THREE major police operations launched by the Central Division are being hailed as a success following a number of arrests and citations. Newly appointed commander of the division, Supt Stephen Dean, said his officers have vowed to keep up the pressure on criminals and their supporters, and will not rest until the area has become safe for citizens, businesses and visitors. The initiatives, launched on January 11 and inspired by Commissioner Ellison Greenslade's 2012 policing plan, are: * Operation Thunder Ball - targets traffic violations and criminals using vehicles. * Operation Take Back - targets drug houses and prolific criminals. * Operation New Dawn - targets drug peddlers in the downtown area. The division reported that on the very first day these initiatives were launched, 86 drivers were cited for various traffic violations and two men were arrested in connection with outstanding criminal warrants. Those detained on January 13 included: a 21-year-old Sands Lane woman, who was questioned after police found more than six ounces of marijuana in a home; a 54-year-old man, in connection with a breach of the Liquor License Act; and a 20-year-old Ross Corner man, in connection with an outstanding warrant. On Saturday, January 14, 49 drivers were given citations and six men were arrested in connection with outstanding criminal warrants. On Sunday, a 24-year-old Rosedale Street Man was taken in for questioning in connection with the discovery of four pounds of marijuana in a car. Supt Dean said his team is upbeat and all the officers remain committed to fighting crime head-on. He said: "Generally, the police operations are going on quite well. I definitely want to thank the many residents for the tremendous support they have given to the police - I think they obviously have to be concerned with what is going on in their country; we need their continued support in order to make this country a better place. "Previously, people had the mindset that police operations are only for a short period of time and then we retreat after we have dealt with a particular problem, but we propose to sustain what we are doing presently. "I know it's a challenge and hard work for our very committed police officers, but we believe that it is important for us to sustain these operations which we have embarked upon." According Supt Dean, police will maintain constant patrols in areas they consider crime hot spots. He said his officers will not retreat or surrender until all illegal operations are dismantled and criminals made to comply with the law.


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