrows Jr and Sr for 15 and five years respectively.

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Team Bahamas arrives safely in Budapest: Delegation settling in at Games Village for the World Athletics Championships

Coach Tito Moss said the Bahamas’ delegation to the World Athletics Championships has arrived safely and settled in at the Games Village in Budapest, Hungary.

Thursday, August 17

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08172023 EDITION

Thursday, 17th August, 2023.


Monday, 14th August, 2023.

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STATESIDE: GOP failing to prove President connected to son’s misdeeds

LET’S talk a bit this morning about Hunter Biden. He’s been in the news again recently, as a reported plea deal collapsed that would have indemnified him against future prosecution. The Justice Department has appointed the US Attorney for Delaware, David Weiss, as a special counsel to now pursue the legal investigation of Hunter Biden.

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FRONT PORCH: Antidote to ambivalence

A beloved departed friend, a priest of 50 years before he died, recounts this modern parable. He travelled to the Cistercian monastery Mount Saint Bernard in rural Leicestershire, England, to meet a 93-year-old, who was 73 years a monk. The two settled in to share a pot of tea.

EDITORIAL: Study not first to show marital violence

THE statistics should be shocking. Certainly, the outcome of a study revealed by the University of The Bahamas is outrageous – that married Bahamian women are more likely to experience “non-consensual sexual intercourse” with their partners than Bahamian women who are single.

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Police testified they 'feared for their lives' as Mackey drove toward them

A police officer who helped investigate the 2017 police-involved killing of Ronald Mackey said Mackey was drunk when two officers shot him.

Promoters disappointed as occasional licences see 2,900 per cent increase

AN INCREASE of 2,900 per cent in the occasional licence fee has disappointed some event promoters, many of whom say the rise is neither fair nor reasonable.

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Cable fault blamed for power disruption in Nassau last night

MANY New Providence residents lost power yesterday after several units at the Blue Hills and Clifton Pier power stations went offline.

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Munroe speaks on Parole Bill proposal at community meeting

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said when a proposed Parole Bill is passed, his ministry may push for the Prerogative of Mercy to consider terminally ill inmates or those serving life sentences to reduce the strain on the system.

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Khandi Gibson calls for police to treat rape victims more compassionately

KHANDI Gibson, an advocate for violence victims, said the Royal Bahamas Police Force must treat rape victims more compassionately.

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New home listings surge 1,025% on ‘right-sizing’

New home listings in the major Bahamian islands increased by 1,025 percent year-over-year for the 2023 second quarter, a major realtor disclosed yesterday, amid signs it is “slowly turning to a buyer’s market” after a “bonkers” post-COVID.

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Minnis blasts Commercial Enterprises Act’s repeal

An ex-prime minister yesterday branded the Government’s plans to repeal the Commercial Enterprises Act as “a mistake” since it is designed to improve Immigration efficiency and “attract businesses we don’t have”.

Concern on foreign property tax crackdown messaging

A prominent Bahamian realtor yesterday voiced misgivings that the Government’s constant pronouncements about cracking down on foreign real property tax delinquents could drive legitimate overseas buyers away.

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BPL union escalation as trade disputes filed

Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) two trade unions yesterday made good on their threat to escalate their grievances by filing trade disputes alleging industrial agreement breaches and other violations by the state-owned utility.

Woman accused of plotting to kill her husband says experience has been 'really tough'

AN American woman accused of plotting to kill her husband spoke to the New York Post, saying her experience has been “really tough”.

Biggest investment since Morton Salt for ‘decimated’ Long Island

The proposed $250m Long Island cruise port is being touted as the first “large-scale project” with “regenerative” potential to impact the southern Bahamas since Morton Salt arrived in Inagua almost 70 years ago.

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Married women ‘more likely to experience non-consensual sex’

MARRIED Bahamian women are more likely to experience non-consensual sexual intercourse than their single counterparts, according to University of the Bahamas researchers.

300 passport requests done since Privy Council ruling

THE Passport Office has been inundated with questions from people affected by a landmark citizenship ruling who cannot yet apply for a passport because their father is not on their birth certificate.

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‘We’re still working out’ cost of Jubilee celebrations

JACK Thompson, the permanent secretary of the Independence Secretariat, said the cost of this year’s independence celebrations remains uncertain.

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RAPED CHILD’S ABORTION: ‘POLICE SHOULD INVESTIGATE’ – Munroe says case should consider both assault and 11-year-old’s procedure

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe expects police to investigate not only the alleged statutory rape of an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend, but also the abortion the girl received, which he said was illegal.

Resignation is not equal to guilt

I decided to pen this letter because of the many queries I have received regarding the criminal charges that have been levied against two sitting members of Parliament. I have been asked if I know of any other time this has occurred and if I think the two should resign their seats in the House of Assembly.

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Mother pleads guilty to holding knife to her infant son's throat

A MOTHER is behind bars after admitting to putting a knife to her infant child’s throat last weekend.

Caribbean Hoopfest on for the first time in ‘sporting paradise’

THE Bahamas continues to be a sporting hub for international tournaments this year, with the Caribbean Hoopfest being the latest set to take place next in the sporting paradise.

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Bahamas youth flag football season begins on August 26

THE Bahamas Youth Flag Football League (BYFFL) season is scheduled to begin next week Saturday.

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Bahamas defeats Argentina, 101-89

Wins Group A to advance to semifinals

The Bahamas senior men’s national basketball team continued their winning ways last night, defeating Argentina 101-89 on their home turf to move on to the semifinals of the FIBA Basketball World Cup Americas Qualifiers.

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Man remanded on attempted murder and firearm possession charges

A MAN was sent to prison accused of a botched murder attempt last week.

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Customer loyalty needs more focus than adding sales

Customer loyalty is vital to the growth and longevity of any business. What is more, about 82 percent of companies agree it is cheaper to retain old customers than acquire new ones.

Bahamas must close cyber security 'gaps'

A cyber security specialist yesterday said The Bahamas must close “gaps” in its legal and regulatory framework dealing with online crime if it is to strengthen the country's Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT).

Bus drivers renew fare increase push

The bus drivers union's president yesterday reiterated that his members urgently need a fare increase as their incomes continue to be squeezed by the ever-increasing cost of living

Wednesday, August 16

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08162023 EDITION

Wednesday, 16th August, 2023.

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ALICIA WALLACE: As the heat rises, it’s time to revisit school dress, especially for girls

AS parents and guardians prepare to send children back to school, the usual conversations for this time of year are coming up. People are asking where they can find the best prices on school supplies. Some are asking about tax-free days and when they will be announced if they are happening at all this year. Hair appointments are being made, shoes are being purchased, eye exams are taking place (for those who made their appointments early enough), and traffic is already increasing as at least one school has already opened.

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Carnival’s Cruise Port project for Grand Bahama ‘on track’ for 2025

GRAND Bahama Minister Ginger Moxey said Carnival’s cruise port in Grand Bahama is on track to open in the summer of 2025.

EDITORIAL: Residents deserve the truth

IN today’s Tribune, we report further on the potential contamination of groundwater in Nicholls Town, North Andros – with the remarkable update that the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection is packing its bags to go and assess the site nearly 20 months after the oil leak there.

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Oil found on Grand Bahama beach sent to USA to determine source

OIL residue found on several Grand Bahama beaches has been sent to the United States for testing to determine the source, Grand Bahama Minister Ginger Moxey said yesterday.

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Mom weeps as photos of Ronald Mackey were shown at coroner’s inquest

THE inquest into the 2017 police-involved shooting of Ronald Mackey began yesterday, with officers testifying that the 28-year-old fled the scene of an accident and was shot in the back of his head during a car chase.

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Second phase of renovations at PMH expected to be finished by end of October, says Darville

HEALTH and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville said the second phase of renovations to the Princess Margaret Hospital’s accident and emergency section should be completed before the end of October.

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Abaco dump site challenges lead to noticeable eyesore

A DUMP site in Treasure Cay, Abaco, is so congested with garbage that people are littering the road leading to the area, to the annoyance of residents.

‘Show you’re looking out for Village Road’

A Village Road auto dealer yesterday said his business is “on the mend” with sales returning to pre-COVID levels amid the ongoing wait for government compensation following the roadworks’ completion.

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‘More teeth’: Police probe tourist’s taxi complaints

The taxi union’s president yesterday admitted the authorities need “more teeth” to punish rogue operators as the police were summoned to investigate an alleged incident involving one driver and a group of tourists.

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Construction sector woes ‘a serious risk’ for public

The Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA) president yesterday said the deficiencies he identified in a home being built for a major residential developer expose the “serious risk” the sector’s regulatory shortcomings pose to the public.

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‘Enterprise zones’ retained in controversial Bill’s repeal

The Attorney General yesterday said the Government will retain the Commercial Enterprises Act’s “useful aspects” when it moves to “repeal and replace” the existing law’s work permit-related provisions in the next parliamentary session.

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‘Mother’ Pratt, announced as next Governor General, says ‘I want to make a difference’

CYNTHIA “Mother” Pratt said she wants to make a difference and “touch the lives of every Bahamian” as the next governor general.

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The Beat 103.5FM given final warning on explicit content

Sebas Bastian’s radio station has escaped a fine despite committing multiple violations by broadcasting “sexually explicit” and “offensive, obscene and vulgar language” during prime daytime hours that children may have heard.

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Govt will ‘repeal and replace’ Enterprises Act

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said the government would “repeal and replace” the Commercial Enterprises Act in the next Parliamentary session, eliminating some “objectionable” aspects of the legislation.

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Manslaughter by negligence charge in infants death

A 23-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were arrested and accused of manslaughter by negligence in the case of their two-year-old son, who died on Saturday.

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Visitors say taxi driver defrauded their group

TOURISTS who accused a taxi driver of defrauding them in a viral video never made a complaint to the police about the incident.

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OIL LEAK INVESTIGATED – 20 MONTHS AFTER SPILL: DEPP to send team next week to probe Jan 2022 BPL issue

THE Department of Environmental Planning and Protection will start assessing a Bahamas Power & Light diesel spill in North Andros within a week, nearly 20 months after large quantities of oil reportedly leaked there.

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MVP jones’ double double leads Liberty to win

BEHIND the Most Valuable Player (MVP) performance of Grand Bahamian Jonquel Jones, the New York Liberty upset the Las Vegas Aces to win the Commissioner’s Cup.

