Series of armed robberies across weekend

POLICE are investigating three armed robberies which occurred in New Providence over the weekend.

Shortly after 11am on Saturday, a woman was sitting in her vehicle on East Street south of Robinson Road, when she was approached by an armed man. The man pulled her from gold Nissan Note, licence plate #AA1534, before getting into it and driving away.

A day earlier, shortly after 10am on Friday, an armed man entered a souse restaurant on Carmichael Road, held employees up and robbed the establishment of cash before running into nearby bushes and escaping.

Hours later, shortly after 9pm a man was walking on Victoria Boulevard in Bamboo Town when he was approached by two men, one armed with a knife, who robbed him of cash then stabbed him to the body before running away. The victim was transported to hospital in stable condition.

Police also said an American man from Fort Worth, Texas was arrested after 4pm on Saturday for possession of marijuana.

The tourist was arrested by Central Division Officers while at Prince George Wharf after he was found in possession of a quantity of suspected marijuana on board a cruise ship. He is expected to be formally charged later this week.

Police also removed a quantity of dangerous drugs, an illegal firearm and ammunition from the streets.

Shortly before 1pm on Saturday, Drug Enforcement Unit officers acting on information went to Martin Close off Cowpen Road, where they saw a male sitting in front of an abandoned building. Upon seeing the officers, the man ran from the area and escaped. The officers conducted a search of the area where the man was standing and recovered five plastic bags with suspected marijuana. Upon searching the building, officers recovered a .40 Glock pistol with four rounds of ammunition. No arrest was made in this matter.

Investigations are ongoing.


Giordano 5 years, 10 months ago

Good job !. Sometimes RBPF deserves to be congratulated and encouraged to continue doing what they suppose to do. The actions of stopping "The Wrongdoing" , " The Incorrect,Dirty,Nasty,immoral at all levels" should be unstoppable,I mean at all levels without turning back. The pledge to the country is superior to any other. Also the inhabitants "In The Vally" needs especial attention regarding Crimes, including triggers of "Minor Complaints" for locals Police Stations . We need more Police patrolling,Police presence flashing lights so to let people know that they are around,we need more approaching to suspicious character individuals,including the young who are committing a lot of crimes and murders. Without distinction and without being "Post-mortem Security Institution" ,RBPF should be able to stop " The Wrongdoing " as a whole and also as Officers out of duties.


Giordano 5 years, 10 months ago

The effort is good but still not enough,more "Man Power" in great numbers are desperately needed to be a part of the RBPF to also make " Police Foot Patrolling" more general and common in these lands of so many Churches.


DDK 5 years, 10 months ago

Amazing that there are so many easy arrests of people with, what I assume to be, a little pleasure weed. Another vacation down the tubes! Would rather see the shooters, stabbers, and thieves rounded up more speedily. They always seem to get away! We do so emulate the U.S. of A. in the GREAT WAR ON DRUGS.


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