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THE Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) has ratified a full 70-member team to represent the Bahamas next month at the 41st Carifta Games in Hamilton, Bermuda.

The team was selected yesterday following the completion of the Colina Carifta trials at Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium over the weekend.

The Carifta Games is scheduled for the Easter holiday weekend and, based on their performances, about 80 per cent of the athletes attained the qualifying standards. Those who didn't were added for relay purposes.

Selecting the team, the BAAA utilized its maximum quote of 15 in both the under-17 boys and girls and 18 in the under-20 boys and girls.

However, the extra four spots went to the under-20 boys division where there were a total of 23 outright qualifiers, the most in all four divisions. There were 12 qualifiers in the under-17 girls, 14 in the under-17 boys and just nine in the under-20 girls.

Releasing the names of the athletes selected, the BAAA indicated that it's a "solid team" and they are confident that the Bahamas will do very well at the games.

Last year in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Bahamas was fourth with 31 medals. Jamaica dominated with 66 medals followed by Trinidad & Tobago with 33 and Barbados with 28.

Barbados beat out the Bahamas in the gold medal rush where the positions are decided.

In 2010, in the 39th version of the Carifta Games in Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas finished third with 29 medals behind Jamaica's 72 and Trinidad & Tobago's 40.

The Carifta Games is the top junior regional meet which serves as a springboard for athletes who end up excelling at the World Championships and the Olympic Games.


Under 17 Girls

100m - Jenae Ambrose and

Keianna Albury

200m - Jenae Ambrose and

Juannae Lewis

400m - Juannae Lewis and

Geordinell Thurston

800m - Dreshanae Rolle

and Eyeissia Darville

1500m - Kristina Knowles

High Jump - Vinisa Beneby

and Dannielle Gibson

pending fitness test

300mH - Mesha Newbold

Long Jump - Danielle

Gibson & Andira Ferguson

Triple Jump - Taryn Rolle

Shot Putt - Brashe Wood

and Keianna Albury

Discus - Brashe Wood

4x100m Relay - Jenae Ambrose, Keianna Albury, Makeya White, Kadeisha Hield, Juannae Lewis and Andira Gibson

4x400m Relay - Juannae Lewis, Geordinell Thurston, Dreshanae Rolle, Mesha Newbold and Eyeissia Darville

Under 17 Boys

100m - Cliff Resias

and Ian Kerr

200m - Cliff Resias

and Theotis Johnson

400m - Kinard Rolle

and Janeko Cartwright

1500m - Darren Young

and Cimeleo Darling

3000m - Darren Young

and Cimeleo Darling

High Jump - LaQuan Nairn

100mH - Xavier Coakley

400mH - Xavier Coakley

and D'Mitry Charlton

Long Jump - Xavier

Coakley and LaQuan Nairn

Triple Jump - Kaiwan


Shot Putt - Drexel Maycock

and D'Varj Smith

Discus - Drexel Maycock

and Denzel Pratt

Javelin - Denzel Pratt

4x100m Relay - Cliff Resias, Ian Kerr, Theotis Johnson, Janeko Cartwright, Xavier Coakley and Tory Adderley

4x400m Relay - Kinard Rolle, Janeko Cartwright, Theotis Johnson, D'Mitry Charlton, Xavier Coakley and Tory Adderley

Under 20 Girls

100m - Anthonique

Strachan and Shaunae

Miller pending fitness test

200m - Anthonique

Strachan & Shaunae Miller

400m - Rashan Brown and

Rhoneshia Johnson

800m - Teshon Adderley

1500m - Jennaya Hield and

Hollie Rolle

3000m - Hollie Rolle

High Jump - Andriel

Strachan & Miquel Roach

100mH- Devynne Charlton

& Andriel Strachan

400mH - Katrina Seymour

and Pedrya Seymour

Long Jump - Tamara


Triple Jump - Antonique

Butler and Tamara Myers

Shot Putt - Racquel

Williams and

Cymone Hamilton

Discus - Racquel Williams

Javelin - Alexandria Paul

Pentathlon - Miquel Roach

4x100m Relay - Anthonique Strachan, Shaunae Miller, Carmiesha Cox, Devynne Charlton, Rashan Brown and Tamara Myers

4x400m Relay - Shaunae Miller, Anthonique Strachan, Katrina Seymour, Rashan Brown, Teshon Adderley and Rhoneshia Johnson

Under 20 Boys

100m - Jonathan


and Shane Jones

200m - Blake Bartlett

and Teray Smith

400m - O'Jay Ferguson

and Elroy McBride

800m - Ashley Riley

and Andre Colebrooke

1500m - Audley Carey

and Andre Colebrooke

100mH - Patrick Bodie

400mH - Jermaine Smith

5000m - Leonardo Forbes

High Jump - Ryan


Triple Jump - Latario

Collie-Minns and Lathone


Shot Putt - DeAngelo


Discus - Gerrard Burrows

Javelin - Tre Adderley

and Charles Sealey

Heptathlon - Desmond

Major and Charles Sealy

4x100m Relay - Jonathan Farquharson, Shane Jones, Blake Bartlett, Julian Munroe, Teray Smith and Stephen Newbold

4x400m Relay - Elroy McBride, Julian Munroe, O'Jay Ferguson, Blake Bartlette, Teray Smith and Stephen Newbold

The team officials are as follows:

Team manager - Anya Dorsett assisted by Sandra Laing

Head coach - Dianne Woodside, assisted by Bernard Rolle

Coaches - Corrington Maycock, James Rolle, Antonio Saunders, Ravanno Ferguson and Audrick Lightbourne

Chaperones - Ann Bullard and Bradley Wood

Team doctor - Rickey Davis

Physiotherapists - Rhoda Hanna and Elsa Barrett


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