A partner city for Freeport

The US Embassy Nassau is excited to announce that Freeport, Grand Bahama has been selected as one of 129 cities across Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States to participate in the Cities Forward programme. The US government has partnered with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, Resilient Cities Catalyst, and the Institute of the Americas to create this flagship urban sustainability initiative.

‘Bat 2 Base-ics’ baseball and softball camp ‘is going well’

INTERNATIONAL Sports Academy in collaboration with Reloaded Baseball commenced the “Bat 2 Base-ics” baseball and softball camp this past Monday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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Man gets two years for gun possession, also charged with spree of sex assaults

A MAN accused of a spree of sexual assaults in Carmichael earlier this year was sentenced to 24 months in prison after admitting he had a gun in his room.

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Devynne Charlton ready for Worlds

As she gets set to compete in her fourth World Championships, Devynne Charlton is hoping that she will finally get her breakthrough as a medallist in the women’s 100 metres hurdles on the senior global stage.

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Bahamas men face 4th ranked team in world - Argentina - today

COACH Chris DeMarco liked the way the men’s national basketball team came together and played their first game in the FICA Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournament.

Carnival port to offer up to 50 retail spots

Carnival Cruise Lines is aiming to make up to 50 retail and marketplace spots available to local tenants at its Grand Bahama port that will ultimately cater to as many as 17,000 persons daily.

Jitney fares can’t ‘rise haphazardly’

Franchise owners yesterday reiterated it is premature for jitney drivers to increase fares by 25 cents amid reports that some have already begun this week to charge passengers $1.50

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Woman gets bail on having a gun with intent to cause harm

A 33-year-old Freeport woman was charged with two counts of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger the lives of two people.

Tuesday, August 15

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The sound of the summer

CAMP RNY, by Rhythm and Youth is a cultural camp that focuses on rake n scrape, Junkanoo crafts and sports. The camp has been held annually since 2012 and runs for one week on a Family Island, this year it was held in Exuma.

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Student raises funds to hold back to school extravaganza

IT HAS been a busy summer for ten-year-old Eureia Rolle. The Uriah McPhee student was determined to extend a charitable hand to the children in the community that her primary school resides and organized a back-to-school giveaway on Saturday.

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08152023 EDITION

Tuesday, 15th August, 2023.

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PETER YOUNG: People still in denial over climate change despite all the evidence

THE news from Hawaii this past week has been nothing short of terrible as the massive scale of utter devastation has become evident to the outside world. At the time of writing, there are 96 confirmed deaths from the wildfires that ravaged the island of Maui but, reportedly, hundreds of others are still missing.

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Tuesday, 15th August, 2023.

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FACE TO FACE – Lakeisha Rolle: Passionate financial literacy educator

SHE was only 15 years old when she blew her parents, teachers, family and friends away by becoming a student at the College of The Bahamas (now University of The Bahamas). Going to college at such an early age turned out to be a blessing for Lakeisha A Rolle, as she discovered her passion and developed a blossoming career in finance.

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Dept of Marine Resources working with Ministry of National Security to address poaching issue

THE Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs wants vessels to patrol fishing areas.

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Tuesday, 15th August, 2023.

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Mitchell: ‘Nothing irregular about’ proroguing Parliament

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said the Davis administration wants to prorogue Parliament more often.

EDITORIAL: Back to school, a fresh opportunity

IN today’s Tribune, we publish our Back to School supplement – as parents, schools, teachers and all associated prepare for a return to the classroom.

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Bahamas and TCI establishing maritime boundaries split ‘down the middle’

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said The Bahamas has recommended that the maritime boundary between this country and the Turks and Caicos be split in the middle of the two nations.

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‘Don’t price ourselves out’ on corporate income tax

Bahamian realtors yesterday said data showing they enjoy near-40 percent gross profit margins is “skewed very far off” as they urged the Government “to be careful we don’t price ourselves out of the market” over corporate income tax.

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BPL: $3m to resolve Station A deficiencies

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) executives yesterday said the building housing New Providence’s baseload generation capacity requires close to $3m in repairs to address deficiencies and prevent it from falling apart.

First BOB dividend in 11 years ‘a miracle’

Bank of The Bahamas’ first dividend payment for 11 years was yesterday hailed as “a miracle” by its long-suffering shareholders after it reported its second consecutive year with profits above $11m.

Bahamas moves on climate change infrastructure threat

The Government has enlisted the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) help to assess the risks that climate change poses to “critical transport and energy infrastructure” and the amount of funding needed to mitigate this threat.

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Back-to-school VAT holiday arrives too late to help

BAHAMAS Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson said the government’s Back-to-School VAT holiday arrives too late in the year to have maximum benefit.

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‘Old infrastructure impacting efficiency of young Wartsila generators at BPL’

BAHAMAS Power and Light officials led reporters on a tour of the Clifton Pier power plant yesterday, showing how the young Wartsila engines are surrounded by old infrastructure, impacting the efficiency of the machines.

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Ex-DPM challenges Gov’t on engineer’s BPL report

An ex-deputy prime minister yesterday challenged the Government “in the interests of transparency and accountability” to disclose an engineer’s report justifying the choice of Station A for Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) baseload generation.

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Union queries school repairs with opening weeks away

BAHAMAS Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson wants a report from the Ministry of Works concerning a roof collapse on a building at RM Bailey Senior High School.

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Wilchcombe: Violence bill advice considered

SOCIAL Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe vowed to consider the recommendations of women’s rights groups during a consultative meeting about the Protection Against Violence Act yesterday.

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Lawsuit claims serious health risks from diesel

A LAWSUIT accuses Bahamas Power and Light of failing to inform the public about the “serious health risks” associated with a diesel spill that has contaminated the groundwater in an area of Nicholls Town, North Andros.

Tease photo

CONTAMINATION FEAR FROM BPL FUEL SPILL: North Andros residents concerned over health impact to groundwater

RESIDENTS fear the groundwater in Nicholls Town, North Andros, has been contaminated with diesel, potentially harming the community’s health after a Bahamas Power & Light pipeline leaked large quantities of fuel.

Greg Burrows Sr ‘will continue’ as head of Babe Ruth Caribbean

DESPITE being issued what they called a “punitive and severe” five-year suspension from the Bahamas Baseball Association, the Babe Ruth League has decided to retain Greg Burrows Sr’s service as Caribbean commissioner as he continues to seek to grow the game in the region.

Red Lobster gains permit for first Nassau restaurant

The Red Lobster franchise yesterday said it has finally received the required Ministry of Works permits to start constructing its first New Providence restaurant which has increased in cost by 25 percent.

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Man gets $7,500 bail accused of possession of loaded gun and ammunition in his car

A MAN was granted $7,500 bail after allegedly being found with a loaded firearm in his car last week.

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Man charged with Rosedale Street fatal drive-by shooting incident

A MAN was remanded to prison after he was charged with a fatal drive-by shooting off Rosedale Street earlier this month.

Tease photo

Man charged with Rosedale Street fatal drive-by shooting incident

A MAN was remanded to prison after he was charged with a fatal drive-by shooting off Rosedale Street earlier this month.

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Man accused of sexually assaulting 14-year-old girl, remanded to prison

A 32-year-old man has been remanded in custody after allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl twice last year.

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Father charged with child cruelty and assault with a deadly weapon

A 33-year-old father in Andros was accused of beating his two-year-old daughter and threatening to shoot and kill her and his wife.

Tour operators enjoy 70% post-COVID visitor revival

Tour and excursion operators yesterday said business volumes have returned to 70 percent of pre-COVID levels amid a strong tourism rebound.

Things it makes sense to be rid of

"A penny for your thoughts" may have gone out of style here in The Bahamas, but it got me to thinking about our dichotomy. You see, the other day when I noticed some pennies among my other coins, it dawned on me that those one cent pieces were no longer being used here in The Bahamas.

Rampant promiscuity in our land

I wrote this letter to the editor at the risk of being ridiculed, attacked, or otherwise. Only God can judge me!

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Anaiah Rolle makes history in pole vault

WITH a strong background in gymnastics, Anaiah Rolle made a transition to track and field, becoming the first Bahamian female competitor to compete in an international pole vault event.

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Bahamas destroys Cuba by 41 points

The top ranked Bahamas men’s national basketball team, arguably one of the best teams ever selected, posted an impressive 41-point rout over Cuba to start the FIBA Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament in La Banda, Argentina.

Monday, August 14

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08142023 EDITION

Monday, 14th August, 2023.

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THE KDK REPORT: On solid ground, part 2

A BLANKET of milky white clouds, as far as her eyes could see, assembled in quiet unison and then slowly drifted away.

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INSIGHT: Surprise prorogation of Parliament without explanation will lead to speculation and gossip

THE unexpected announcement of the prorogation of Parliament has set tongues wagging.

EDITORIAL: Downtown demolitions welcome

THE start of demolition in the downtown area – getting rid of buildings that are nothing more than an eyesore these days – is both welcome and overdue.

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Davis has short-listed several people for immigration review committee

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has shortlisted several people to serve on a committee that will review immigration procedures, according to a government source who expects Mr Davis to seek Cabinet approval before publicly disclosing details about the review.

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PHA advises public to only use PMH emergency section for emergencies

STAFFING concerns and a push for residents to access clinics prompted the Public Hospitals Authority’s advice over the weekend that people only visit Princess Margaret Hospital’s emergency section for emergencies.

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Clarence Avant, 'Black Godfather' of entertainment, father of former US Ambassador to the Bahamas Nicole Avant, dies

NEW YORK (AP) — Clarence Avant, the judicious manager, entrepreneur, facilitator and adviser who helped launch or guide the careers of Quincy Jones, Bill Withers and many others and came to be known as the "Black Godfather" of music and beyond, has died. He was 92.

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What the Davis administration has accomplished, and what is still left to be completed

NEARLY 100 bills were passed during the Parliamentary session that ended on Saturday, fulfilling some of the promises the Davis administration made in the 2021 Speech from the Throne.

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Dealer’s ‘art’ expansion as auto sales jump 60%

A Bahamian dealer yesterday revealed it will imminently launch its Automotive Art subsidiary in the belief operators cannot survive on vehicle sales alone despite an industry-wide 60 percent increase for the 2023 first-half.

September seizures for property tax delinquents

Tax officials say they will begin seizing and selling real estate owned by commercial and foreign real property tax delinquents next month, adding: “We’re dotting all the ‘i’s’ and crossing all the ‘t’s’.”

