Schooner Bay security staff reportedly suffer infections



THERE are reportedly four confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in the security department of the high-end gated community of Schooner Bay in Abaco, including the head of security, and another case on a construction site, according to residents.

The community located on Great Abaco includes houses and condominiums also serves as a vacation area for many tourists. It also has residences currently under construction.

Last weekend, however, a COVID-19 case reportedly showed up at the community. A Tribune source said from the moment the first case was announced there was a mad rush to get tested.

“We are waiting on some results right now, but there are already four people in the security department affected and there is someone from the construction crew infected as well,” the source said.

“The head of security seems to be affected worse than the others. Many residents have gotten tested and are awaiting the results. They want to be safe too.

“It is unfortunate that COVID had to come to Schooner Bay. We have tried our best to remain safe here, but through the course of correct and honest contact tracing, we hope that this will be contained. Once the right people are quarantined we should be okay, but for now we wait.”

The source said the Schooner Bay area has remained relatively safe from COVID, but there have been a lot of “visitors” to the area in recent times and it is believed that is where transmission of the virus took place.

“We do everything that we are supposed to do to prevent COVID here at Schooner Bay,” the source continued. “I went and got a test right away and it’s not a good feeling waiting to see what happens. We were safe but like I said to you earlier, we had some visitors from Nassau. I honestly believe the spread came from them.

“Now what is really concerning me is the fact that a construction worker got it. COVID is very easy to spread and with those fellows working so close together and sharing tools etcetera, look for more transmission of COVID here.”

The Tribune reached out to representatives at Schooner Bay, but one representative said she could not comment on the matter and the other said the office was closed.

Nurses at the Marsh Harbour clinic did not offer any comment on the matter either.

Abaco has more than 130 confirmed COVID-19 cases.


birdiestrachan 3 years, 8 months ago

doc visited Abaco recently. Beaches are closed in Nassau and Grand Bahama at 12.00 noon Abaco beaches at 10.00 pm. but doc said they can go to the beach until 12.00 pm and have a good time. .


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