PM ‘not offended’ by McAlpine comments on Dominica help


PINERIDGE MP Rev Frederick McAlpine.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was not offended by the contribution of Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine in the House of Assembly last week in which he questioned the government’s plans for helping Dominica in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Press Secretary Anthony Newbold suggested yesterday.

Mr McAlpine had recommended that wealthy Cabinet ministers take money from their own pockets and contribute to Dominica’s restoration efforts rather than give Dominican people safe haven here.

And in what appeared to be a swipe at Dr Minnis who had wiped tears from his eyes as he spoke of the destruction in Dominica, Mr McAlpine said he was crying for his own people.

Asked yesterday if Dr Minnis was taken aback or disappointed by Mr McAlpine’s comments, Mr Newbold said: “He felt that this is democracy; if that’s your view, go right ahead (and express it). The prime minister is concerned with the Bahamas as a country. If one member of Parliament has a view, that’s his or their view. The prime minister has to be concerned about Nassau, Freeport, West End (Grand Bahama), Abaco, and then not only does he have to be concerned about Nassau and the Bahamas, he has to be concerned about Nassau and the Bahamas and its place in the world, beginning with the region; how are we faring, situated, viewed, performing in CARICOM?

“How does the rest of the world view the Bahamas? Again would you like everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet?

“Probably not, but people are entitled to their view and that is how the prime minister is approaching it.”

Mr Newbold said Dr Minnis did not have a conversation with Mr McAlpine about his comments, and he suggested there were no plans for him to do so.

In the Free National Movement, some believe Mr McAlpine is bitter that he wasn’t offered a Cabinet position. Some see his pointed criticism as springing from this.

Last week Mr McAlpine admitted he would like to have been given a Cabinet post.

At a constituency meeting on Saturday, he said: “I want to get this clear; I am not a member of the Cabinet of the Bahamas. Yes, I was not appointed to the Cabinet after this being my second non-consecutive time in Parliament.

“I am no stranger to Parliament; I spent five years in the Senate, I know how the House works.

“And you all know (former Prime Minister) Hubert Alexander Ingraham would not have kept me there if I was doing fool. Was I disappointed (to not be offered a Cabinet post)? At first I was, but I mean this from the bottom of my heart, not being in Cabinet is a blessing in disguise. Me being out and not in is helping me to help you. “

The Tribune understands Mr McAlpine was offered the position of deputy speaker in the House of Assembly, but turned it down.

He was appointed chairman of the Hotel Corporation by the Minnis administration.


TalRussell 6 years, 6 months ago

Comrades! Does the PM no longer have a tongue of his own. 'ACE "this and 'ACE" says that.


CatIslandBoy 6 years, 6 months ago

Tal, is it too much to hope for? that you stop writing foolishness. That is why the Prime MInister has a Press Secretary. Come on, please! Grow the F... up!


TalRussell 6 years, 6 months ago

Comrade CatIslandBoy, you're not suggesting that the Minnis administration have somehow secretly done away with the Bahamaland Information Services (BIS ), that's been around since Pindling's 1974 days as the government's well-oiled propaganda machine which to date has employed over 1544 warm bodies, all paid nice salaries by the public purse? Hundreds former BIS spin-masters are living comfortably living off their retirement pensions. Total it all up and BIS has cost the public purse in excess of $225 million.
Didn't PM Minnis not order all ministries, NOT to hire new government workers - yet the PMO has hired 20 'new' spin-masters - with nothing to do with BIS. { I do not make this stuff up }.


birdiestrachan 6 years, 6 months ago

catislandboy is losing it. he has resorted to cussing. It is hard to defend the indefensibly.


baldbeardedbahamian 6 years, 6 months ago

But you've been trying pretty hard, birdiestrachan.


benjohnson 6 years, 4 months ago

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