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‘Burden cannot be heavier with corporate income tax’

Corporate income tax must not impose a heavier tax burden on businesses than what already exists, private sector executives are warning, while urging that such proposed reform cannot be viewed in “isolation”.

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Chief Justice shows Dorian victims mercy

The Chief Justice has shown mercy to a Freeport couple who lost their home in Hurricane Dorian by not dismissing their battle against a commercial bank and top insurance broker over a Supreme Court order breach.

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The impending impact of AI on financial markets


In a world where technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to reshape the landscape of financial markets.

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Ingraham: Grand Cay deserves reliable water and electricity

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said Grand Cay residents deserve reliable water and power supply.

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Pintard says PAC will work despite prorogation

OPPOSITION leader Michael Pintard suggested that the work of the Public Accounts Committee would continue despite the prorogation of Parliament, drawing a rebuke from Attorney General Ryan Pinder.

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Marijuana Bill to be debated in House by end of the year

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said marijuana legislation would be debated in Parliament before the end of the year.

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END OF SESSION: Parliament prorogued until October 4

A NEW Parliament session will begin on October 4 as the Davis administration refreshes its agenda.

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Young Bahamian sailors shine in Canada

FIVE young Bahamian sailors competed in the ILCA 6 class at the Cork International and Olympic Regatta as part of the August Regatta Series in Kingston, Canada, August 8-11.

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The crucial role of carbohydrates in optimising athlete performance

IN the domain of sports nutrition, one nutrient stands out as a cornerstone of athlete energy management - carbohydrates. These vital macronutrients transcend being mere energy sources; they are the strategic energy reservoirs that power an athlete’s every motion, from sprints to endurance feats.

Crimestoppers are 6-0, Rampage in win column

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Rampage and Police Crimestoppers kept their early season momentum going this past weekend for the Bahamas Government Departmental Basketball Association (BGDBA).

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Greg Burrows Jr suspended 15 years

Greg Burrows Sr gets five-year suspension

The Bahamas Baseball Association issued 15 and five-year suspensions respectively to Greg Burrows Jr and Sr for their actions against Curacao’s home plate umpire Edaine Cannister during a medal placement game in the Babe Ruth Caribbean Baseball Championships at the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium on July 30.

Farmer expands with fresh produce market

A Bahamian farmer is expanding by launching a fresh produce market that he aims to have ready within the next three months.

Foreign vacation rentals face rising tax compliance burden

Foreign vacation rental owners face an increasing tax compliance burden with the Government handing them the responsibility of ensuring VAT is both levied on the rental income and paid to the Public Treasury.

Large taxpayers promised ‘crème de la crème’ service

The Government’s senior revenue official has pledged that large companies will receive “crème de la crème” service when the Large Taxpayer Unit is launched next month.

Resort ‘hitting all targets’ with 95% of condos sold

The Goldwynn resort’s developer says its condominiums are 95 percent sold with the property “hitting all of its targets” ahead of what is predicted to be a strong 2024.

Journey under leadership of Prime Minister Philip Davis

This letter aims to offer a thoughtful recounting of our journey under the leadership of Prime Minister Philip Edward Davis, KC MP, highlighting not just our accomplishments but also the challenges we’ve faced.

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Bahamas Olympic Committee empowering our young ladies

THE Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) through the Women in Sport Commission hosted a luncheon to recognise and award the sporting talents of nine high school graduates this past weekend at the Thomas A Robinson stadium.

Oil pollution ‘unfortunate’ says GB Chamber chief

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s president has branded recent oil pollution impacting the island as “unfortunate” and says “combined efforts” from all stakeholders are needed to protect both the environment and economy.

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RODERICK A SIMMS: Excessive taxation no solution for corruption

Corruption, a persistent issue in many countries, can have far-reaching consequences for economies and governance systems. In the case of The Bahamas, corruption not only erodes public trust but also leads to a cycle where governments resort to taxing citizens more as a solution to reduced productivity and economic activity. However, this flawed approach has its limitations and fails to address the root causes of the problem. In this article, we will delve into why excessive taxation is not the best solution, and explore alternative approaches that can bring about positive change and development.

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Seventeen FC, Flamingo FC to meet again in CFL finals

SEVENTEEN FC and Flamingo FC will square off on the Roscow A L Davies soccer field next week Sunday for the Capital Football Label (CFL) Summer Soccer Championship.

Saturday, August 12

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Police Commissioner announces prorogation of Parliament

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander announced the prorogation of Parliament on Saturday afternoon, ending the session that began on October 6, 2021.

Friday, August 11

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Grand Cay Government Administrator’s Complex renamed in honour of Roosevelt 'Roosie' Curry

The Government Administrator’s Complex in Grand Cay was officially renamed in honour of the late Roosevelt “Roosie” Curry, a local government practitioner whose service and contributions propelled the island’s development.

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Large quantity of marijuana seized in waters near Exuma

A JOINT operation between police and US Customs and Border Protection led to the seizure of a large quantity of marijuana in waters near Exuma on Friday.

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Man jailed for shopbreaking, stealing

A MAN was sentenced to eight months in prison after he admitted to breaking into a restaurant and stealing over $2,000 worth of property earlier this year.

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$1,500 in fines for possession of ammunition, drugs and breaching probation

A MAN was fined $1,500 after he admitted to having an unfired round of ammunition and drugs in his car in Sunshine Park last week while still on probation for a prior drug offence.

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Man fined for possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply

A MAN was fined $2,000 in court last week after admitting to having over 11lbs of Indian Hemp.

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SKYGUARD WEATHER eUPDATE – Friday, 11th August (2)

Friday, 11th August, 2023.

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08112023 WEEKEND

Friday, 11th August, 2023.

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08112023 EDITION

Friday, 11th August, 2023.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The irreplaceable creativity of Rolfe Harris

THE irreplaceable Rolfe Harris – an artist whose work will forever paint a picture of The Bahamas in its fury and its beauty. The Bahamas punches above its weight in so many ways – in sports, music, the culinary arts, in the romantic allure of the country’s cays no matter what shattering events turn other worlds upside down.

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Eric Wiberg – Clifton Bay, Lyford Cay, B-26 All KIA

FOUR RAF pilots, from the UK, Canada, and South Africa, came within 100 feet of a smooth water landing yards off Lyford Cay one fall evening when things suddenly went horribly wrong.

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FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried jailed in New York; judge says crypto mogul tampered with witnesses

NEW YORK (AP) — FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was sent to jail Friday to await trial after a bail hearing for the fallen cryptocurrency wiz left a judge convinced that he had repeatedly tried to influence witnesses against him.

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Task force to investigate GB oil spill

A task force involving private and public sector representatives has been established to investigate oil residue appearing on Grand Bahama’s southern shoreline.

EDITORIAL: Solve GB puzzle - and fine polluters

WHERE is the oil plaguing Grand Bahama’s seas and beaches coming from?

Back-to-school VAT holiday gets mixed reviews from parents

FOR Roshni Braynen, pay cheques are issued too far apart and caring for a child is challenging and expensive.

Bahamas working with TCI to establish maritime boundaries between countries

THE Bahamas is working with Turks and Caicos to establish an agreed upon maritime boundary between the two countries.

Aliv defends service against complaints of fast data loss

ARE you losing data too quickly? The problem could be your phone’s Wi-Fi settings or usage habits, says Dwayne Davis, Chief Information Officer for the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies.

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'Unfulfilled dreams': Bahamians face five-year housing disparity

Housing demand by Bahamians will exceed the supply of new homes for at least "the next five years", a realtor warned yesterday, thereby threatening to leave multiple families with "unfulfilled dreams" of ownership.

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Zero first-half progress on $16.4m Water Corp debts

The Government was yesterday shown to have made zero progress during the 2023 first half in reducing the Water & Sewerage Corporation's $16.4m debt to its main BISX-listed reverse osmosis supplier.

Blacklist escape 'very big deal' for insurance

The Bahamas Insurance Association's (BIA) chairman yesterday said it will be a “very big deal" for the industry and its clients if The Bahamas remains blacklisted by the European Union (EU) beyond October.

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Fraud allegations hit trucking chief's estate

Fraud allegations have ensnared the estate of a former Independent Truckers Association chairman over the true ownership of two heavy equipment vehicles.

Year-round real estate: July 'best month' by 30%

Realtors yesterday asserted the Bahamian property market has joined tourism in becoming a year-round industry with one revealing that July exceeded all other months "by at least 30 percent" as the strongest for contract signings.

Roof under construction at RM Bailey High School collapses

MINISTRY of Works Permanent Secretary Luther Smith confirmed yesterday that a portion of a roof under construction at RM Bailey Senior High School collapsed on Wednesday, just weeks ahead of the new school year.

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Tributes paid to retired Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson

Dignitaries paid their last respects to retired Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson during a state funeral at Christ Church Cathedral yesterday.

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SKYGUARD WEATHER eUPDATE – Friday, 11th August

9:00 AM FRI 11th AUG, 2023 Red | Orange = TStorms ⛈ Dark | Light Green = Rain 🌧️

Ten jobs to be hit by Matisse closure

CAFE Matisse has officially notified the minister of labour that it will close down soon, a decision that will affect at least ten employees, Minister Keith Bell said yesterday.

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Law change plan over Turin deaths

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said government will soon determine whether to amend the law to allow a coroner’s inquest into two Bahamian men who died suspiciously in Italy three years ago.

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Nurses frustrated over ‘poor’ conditions

Princess Margaret Hospital nurses, frustrated over “poor” working conditions at the facility, considered walking off the job on Wednesday.

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FNM MAKES NEW IMMIGRATION CLAIM: Document suggests people did not renounce nationality before citizenship awarded

IMMIGRATION Director Keturah Ferguson was purportedly concerned that some people became naturalised Bahamians without renouncing their citizenship, a potentially significant breach of the law.

Council sex abuse view is a start

We extend our gratitude to the Bahamas Christian Council for its recent efforts to shed light on the distressing issue of sexual abuse and violence against children in our community. The council’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our young ones is commendable, and as spiritual leaders their collective voice resonates deeply.

Ex-MP denies BPL protest is 'political'

A former FNM MP for North Andros yesterday denied that Wednesday's protest over Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) woes was political, asserting: "I live here too."

