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While funding for travel costs remains a top priority, the Bahamas Bodybuilding Weightlifting and Fitness Federation has released the names of athletes selected to represent the country at the Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships.

The team was selected following the federation’s 50th National Bodybuilding Championships held last month in the Performance Arts Center of the University of the Bahamas.

Named to the team that is expected to compete at the 50th CAC Championships in Aruba from September 21-24 are men’s building - Godfrey Stephen Robinson, Reginald Delancy and Orick Nesbitt; men’s fitness - Briceton Anderson; men’s fitness model - Kareem Brancaccio; women’s fitness figure - Dorcas Cox; men’s physique - Briceton Anderson (Class B), Ricardo Gibson (Class C), Judah Forbes (Class D) and Brandon Bastian (Class F); men’s classic physique - Anthon Moxey (Class B) and Andrew Gibson (Class C) and women’s wellness - Denica Thompson and Andrecka Dames (Class B) and Ivanique Kemp (Class D).

The team will be managed by Leonardo ‘Nardo’ Dean and coached by Raymond Tucker.

Although they don’t have the funds in hand yet, federation president Joel Stubbs said they are cautiously optimistic that Team Bahamas will be among the 41 countries competing at the 50th CAC Games in Aruba.

“The federation has selected a small but elite group of athletes who recently competed and won at the national level. Team Bahamas has always been a force to reckon with and the expectations are the same this year,” Stubbs said. “In fact, the record books of the CAC reflect that Team Bahamas has consistently ranked high among the top three countries when it comes to the overall medal count.

“I personally feel that the individuals selected stand a very good chance of winning their respective categories and divisions and should return home with not only medals and trophies, but maybe even a pro card or two.”

Stubbs said the athletes, especially the neophytes who competed and graced the stage for the very first time and won their divisions locally, are excited for the opportunity to compete and represent The Bahamas internationally. And he thanked Tucker and Dean for the work they have done so far in getting the team to start bonding and detailing the routines for the competition.

“We are still in dire need of financial assistance to get Team Bahamas off to Aruba,” Stubbs stressed. “So again, we are strongly appealing to corporate Bahamas, the Government and anyone who can lend a helping hand and offer financial assistance.

“Last year, the team was not able to compete, and we certainly hope it will not be the case this year. Our athletes really train had to ready themselves for competition.”

Stubbs said he’s not hoping that it will be a repeat of last year when the team had to stay home. He noted that the athletes have undergone months and months of rigorous training and strict diets to get their bodies in shape for the stage.

“I am praying that the opportunity is presented for them to showcase and represent The Bahamas on the international stage,” he stated.


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