Body with injuries consistent with a shark attack found near Saunders Beach

The body is removed from Saunders Beach on Monday morning. Photos: Moise Amisial

The body is removed from Saunders Beach on Monday morning. Photos: Moise Amisial


Chief Superintendent of Police Chrislyn Skippings.

The body of a man with injuries consistent with a shark attack was found floating in waters at Saunders Beach on Monday morning.

Chief Superintendent of Police Chrislyn Skippings said officers responded to information about the body shortly after 7am this morning.

The man, believed to have been in his early 20s, was then brought ashore and found to have significant injuries from his neck down and to his ear. The body may have been in the water for four to eight hours.

Chief Supt Skippings said, while police believe the injuries are consistent with a shark attack, they are in the preliminary stages of their investigations and once the Coroner has completed due diligence, they will be able to speak definitively on the matter.

She also advised beach goers that if they must swim, they should bring a family member or someone along with them who could assist with an emergency.


ThisIsOurs 6 months, 1 week ago

I see alot of people cleaning their personal stock of fish and throwing fish guts right where people swim. They need a major education campaign around this. As I wrote I simultaneously said, what's the point, they dont even stop people blatantly running red lights and people also continue to park in the path of cars on a speedway near Shell prince charles. Does the commissioner own that business? I dont understand why the owner hasnt gotten a gigantic fine for repeat violations.

The gutting needs to stop. Its ignorance. Arawak Cay Potters Cay and Montagu are basically live baiting sites


John 6 months, 1 week ago

You back on this is what is obviously bullshyt??? Do you know there were four shark attacks on Abaco this month alone. All tourists. And dozens of shark attacks on Florida beaches where there is no fishing. The major problem is because of the high temperatures waters, a lot of shoals are ‘bleaching) dying. These shoals are feeding / breeding grounds to smaller fish that are food for sharks. So instead of sharks now swimming out to deeper waters to find food, they are coming in closer to shore and having encounters with humans. Just hope it is a shark that attacked this person and he wasn’t run over by a boat or something else. The injured ear sounds inconsistent with a shark bite.


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