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IAN FERGUSON: Private sector must help to improve food security

Food security and sustained agricultural production are ongoing conversations that developing countries are having more frequently as we face the mounting challenges of war, drought and famine. The Bahamas, given its vulnerable position as an estimated $1bn per year food importer, must seriously engage in this conversation.

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39 migrants charged with a variety of immigration offences

THIRTY-NINE migrants were charged with various immigration offences in court yesterday before being handed back to immigration officials.

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Two-and-a-half year sentence for housebreaking charge

A MAN was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after he admitted to breaking into his neighbours’ house and stealing $154.61 worth of property last week.

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Man accused of inappropriately touching 14-year-old girl

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of inappropriately touching a young girl last month.

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Man gets three-year sentence for drug and gun possession

A MAN was sentenced to three years in prison after he led officers on a chase through Pinewood last year where they recovered an assault rifle and 33lbs of marijuana.

Light at the end?

I hope you can help me. I clearly remember there being hopes last year that the road works on Village Road would have been completed by the start of the school term.

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Mega Malt basketball camp ‘was a resounding success’

OLYMPIAN Frank Rutherford, with the help of two of his former native basketball recruits Lashann Higgs and Winslow Barry Jr, hosted another successful Mega Malt Basketball Camp and Clinic.

I-BAP softball programme gears up for next month

FOLLOWING the culmination of the I-BAP (Bahamas Athletic Pride) All-Star Series in July, the organisation is preparing for the start of their softball programme in September.

Stubbs, BBWFF make an appeal for any financial sponsors

WITH six weeks remaining until the start of the 50th Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships, the Bahamas Bodybuilding Wellness and Fitness Federation (BBWFF) is seeking funding for travel expenses.

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Walcott ‘the crown jewel’ of Rangers’ signing class

JBLN standout considered to be ‘the next Jazz Chisholm’

From the time he started playing in the Junior Baseball League of Nassau, Sebastian Walcott had the notion that he would one day be a professional baseball player.

Thursday, August 10

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08102023 EDITION

Thursday, 10th August, 2023.

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Bahamas Federation will explore eligibility of Klay Thompson if they advance

BAHAMAS Basketball Federation president Eugene Horton said officials would explore getting NBA star Klay Thompson to play for Team Bahamas if the team advances from the Olympic pre-qualifier.

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Christie supports helping Haiti regain ability to have ‘free and fair elections’

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie said he was concerned for his safety when he visited Haiti earlier this year, connecting his experience to the Davis administration’s commitment to sending 150 Defence Force officers to that country as part of a potential multi-national force.

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STATESIDE: Is the Republican Party really still behind Donald Trump?

KAY and June had planned to go out for a late lunch on this rainy but still stubbornly humid day in a leafy New York City suburb. But host Kay had prevailed on her guest from Washington, DC, to stay in and have some tea and fresh orange and blueberry scones instead on her enclosed, air-conditioned porch. Kay started right in to get some capital-based insight.

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FRONT PORCH: Punishment must be guided by the spirit of love, not revenge

Frenzied, bloodthirsty calls for the resumption of capital punishment are a desperate expression of our collective and longstanding failure to respond coherently and imaginatively to our culture of death, violence, gangs, bloodlust, and cycles of revenge and retaliation.

EDITORIAL: Dangers lie ahead as a solution must be found

THE situation in Haiti continues to cause grave concern for the nation itself and the region at large.

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Ex-DPM: ‘Disgraceful’ failure to improve BPL

The Government was yesterday accused of a “disgraceful” failure to build on prior upgrades at Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) with an ex-deputy prime minister asserting he will “fully defend” what was done under his oversight.

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FTX consumes 21% of Commission costs

FTX’s implosion consumed 21 percent of the Securities Commission’s near-$15m operating expenses last year as it raced to preserve client assets and tackle the legal and regulatory fall-out.

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Developer sparks ‘500 leads’ with community’s sales start

A Bahamian developer yesterday disclosed it has generated “well over 500 verified leads” for potential purchasers in its south-western New Providence community just over a week after launching its sales drive.

North Andros demands ‘answers’ over BPL woe

North Andros residents and business owners yesterday protested over their energy woes and the frequent power outages suffered since a fire destroyed Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) power plant last month.

Fresh oil contamination ‘tragic’ for GB’s tourism

Fresh oil pollution was yesterday described as both “tragic” and “treacherous” for Grand Bahama’s tourism industry and wider economy with environmental activists estimating that up to 25 miles of beach could be contaminated.

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Women’s group calls charges against North Abaco MP Cornish a ‘monumental step’ for accountability

WOMEN United, a women’s advocacy group, said charges involving North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish are a “monumental step” towards accountability and fairness.

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Criminal charges against MPs once rare, more common now

WHEN North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish was charged in the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, it marked the first time in the modern Bahamas that two sitting parliamentarians faced serious criminal charges.

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American woman charged with plot to kill husband

Lindsay Shiver, 36, of Thomasville, Georgia, made a bail variation application before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson.

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Tar washing up on beaches after oil spill

GRAND Bahama residents and visitors have encountered a black oily substance at Fortune Beach in the Lucaya area. This follows an oil spill believed to be from last week’s oil spill at the jetty off Pinder’s Point - but there are suggestions that there may have been a separate spill in the area.

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CORNISH CHARGED: Two accusations of rape for Abaco MP, death threats and assault also claimed

NORTH Abaco MP Kirk Cornish was charged yesterday with two counts of rape, as well as assault and threats of death - but there was little fuss or fanfare at the Magistrate’s Court.

Restaurant chain eyeing 20% bond for expansion

A restaurant entrepreneur, who financed his expansion via crowdfunding, yesterday said he now plans to offer a short-term bond paying 20 percent interest to fund the $150,000 required for outfitting a third location.

Excursion provider says boating fee hikes ‘crazy’

A Bahamian excursion operator yesterday branded up to ten-fold increases in annual and first-time boat registration fees as “crazy” and warned it threatens to increase the number of unlicensed tour companies.

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Capital Football Summer Soccer Championships semifinals all set

AFTER three weeks of competition at the Roscow A L Davies soccer field, the Capital Football Label (CFL) Summer Soccer Championships semifinals are all set.

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Team Bahamas wins two silver, two bronze medals

Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad & Tobago

Team Bahamas competed in their final event yesterday at the Commonwealth Youth Games, amassing four medals in the competition.

Androsians need urgent power fixes

In an unprecedented display of unity and determination, the resilient people of North Andros gathered today for a peaceful protest in front of the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) main office, voicing their frustration and suffering caused by persistent power outages that have plagued their lives since the tragic burning down of the critical Bahamas Power and Light Powerhouse. Led by the passionate advocate, Lisa Sweeting, the protestors rallied under the banner of “Enough is Enough,” demanding immediate action and resolution to the ongoing power crisis that has exacerbated their already challenging circumstances.

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Minister Bowleg excited to see teams compete overseas

MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg is ready to see Bahamian athletes compete overseas this month.

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RODERICK A SIMMS: How our ‘leaky bucket’ threatens development

The ‘leaky bucket’ syndrome represents a major obstacle to The Bahamas’ economic growth and development. This metaphor symbolises the continuous loss of resources, opportunities and potential that impedes the country’s progress. At the heart of this syndrome is the pervasive issue of corruption. In this segment, we will explore how corruption perpetuates the ‘leaky bucket’ phenomenon in The Bahamas, worsening several inter-related challenges.

Wednesday, August 9

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08092023 EDITION

Wednesday, 9th August, 2023.

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WORLD VIEW: Kenyan intervention in Haiti? More work needed

NO one should yet be pouring champagne to celebrate the announcement by the US government that Kenya has agreed to lead a multinational police force to help subdue gangs and improve security in Haiti. This announcement is rightly far from a done deal.

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Dignitaries pay respects to retired Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson

Dignitaries paid respects to retired Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson during a viewing at the Paul Farquharson Conference Center at Police Headquarters yesterday.

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ALICIA WALLACE: We have a long way to go

THE Government of The Bahamas has made the decision to be lazy and to, once again, scapegoat the Bahamian public in its attempt to provide an excuse for its refusal to perform one of its primary functions — to protect, promote, uphold, and expand human rights.

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LUSCO aware of oil particles discovered on the shoreline following Buckeye oil spill

OIL particles were reportedly discovered this week along the coastline in several upscale residential communities in the Lucaya area.

Critical information missing from Protection Against Violence Act, say women’s groups

WOMEN’S groups said critical information is missing from the Protection Against Violence Act, a notion they expressed during a meeting with Social Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe last week.

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WSC signs $2.3m industrial agreement with Water and Sewerage Management Union

THE Water and Sewerage Corporation signed a $2.3m industrial agreement with the Water and Sewerage Management Union (WSMU) yesterday, the terms of which are uncertain because the agreement was not released to the press.

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THE BTVI STORY: Seizing her moment

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Kevica Kelly-Griffin promised she would take every opportunity to invest in herself and evolve.

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UWI medics graduate

The University of the West Indies (UWI) School of Clinical Medicine and Research recently held a graduation ceremony for thirty nine graduates.

Tease photo

Student spotlight

Officer Antonique Lightbourne recently graduated from the LJM Maritime Academy and received her certification as a Navigational Officer.

Tease photo

Interns lend a helping hand

Students in the CG Atlantic Summer Intership Programme volunteered with the Hands for Hunger Pantry during the programme’s community day.

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‘Smooth sailing’: Resort’s $30m annual GB boost

Fears that a major resort development may have stalled were eased yesterday after it was revealed the project will generate a $30m annual boost for Grand Bahama’s ailing economy once fully operational.

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Flamboyant ‘philanthropist’ facing fraud charges retrial

A flamboyant Bahamian businessman and “philanthropist” faces a retrial on fraud and money laundering charges after the Court of Appeal found the rules governing his Post Office Savings Bank accounts were “ignored routinely”.

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Union boss: BTC trying to make staff ‘look bad’

A union leader yesterday accused the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) of trying to make Bahamian staff “look bad to justify” outsourcing local jobs as the carrier’s 2023 first-half revenues fell by $1.4m.

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‘We’ll show true story’ on title to $29m cays

A fresh bid to resolve the title to two Exuma cays, valued at a collective $29m, has been launched by some of the parties previously ensnared by the Chief Justice’s land fraud conspiracy ruling last year involving the same islands.

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Fidelity mulls five for one stock split

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) is mulling a five-for-one stock split due to its present share price, its chief executive has revealed, with the long-awaited move finally set to happen this quarter.

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GB businessman Kenneth Symonette loses battle with cancer

Well-known Freeport businessman Kenneth Symonette died on Saturday in Grand Bahama after a battle with cancer. He was 63.

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Acklins school named in honour of Loftus Roker

THE Acklins Central High School was renamed the Loftus Roker High School on Friday, honouring one of the few surviving signatories to The Bahamas constitution.

Despite approval, shanty homes not demolished

THREE months after Chief Justice Ian Winder ordered the demolition of two shanty town structures built in contravention of a previous court injunction, a senior Ministry of Works official confirmed yesterday that those buildings have yet to be removed.

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MP TO FACE COURT OVER SEX ATTACK CHARGE: Cornish resigns as Parliamentary Secretary, maintains his innocence

NORTH Abaco MP Kirk Cornish maintained his innocence yesterday, hours before he was expected to be arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court concerning sexual assault and death threats in a case that had hovered over the political landscape for most of 2023.

Tease photo

Coalition of Independents delivers letter to Governor General urging a commission of inquiry into actions of Immigration Minister

COALITION of Independents Leader Lincoln Bain and party supporters delivered a letter to the Office of the Governor General yesterday urging a commission of inquiry into the actions of Immigration Minister Keith Bell.

Tease photo

Despite failure to consult Opposition, Pintard does not oppose sending troops

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard complained that the government failed to consult the Official Opposition and the public before pledging to send 150 troops to Haiti as part of a potential multi-national force.

EDITORIAL: Justice must be given a chance in Cornish case

THIS morning, Kirk Cornish MP is to be charged with sexual assault and threats of death.

Govt not serious about solar

This Emancipation holiday in this 50th anniversary year of Independence provides the opportunity to reflect on ‘how we get so’?

Tease photo

Man charged with sex with 15-year-old boy

A 24-year-old man is behind bars after he was allegedly caught having sex with a 15-year-old boy last weekend in Palmdale.

Tease photo

Two men held in jail, charged with separate sex assaults

TWO men were sent to prison after being accused of two separate attempted sexual assaults of two women in New Providence earlier this month.

Tease photo

Man gets 18 months in jail for unlicenced firearm possession

A MAN was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to having an unlicensed gun while in Nassau Village last week.

West Bay project is 'totally sold out'

A West Bay Street development is “sold out” and will totally finish construction by next year April, one of its principals disclosed yesterday.

Water Corp managers in $2.3m industrial deal

Middle managers at the Water & Sewerage Corporation yesterday signed a three-year, $2.3m industrial agreement with the state-owned utility that will last until mid-2025.

Tease photo

Daejha Moss retires, ventures into coaching

SHE’S walking away from the sport that she loves, but is now venturing into an area where she feels her participation in track and field has groomed her for the aftermath of her competitive days.

Tease photo

Equestrian Hannah D’Aguilar finishes season on high note

HANNAH D’Aguilar has been welcomed as a walk-on to the Delaware State University Equestrian Team, becoming in the process the first international rider on the Delaware State squad.

Tease photo

Fredrick King and Bluejays sweep Summer of Thunder

Bahamian Fredrick King and his Creighton Bluejays men’s basketball team have completed their mission here with a three-game sweep of their matches played this week in the Bahamas Basketball Federation’s Summer of Thunder.

Tease photo

Man on bail for murder gets six months for bail violations

A MAN on bail for murder was sentenced to six months in prison after he admitted to not obeying his bail conditions for the fourth time since being charged.

Staff and unions blast BTC during protests

Several dozen Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) workers yesterday joined with executives from the company's two trade unions to demonstrate against feared job losses and other grievances with the carrier.

Tease photo

Police in joint operation seize $10m cocaine at Stella Maris Airport over the weekend

POLICE in Long Island seized cocaine valued at $10m over the weekend.

Tuesday, August 8

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Tuesday, 8th August, 2023.

Tease photo

08082023 EDITION

Tuesday, 8th August, 2023.

Tease photo

FACE TO FACE: Caribbean diaspora key to sustainable future of tourism

THE Bahamas’ Director of Investments, Phylicia Hanna, says the Caribbean Diaspora has a key role to play in the future of tourism, the number one industry in most of the countries in the region. By expanding their reach from the United States to countries like the Bahamas, she believes, Diasporans could increase their wealth while supporting the natives in their homeland.

Tease photo

Sweeting: ‘We will enforce the law’ on illegal fishing

Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting has warned against illegal fishing.

Tease photo

PETER YOUNG: Impact of instability in Pakistan

ONE of the purposes of this column is to identify and try to shed light on global issues that have attracted little attention in the US media but which might be of interest to readers locally.

EDITORIAL: Govt following the law ‘a work in progress’

WHEN the current administration came into power, it failed to publish contracts that it handed out despite that being the law of the land.

Tease photo

84-year-old woman dies in car crash in Grand Bahama

An 84-year-old Grand Bahama woman died in hospital on Sunday after a two-car collision on Saturday.

Tease photo

Protection Against Violence Act a ‘first step’ in the right direction, says Butler-Turner

FORMER parliamentarian Loretta Butler-Turner said the Protection Against Violence Bill is the “first step” in the right direction.

Tease photo

Pintard slams Davis govt on failure to comply with Procurement Act

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard has again slammed the Davis administration for failing to comply with the Public Procurement Act’s requirement to disclose awarded contracts.

Tease photo

BCA trustee says lack of foundation causing Wartsila vibration problems

The Bahamas Power & Light chief executive officer was right on inadequate facilities for Wartsila generators at the Clifton Pier station, a Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) trustee has said.

Tease photo

Marijuana legislation ‘is not all-inclusive’

The legalisation of marijuana is “just a game” for the politicians, a prominent cannabis proponent said as he raises concerns that the consultation process is not all-inclusive.

Tease photo

No worry over electric as gas car sales ‘booming’

The Bahamas Motor Dealers Association’s (BMDA) president said he is not worried about electric car sales in the country rising because gasoline car sales are “booming”.

Fintechs in The Bahamas: Mastercard creating a path for innovation and financial inclusion

MUCH has been written recently about financial inclusion, its impact on world economies, and how it is rooted in empowerment when financial tools and credit are accessible and become facilitators of positive social and economic outcomes.

Tease photo

PM: Defence Force officers would train Haitian police, not engage in conflicts

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said the government’s objective in possibly sending defence force personnel to Haiti is to help the Haitian national police force.

Tease photo

Arawak X ‘still operating’ despite eviction notice

Arawak X is still operating despite an eviction notice on their doors in their Sandy Port offices, its chief executive said.

Tease photo

A break-in – not a break-out – at court

GRAND Bahama Police are investigating a break-in at the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre, where three magistrates courts were broken into on Saturday morning.

Tease photo

Minnis calls for debate on sending 150 troops to Haiti

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said a resolution to send defence force personnel to Haiti to help curb the violence gripping that country should be debated in Parliament before officers are sent abroad.

Tease photo

Two dead in weekend shooting incidents

TWO men were killed in separate incidents over the holiday weekend, bringing the number of murders for the year to 66.

Tease photo

‘MOTHER’ PRATT FAVOURED FOR GOVERNOR GENERAL: Announcement about the post to be made ‘in short order’, says Davis

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt is favoured to be the next governor-general of The Bahamas, The Tribune understands.

Tease photo

Miller-Uibo, Gardiner lead World Athletics Championships team

RETURNING from a brief break to have a baby, Shaunae Miller-Uibo along with Steven Gardiner, back after an injured season, will lead an 11-member Bahamian team to the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Tease photo

BAHAMAS BRINGS HOME MEDALS OF EVERY COLOUR: Pan American U20 team wins gold, silver and bronze

The Bahamas’ 19-member team to the XXI Pan American Under-20 Track and Field Championships at the Jose A. Figueroa Freyre Stadium in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico over the weekend returned home with a medal of each colour.

Why are we considering another GG?

On this, our 50th anniversary year of Independence and days before our Emancipation Day holiday, I am putting pen to paper to question what I consider to be a glaring anomaly.

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RODERICK A SIMMS: The cost of the ‘leaky bucket’

The ‘leaky bucket’ syndrome in The Bahamas represents a major obstacle to its economic growth and development. This metaphor symbolises the continuous loss and hindrance of resources, opportunities, and potential that impede the country’s progress. At the heart of this syndrome is the pervasive issue of corruption. In this column segment, we will explore how corruption perpetuates the leaky bucket phenomenon in The Bahamas, exacerbating several interrelated challenges.

Return to Gender Violence Bill

Equality Bahamas continues to sound the alarm, alerting The Bahamas that gender-based violence, particularly against women and girls, is a public health crisis.

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Jones and Liberty topple defending champions in 38-point blowout win

JONQUEL Jones and the New York Liberty routed the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) defending champions, the Las Vegas Aces, in a 38-point blowout win.

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Tanisha looking to make her mark at Tallulah Falls

TANISHA Seymour is the next Bahamian coming out of the Tallulah Falls High School and is now preparing to make her mark on the women’s collegiate basketball circuit.

Men’s national basketball team splits wins with Jayhawks

TEAM Bahamas, with the newest addition of Phoenix Suns guard Eric Gordon, split games 1-1 against the University of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks this past weekend in Puerto Rico.

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BCMA team wins 12 trophies, medals at the US Open Martial Arts Championship

THE Bahamas Centre For Martial Arts (BCMA) achieved an extraordinary feat at the highly-anticipated US Open Martial Arts Championship, bringing home an astonishing 12 trophies and a multitude of medals.

Monday, August 7

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SkyGuard Emancipation Day eUPDATE

Monday, 7th August, 2023.

Saturday, August 5

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PM: No 'positive progress' with Grand Bahama Port Authority

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said he does not think there has been any “positive progress” with Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) thus far.

Friday, August 4

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Ministry launches emergency water extraction plan to address flooding

THE Ministry of Works has launched an emergency water extraction plan to better address flooding and other water issues caused by extreme weather conditions.

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'Substantial progress' in fuel oil spill clean-up

Buckeye Partners are reporting "substantial progress" in the recovery and clean-up of the fuel oil spill at its marine terminal in Grand Bahama.

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High Rock Seafest this Monday

BAHAMIAN entertainers KB and D-Mac will be performing at the 17th annual High Rock Seafest on Monday, August 7, at the East End Primary School grounds in High Rock.

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Deangelo Evans: Alleged gun 'not on scene by time CSI arrived'

AN officer testified that the gun police allege Deangelo Evans had at the time of his shooting death was not on the scene by the time Crime Scene Investigators arrived.

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Man jailed after admitting escape from Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre

A man facing pending murder and armed robbery charges was sentenced to six months in prison after he admitted to escaping from Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre last month.

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Man charged with murder over drive-by shooting

A MAN was remanded to prison after he was charged with a fatal drive-by shooting off Peter Street in June.

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Man charged with indecent assault, possession of child pornography

A MAN from Abaco was granted bail after he was accused of touching a 9-year-old girl’s private parts and having nude images of a 17-year-old girl on his phone in Green Turtle Cay last week.

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08042023 WEEKEND

Friday, 4th August, 2023.

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08042023 EDITION

Friday, 4th August, 2023.

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Clubs & Societies August 4th, 2023

This month, The Cancer Society of The Bahamas is raising awareness of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma — a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, which, as a major part of the broader immune system, helps to protect our bodies against infection.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Suppose we could feed ourselves? One farmer says we can

WHAT could The Bahamas do with an extra billion dollars a year – build two new hospitals? Upgrade schools and fund after-school programmes? Pay down the national debt, boost social services to better serve the elderly and disabled?

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION: Thriving beyond the storm

Shenique Smith is the proud proprietor of “Neek’s Eats and Treats,” a quaint, down-home restaurant just beyond the beautiful waterfront in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. If you are fortunate enough to visit and enjoy a mouthwatering meal, two things will immediately stand out, the authentic Bahamian cuisine delightfully reminiscent of grandma’s “down home” cooking and Shenique’s warm and welcoming hospitality. Behind her light-hearted demeanor is a woman of grit and resilience who has successfully weathered some storms.

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Minnis: No need for alarm over Florida leprosy reports

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said Bahamians should not be alarmed by a recent international study showing that leprosy cases are rising in Florida.

Promised marijuana legislation not yet released - but consultation starts ‘this month’

Consultation on marijuana legislation is to begin this month, deputy press secretary Keishla Adderley said yesterday.

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Investigation ongoing after Buckeye oil spill

Environment and Natural Resources Minister Vaughn Miller said investigations remain active and ongoing into the fuel oil spill at Buckeye Bahamas Hub off Pinder’s Point, Grand Bahama.

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Fishing Hole Road Bridge reopens after remediation

THE Fishing Hole Road Bridge reopened on Thursday following the completion of emergency remediation work of the causeway at Hawksbill Creek.

SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Friday, 4th August

Friday, 4th August, 2023.

Vacation rentals ‘too hard’ is reputation to be avoided

The Bahamas must avoid earning “the reputation that it is too hard to do vacation rental properties” with all the extra tax and regulatory obligations it is imposing on the industry, an attorney warned yesterday.

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Gov’t urged: See poaching as ‘major economic crime’

Fishermen are urging the Government to treat poaching as “a major economic crime” with many yesterday said to be reporting that their lobster traps and condos were plundered before lobster season’s August 1 start.

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Gov’t fails in strike-out bid on oil terminal land

The Government’s bid to strike out a rival ownership claim to 180 acres of land that is now sub-leased to a major foreign investor was this week dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Drivers ‘premature’ on 25 cent bus fare hike

Both the Government and bus owners yesterday said it was “premature” for jitney drivers to announce that fares will increase by 25 cents per trip for adults and junior/senior high school students with effect from Monday, August 14.

‘Don’t share carbon credit benefits with oil explorer’

Environmental activists yesterday argued that the full benefits from creating carbon credits, and their subsequent trading, should go to the Bahamian people and not be shared with an oil explorer seeking to recover its $150m investment.

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LGBT on curriculum - but only to teach ‘what is out there’

ACTING Director of Education Dominique McCartney-Russell said making students aware of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community is a part of the education curriculum.

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Pintard spells out hopes for Grand Lucayan buyer

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard said he hopes the Davis administration’s new potential buyers for the Grand Lucayan resort are up to scratch.

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Senior officer: Link between runaways and unlawful sex

A TOP police officer highlighted the connection between runaways and unlawful sexual intercourse activities, saying most young people reported missing are engaging in sexual acts.

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Thank you gift to school

Thanks to a donation by The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Anglican Cursillo Ministry, four classrooms on the H Block of St Anne’s School were outfitted with ductless air condition units last month.

Rally to call for end to sexual violence against women and children

A RALLY will be held tomorrow at Christie Park calling for an end to sexual violence against women and children.

‘25 cent bus fare rise? Not approved by us,’ says ministry

THE Ministry of Transport and Housing said it had not approved a 25 cent bus fare increase.

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Minister’s ‘concern’ for fire victims

SOCIAL Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe expressed deep concern about shanty town residents affected by a fire on Monday, saying officials will provide the victims with food, clothing, and other necessities.

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Officer defends work in Deangelo Evans case

THE officer who investigated Deangelo Evans’ police-involved killing in 2018 defended the quality of his work yesterday under tough cross-examination from the lawyer representing Evans’ estate.

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COVID ‘ISOLATION’ HINDERS STUDENTS: Conflict in classroom as pupils struggle after pandemic lockdowns

ACTING Education Director Dominique McCartney-Russell said students developed communication and motivation gaps during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to problems with conflict resolution in addition to the skills and knowledge loss that have worried educators.

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Accused over double shooting

A MAN is behind bars after being charged with a double shooting off Peter Street that left a 33-year-old man dead last weekend.

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Gunpoint robbery accusation

A MAN was remanded in custody on Thursday after being accused of robbing a man at gunpoint while walking near CC Sweeting High School last week.

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IAN FERGUSON: Positive benefits from taking children to work

In some corporate cultures, including your children in business activities is quickly becoming a common practice. In fact, western culture has named a day - typically in November - as 'Take your child to work day'. The goal of this day is to give young people a better idea of what their parents do for a living.

Crawfish oversupply to hit local fishermen

A Bahamian seafood processor yesterday confirmed that a global over-supply of lobster is driving relatively low prices for local fishermen at the opening of crawfish season.

Abandoned property owners to fund next demolition wave

The next wave of downtown Nassau property demolitions will cost the Government nothing when they begin this weekend because the owners will cover the bill themselves, a Senator said yesterday.

Realtors say Bimini's high end is 'red hot'

Bimini-based realtors yesterday described the island's high-end property market as "red hot" with fresh developments such as the Illa Bimini Resort and Residences emerging to meet ever-growing demand.

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Frank Rutherford proud of his Olympic bronze-medal feat

IT was 31 years ago that Frank Rutherford soared to the Bahamas’ first track and field medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. He felt the bronze has propelled the Bahamas to earning a medal in every Olympiad thereafter.

Greg Christie Memorial Softball Tourney August 10

THE Greg Christie Memorial Softball Tournament is in its third year and organisers are excited to know that the tournament continues to grow and expose our future softball talent.

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LaFleur pleased with performances

WHEN IFBB women’s physique competitor Lorraine LaFleur decided to open GAINZ for Life Fitness - G4LF, she envisioned it would become one of Nassau’s new fastest-growing fitness studios.

‘Uncle Lou’ Adderley set to be inducted October 14

THE late Deacon Leviticus ‘Uncle Lou’ Adderley will be among 10 individuals and one team to be inducted into Saint John’s University’s J-Club Hall of Honour on Saturday, October 14, as part of Homecoming festivities.

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New NPBA President: ‘Join us in this this new era of basketball’

FOLLOWING the New Providence Basketball Association (NPBA) annual general meeting and elections, the newly-elected president Ricardo Smith is ready to usher in a new era of basketball.

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‘We begin our journey into the realm of sports nutrition’

RECENTLY, I have been deeply fascinated by the profound impact of sports nutrition on athlete achievement and overall well-being.

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‘With this team being one of the best assembled, we expect to advance’ in the FIBA Pre-Olympic Qualifier

EUGENE Horton, president of the Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF), along with many Bahamians, have high expectations for the stacked 15-man national team.

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Sprinter Terrence Jones grateful for the support

SPRINTER Terrence Jones Jr expressed his thankfulness and gratitude to his teammates and fellow Bahamians that supported him throughout his recent adversity.

Bodybuilding team set for CAC Games

While funding for travel costs remains a top priority, the Bahamas Bodybuilding Weightlifting and Fitness Federation has released the names of athletes selected to represent the country at the Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships.

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24 months in jail over unlicenced firearm

A MAN on bail for murder was sentenced to 24 months in prison after admitting to having an unlicensed gun in his room in Gambier Village last week.

Government and renewables

On the momentous occasion of The Bahamas’ 50th anniversary of Independence when we reflect upon our nation’s progress and contemplate the path forward, we believe our government must make a bold and visionary decision to declare its commitment to renewable energy as the driving source for energy generation while transitioning from a heavy dependence on oil for the betterment of our beloved islands.

A salute to Chester Cooper

As The Bahamas struggles to come to the reality of its challenging infrastructure, Family Island airports, and many modern challenges of a young nation.

Thursday, August 3

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Eleuthera ‘dreamer’ makes her way to Hollywood

MALIKAH Pinder is ready to pack her bags and finally realise her long-term dream of attending acting school in Los Angeles.

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08032023 EDITION

Thursday, 3rd August, 2023.

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STATESIDE: Despite indictments, Trump still dominates GOP line-up and media

You have to hand it to Donald Trump. Even as polls continue to show that a clear majority of Americans don’t want him back in the White House or perhaps even to remain out of prison, this man exerts an irresistible force on the media in the US. And he continues to crush any and all Republican opposition to his renomination for president next summer.

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FRONT PORCH: Mercy, rehabilitation and restorative justice

A reprinting of an article about the late former Commissioner of Police, Paul Farquharson

TODAY’S column, a reprint from 2021, is in memory of former Commissioner of Police Paul Farquharson, who died last week. He served as a police officer for most of his professional life, eventually becoming High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

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Govt investigating oil spill at Buckeye Bahamas jetty terminal in Grand Bahama

INVESTIGATIONS are underway after an oil spill in waters at the Buckeye Bahamas Hub jetty terminal off Pinder’s Point, Grand Bahama.

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AG: Gender-Based Violence Bill was potentially confusing and had dated or unnecessary provisions

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said the Davis administration advanced the Protection Against Violence Bill over the previously drafted Gender-Based Violence Bill because the latter was potentially confusing and contained either dated or unnecessary provisions.

Women’s rights advocates to discuss concerns with govt over Protection Against Violence Act

IN two weeks, women’s rights advocates will discuss their concerns with government officials about the Protection Against Violence Bill in a bid to amend the legislation, according to Lisa Bostwick-Dean, vice-president of Women United.

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Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe releases statement on Haiti

The Minister of National Security, Wayne Munroe, has released a statement on Haiti:

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‘Total package’: Downtown arrives on new political look

The Downtown Nassau Partnership’s (DNP) co-chair yesterday said optimism about the city’s future has hit a 30-year high with “White Knight” politics eliminated and the cruise lines no longer “calling the shots”.

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BTC: No Bahamian jobs outsourced to Pakistan

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) yesterday asserted it “has not outsourced any Bahamian jobs” from its customer service contact centre amid staff and union fears these posts are being lost to Pakistan.

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Electric car dealer eyes eventual IPO

A Bahamian electric car dealer will likely seek to go public within the next five to seven years if planned expansion targets are hit, its new 35 percent minority shareholder revealed yesterday.

‘Serious predicament’ with low lobster price

Family Island fishermen were yesterday said to be facing a “serious predicament” with margins squeezed by low lobster prices and high fuel costs.

Health premiums drop $15m on COVID travel cover end

Bahamian health insurers suffered a near-$15m year-over-year decline in group premiums last year due to the Government ending COVID-19 protection plan for visitors.

Bahamian climate scientist elected to IPCC

Bahamian climate scientist Dr Adelle Thomas was elected to serve on the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Panel Change (IPCC) at its 59th session in Nairobi, Kenya on July 28.

US Embassy welcomes The Bahamas’ offer to send personnel to ‘help restore security in Haiti’

THE US Embassy in Nassau says the United States welcomes The Bahamas’ offer to “contribute personnel to help restore security in Haiti”.

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Rastafarian leader wants appeal of Supreme Court ruling on religious use of cannabis

A LOCAL Rastafarian leader said the community would support an appeal of a Supreme Court judge’s ruling that laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana do not breach their constitutional rights to freedom of religion.

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‘Gun only seen after police taped off area’

A WOMAN testified in the Coroner’s Court yesterday that footage capturing the aftermath of Deangelo Evans’ police-involved killing in 2018 was erased after police confiscated her phone, but that she later retrieved the video with the help of Evans’ father.

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NO ROOF, NO FOOD IN FIRE AFTERMATH: Residents tell of struggle after shanty blaze

A MOTHER of six is desperate after a fire ripped apart a shanty town on Monday, destroying the place she called home for more than a decade.

Politcians, show your positions

Lucifer is at work in our country. He has set out to destroy the traditional family and marriage between a man and a woman. We are in the process of importing the demonic values of North America and Europe. This I believe is the strategy. This demonic, satanic behaviour has infiltrated the pre-schools in America. It is only a matter of time before it lands at our doorstep in the next five to 10 years. Christianity is under attack.

Rethink downtown demolitions

Bay Street and precincts … what might be unoccupied seems by authority Bay Street Development folks will apply for demolition orders and down those buildings will come.

Failures in our top industry

Tourism is certainly not just Nassau and certainly probably the revenue level of certain Family Islands exceeds per cap the revenue of the visitor to Nassau so surely we should maintain — ensure product is at best year round? We don’t clear North Eleuthera Airport which feeds into the upscale destination of Harbour Island.

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Six months prison after twelve curfew breaches for man on bail for sex assault

A MAN on bail for sexual assault was sentenced to six months in prison after he admitted to breaching curfew 12 times.

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Woman gets three-and-a-half year sentence for hit-and-run that left killed a man

A WOMAN was sentenced to three and half years in prison yesterday after admitting to killing a man with her car on John F Kennedy Drive last February.

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Jonquel Jones and NY Liberty continue Eastern Conference dominance

GRAND BAHAMIAN native Jonquel Jones and the New York Liberty continue to remain atop the Eastern Conference with a now 20-6 win/loss record. The team’s latest win came against the ninth-overall Los Angeles Sparks.

Sports Notes

THE #NoCeilings with Coach Yo Foundation will hold a free basketball clinic at the Basil Neymour Court in Coral Gardens, Grand Bahama, 2-5pm on August 13.

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BAAA rescinds 3-month suspension of sprinter Terrence Jones

THE Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) made the decision late last night to rescind the three-month suspension of Grand Bahama sprinter Terrence Jones.

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World Athletics Relays 2024: From Paradise to Paris

The Bahamas will host the World Athletics Relays for the fourth time in 2024. The two-day event will get underway on May 4 and wrap up on May 5 as 32 teams will vie for a chance to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

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Deidre Bastian: ‘Bad bosses’ not sole factor driving employee departures

We have all heard the phrase “employees leave bad bosses, not companies”. Well, it does hold some truth. In fact, research has shown that 57 percent of employees leave their jobs mainly because of their boss.

Abaco Chamber pressing for abandoned building tear down

Abaco’s Chamber of Commerce president yesterday warned that the business advocacy group will press the Government to tear down Dorian-devastated properties unless their owners demolish or renovate them first.

Debtors blame inflation and taxes for repayment struggle

Soaring living costs and higher taxes are increasingly being blamed by struggling borrowers for why they cannot meet their obligations, debt collection agencies disclosed yesterday.

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Three Chinese men held on charges of human trafficking

THREE Chinese nationals were jailed after allegedly being implicated in a human trafficking scheme in the Berry Islands earlier this year.

Wednesday, August 2

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Student spotlight

Christina Adderley is recent engine graduate of the LJM Maritime Academy.

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Setting sail for the future

LJM Maritime Academy held its graduation ceremony for 70 students on Saturday.

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Full scholarship for Timothy

Grand Bahama student Timothy Kemp has been awarded a full scholarship from Coca-Cola.

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30 years of education

Albania Christian Academy celebrates its 30th this year and recently held its K4 Pre-school graduation under the Theme, “Building strong educational foundations for 30 years.”

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08022023 EDITION

Wednesday, 2nd August, 2023.

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ALICIA WALLACE: The bare minimum is not satisfactory

OVER the past few years, I have been working with the Equality Bahamas team to not only advocate for the Gender-Based Violence Bill (2016) to be updated and passed, but to make recommendations on the draft to strengthen it and bring it to compliance with international human rights standards.

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Defence lawyer says the evidence doesn’t support AG’s call to deny bail in certain cases

DEFENCE lawyers are pushing back against Attorney General Ryan Pinder’s call for courts to deny bail to defendants accused of committing violent acts under certain circumstances.

EDITORIAL: Have we committed troop support to Haiti?

THE announcement of The Bahamas’ willingness to deploy 150 personnel to Haiti to support a multi-national force there is remarkable in many ways, and with ramifications both locally and internationally.

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Great-grandmother of Bella Walker hopes child's mother ‘learns from her mistakes’

THE great-grandmother of murdered toddler Bella Walker says she hopes the child’s mother when she is released from prison will have learned from her mistakes and will raise two of her children differently than how she raised Bella.

Govt providing VAT holiday on school items

THE Back to School VAT Holiday will be accessible from August 19 to September 10 this year, according to the Department of Inland Revenue.

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Glover-Rolle: Department of Social Services recommends 129 temporary workers be made permanent

STATE Public Service Minister Pia Glover-Rolle said the Department of Social Services recommended that 129 temporary workers be made permanent, 92 of whom are currently being processed.

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Immigration Minister’s actions ‘nothing new’ and happen ‘all the time’

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell defended Immigration Minister Keith Bell during a PLP Fox Hill constituency meeting, insisting recent immigration controversies are “nothing new” and were handled similarly by previous administrations.

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BISX-listed firm ‘qualified’ for second straight year

A BISX-listed company’s top executive yesterday moved to reassure shareholders after auditors issued a “qualified opinion” on its annual financial results for the second consecutive year over the same issue.

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Electric vehicle dealer in new HQ expansion

A Bahamian electric vehicle dealer yesterday unveiled plans to expand to “a major location” and grow its workforce after becoming the first investment for RF Bank & Trust’s newly-launched private equity fund.

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‘No issues’ over Govt’s $3.5bn debt refinance

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday reassured there are “no issues” over the Government’s ability to refinance some $3.466bn in debt maturing this fiscal year given its access to “credit lines”.

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Inflation’s high but ‘not as frightening’

Inflation “may not be as frightening as it was a year to 18 months ago”, a governance reformer argued yesterday, despite food and beverage costs rising by almost 13 percent during the year to April 2023.

‘Major progress’ on one insurance law

Regulators say “significant progress” has been made in combining the Bahamian insurance industry’s regulatory regime into one law after the sector saw gross written premiums increase by $60m in 2022.

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SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Wednesday, 2nd August

Wednesday, 2nd August, 2023.

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BCC: ‘We stand against’ violence towards children and rape culture

THE Bahamas Christian Council pledged to provide guidance and support for victims of sexual assaults yesterday, responding to frequent reports of the violent crime.

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Long delays arriving at LPIA as travellers left confused by new Customs declaration app

DISGRUNTLED Bahamians said the customs declarations app required for residents returning through the Lynden Pindling International Airport is causing significant delays.

‘High volume of illegal’ fishing in Abaco

THE HOPE Town District Council said it is appalled by a recent purported “high volume of illegal activities” related to violations of fishing laws and regulations.

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Officers questioned whether Evans was identified as a suspect before shooting

AN attorney representing Deangelo Evans’ estate questioned police assertions that Evans was the suspect in an armed robbery that preceded his death in 2018.

Tease photo

Challenge on religious use of cannabis fails

A SUPREME Court judge rejected a challenge from the Rastafarian community on the constitutionality of laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana, even for religious purposes.

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‘WE’LL SEND TROOPS TO HAITI’: 150 personnel will be sent - but only IF the UN passes resolution

THE Bahamas is committed to sending 150 officers to Haiti as part of a multi-national force to curb the violence in that country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement yesterday.

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American woman and two Bahamian men charged with conspiracy to commit murder

AN American woman was granted $100,000 cash bail after she and two Bahamian men were accused last week of being a part of a plot to kill her insurance executive husband.

Focusing on a plan for our future

As Bahamians, we recently celebrated the big 50 years as an Independent Nation. On July 10, 2023, thousands stood erect as a new day dawned upon these shores.

BPL’s solar statement unbelievable

BPL’s statement on solar is incredible in fact unbelievable that after six plus years of studying receiving numerous proposals even one totally funded not costing Government, then Minnis, a dime and have two KW generation and now we hear fanfare about we will get just a little solar - honestly, hardly worth the energy!

Tease photo

Reloaded Baseball team enjoys first international experience

AFTER competing in their first international tournament, many of the Reloaded Baseball team members thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural experience. The 30-member team wrapped up their two-day competition in Sanford, Florida at the Perfect Game Florida Summer Select Championship (Open) this past weekend.

I-Elite and Reloaded Baseball to host baseball and softball camp

INTERNATIONAL Sports Academy and Reloaded Baseball will return to host inaugural “Bat 2 Base-Ics” baseball and softball camp. The training will get underway August 14-19 at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

Tease photo

Tennis ace Michael Major Jr eager to get started with Howard University Bison

AFTER holding his own as one of the top junior tennis players in the region, Michael Major Jr is eager to get started at the next level as he displays his skills on the collegiate circuit.

Tease photo

Pirates tie the game with buzzer-beater against visiting VMI team to force overtime

But Virginia Military Institute opts not to play the extra period due to slippery floor at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium

STEPHAN Smith canned a buzzer-beating three-pointer for the Pirates to tie their game at 98-98 against the visiting Virginia Military Institute to force overtime last night.

Tease photo

Caribbean Hoopfest to bring top NY high school teams to New Providence

IT seems like every year, more and more doors are opening for international events to be staged in the Bahamas. The latest to make its way here is the Caribbean Hoopfest.

Sports Notes

THE #NoCeilings with Coach Yo Foundation will hold a free basketball clinic at the Basil Neymour Court in Coral Gardens, Grand Bahama, 2-5pm on August 13.

Ricardo Smith elected as NPBA president

RICARDO Smith and his Basketball Beyond Boundaries group were elected to serve as executives of the New Providence Basketball Association for the next four years.

Tease photo

Culmer-Taylor makes history: First Bahamian woman to officiate at FINA World Aquatics Championships

For the past 10 years, Gena Culmer-Taylor has served as a referee in swimming. But she never envisioned that last week she would become the first Bahamian female to officiate at the FINA World Championships.

Nassau not protected from the rain

DA rains! Clearly we are not protected from a severe rain imagine yesterday over three-four days in a hurricane? Oh, yes, PWD will come with ‘resilient drains’… Bay Street, bulla, start afresh trench from Bay out to dock/bulkhead with large diameter water drains.

Tease photo

Bus driver found guilty of sex assault of woman on bus

A BUS driver was found guilty yesterday of sexually assaulting a female passenger while threatening her with a hammer outside the Mall of Marathon in 2021.

Tease photo

Shop-breaker held on charges including attempting to kill an officer and robbery

A MAN is behind bars after a recent string of robberies in New Providence, including an incident involving police shooting him at the scene last month.

Bahamas hosts electric golf cart assembly plant

An electric golf cart provider says The Bahamas now hosts the "first full-fledged plant outside the US" where the vehicles are assembled.

Gov’t confirms three-week ‘Back to School’ VAT relief

Government officials yesterday confirmed that the three-week Back to School 'VAT-free holiday' will run from August 19 to September 10 after merchants called for clarity on the dates.

Tuesday, August 1

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08012023 EDITION

Tuesday, 1st August, 2023.

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FACE TO FACE: Sister cities – Nassau and Ghana

A Sister City Agreement between Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas and Princess Town, Ahanta, Ghana, will form long-needed, direct connections between Africa and the people of its Diaspora born in The Bahamas. It will serve to strengthen cultural, social and economic ties for the people of both countries.

Bare Naked Advice – Ask Maggie and get answers: Password privacy vs secrecy

Relationship and intimacy specialist Maggie Bain – also known as the Bare Naked Coach – has returned to the Bahamas to help local couples repair their relationships. She will be answering questions which she has received for Tribune Woman in the hopes of helping individuals with similar romantic problems.

Tease photo

Psychotherapist seeks to help Bahamians dealing with climate related trauma

As we approach the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Dorian – which devastated both Abaco and Grand Bahama – a Bahamian woman wants to use her expertise to address climate change in conjunction with mental health.

Female performers calling out disturbing new concert trend

FEMALE entertainers are hitting back at unruly fans, after several performers were pelted with items thrown on stage during their sets.

Tease photo

PETER YOUNG: Growth of woke extremism concerning as seen in the ‘de-banking’ of Farage

THERE can be no doubt about what to cover in this week’s column. In Britain, woke extremism is becoming more widespread and a major example of it has just come to light in the shape of Coutts & Co, a British private bank in London, which has recently cancelled, for political reasons, the account of one of its most well-known clients. Coutts is famous for handling the banking needs of wealthy individuals.

EDITORIAL: Defend against criminals, not criticism

IN THIS column last week, we considered an article published by the Washington Post on human smuggling in The Bahamas – the government has now caught up.

Tease photo

Shanty blaze contained to one structure that had 15 rooms, no injuries reported

SEVERAL people were left homeless last night after a fire ripped through a shanty town off Joe Farrington Road.

Youth forum tackles the rise of microtrafficking and underage drinking

UNDERAGE drinking and micro-trafficking of illegal substances are on the rise, according to Bahamas National Drug Council Director Dr Novia T Carter-Lookie.

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SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Tuesday, 1st August (2)

Tuesday, 1st August, 2023.

‘Noble objective’: Aviation in annual 15% stopover growth

The Government’s ambition to increase stopover tourist arrivals “by a minimum” 15 percent per annum via the National Aviation Strategic Plan was yesterday hailed as “a noble objective” by sector participants.

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Governor trims Bahamas GDP growth to ‘3% range’

The Central Bank’s governor yesterday again trimmed his 2023 economic growth forecast to “the 3 percent range” as he warned The Bahamas is poised to next year “resettle” back into low expansion rates.

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Central Bank reviews $250m investment currency reforms

The Central Bank’s governor yesterday foreshadowed reforms to protect Bahamian retail investors from potential “headwinds” in an overseas investments market that is this year on track to exceed 2022’s $250m outflow.

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Soaring BPL costs delay inflation ease

Bahamians will have to wait for Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) soaring energy bills to ease before “the moderation of inflation starts to look more like” other countries, the Central Bank’s governor warned yesterday.

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More hotel rooms key to beyond COVID recovery

The Bahamas must increase its supply of hotel rooms and cruise passenger spending to maintain tourism’s growth pace beyond 2023 with industry earnings now “more than recovered” from COVID’s devastation.

More needed to stop ‘epidemic of sexual abuse against children’

THE Bahamas is experiencing an “epidemic of sexual abuse against children in our country,” Rise Bahamas claimed yesterday. Government, they said, was not doing enough to address the problem.

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FNM votes for violence bill - but says it is not enough

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard said although his party supported the passage of the Protection Against Violence Bill last week, it believes the legislation is inadequate.

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Atlantis’ tone softens on RCI beach project questions

ROYAL Caribbean International is nearing completion of its efforts to satisfy the requirements to have its Paradise Island Beach Club project fully approved.

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Mitchell defends Bahamas’ efforts on smuggling

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell defended the country’s efforts to counter human smuggling after an American newspaper highlighted the problem.

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SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Tuesday, 1st August

Tuesday, 1st August, 2023.

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Minnis concerned as 19 passports are missing

THE temporary misplacement of 19 passports at the Passport Office has sparked a police investigation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.

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WITNESS: DEANGELO RAISED HANDS IN AIR – Crowd shouted that man shot by police did not have a gun

TWO men testified about the chaos that consumed Masons Addition after police killed Deangelo Evans in 2018 and the crowd’s scepticism about officers’ claim that the 20-year-old had a gun.

29th AID Claycourt Tourney August 12

THE 29th edition of the annual AID Claycourt Tennis Championships will be held again at the Gym Tennis Club in Winton Meadows, New Providence, August 12-26.

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Domnick Bridgewater and ‘Kino’ Burrows post big game

BEFORE they head off for their national team duties for the Pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament, guard Domnick Bridgewater and centre Jaraun ‘Kino’ Burrows left their mark on the Bahamas Basketball Federqtion’s Summer of Thunder Tournament.

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Jannell Curtis and Kyle Wilson win top awards

WHILE the Bahamas won’t be returning home with any men or ladies’ team medals from the XVII Cazova Caribbean Senior Championships in Paramaribo, Suriname, two players were awarded individual trophies for their performances.

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Toastmasters set to honour coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin

COACH Yolett McPhee-McCuin, currently on a tour of Italy with her University of Mississippi Lady Rebels basketball programme, including Bahamian rookie Rhema Collins, said she’s excited to be returning home for the 2023 Golden Gala Award on August 18.

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Reid and Pastors defeat Politicians 32-29

It was one of those moments that organiser Apostle Carlos Reid said every basketball player only dreams about.

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Bail set at $50k for man on $1.2m cocaine possession with intent to supply charge

A MAN was granted $50,000 bail after police allegedly found him with $1.22m worth of cocaine that it was said he was trying to smuggle out of the country last month.

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Sentence appeal upheld for woman in murder conspiracy

THE Privy Council has asked the Court of Appeal to re-sentence a woman found guilty of conspiracy with others to murder O’Neil Marshall.

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One month prison for mother on child neglect charge after abandoning daughter last month

A MOTHER was sentenced to one month in prison after neglecting her four-year-old daughter last month.

The first three nails may be in

The naked truth makes us uncomfortable. Politics aside, Prime Minister Davis seems to be a decent and compassionate human being. But he has a problem. He is too nice for politics. His party was swept into power by a tidal wave of popular enthusiasm, and truth be told, in just two short years he might have subconsciously driven the first three nails in his own political coffin.

Yesterday’s icons & relevancy

It is a sad phenomenon to see how many iconic Bahamians, living and dead, would have either voluntarily removed themselves from frontline politics, either voluntarily or by a natural death, and still seek to have a meaningful role in the administration of the nation. A recent case in point is where a former Minister of Immigration under the late great and almost irreplaceable Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, the Hon Loftus Archibald Roker, castigated the current administration of the Most Honorable Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, MP, KC as ‘leaderless’.

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Police in New Providence investigating two hit-and-runs that left one woman dead

POLICE in New Providence are investigating two hit-and-run incidents - with a woman dying of her injuries in one incident.