Vice-Chairman assaulted outside FNM headquarters


Tribune News Editor


A MAN assaulted Free National Movement vice chairman Richard Johnson outside the party’s headquarters last night, disrupting the meeting that was happening inside and causing police to get involved.

Mr Johnson told The Tribune he was talking to FNM members outside when someone came out of nowhere and hit him across his head, prompting him to defend himself.

He said people separated the two, but the man got away. He said he had never seen the man before.

He filed a complaint at the Wulff Road Police Station last night.

 FNM chairman Dr Duane Sands confirmed the incident, saying he did not witness it, but was told Mr Johnson “was struck and then dragged”.

 “The only thing I can say is we condemn any or all sorts of violence,” he said. “It’s inconsistent with our ethos and our culture. We would wish for the police, who were called and were present very quickly, to investigate, and wherever the chips may fall, so be it.

 “We don’t know what the circumstances are or who this individual is. None of the leadership does. We don’t know the nature of the altercation, but we look forward to a complete police investigation, and once investigated, whatever actions they deem appropriate, we will support.”

 Mr Johnson sued the FNM after executives unanimously barred him from council meetings. Earlier this year, Supreme Court Justice Deborah Fraser instituted an injunction preventing the party’s leaders from barring him from council meetings until she has addressed the substantive matter. She also ordered Mr Johnson and party leaders not to personally attack each other or other FNM members in public until she has ruled on the lawsuit.


TalRussell 3 months ago

RedShirts becoming even more policemans' involved---  Physically. --- A topic the media are reluctant to tell the popoulaces' what is true. --- That the By-election results 'a' physical' disaster for RedShirts. --- My advice premiership, would be to keep the 100 soldiers slated for Haiti --- Closer to Mackey Street.. --- Yes?


LastManStanding 3 months ago

Call me crazy but I believe that we will see the CoI overtake the FNM as the primary opposition to the PHellP within a few election cycles. The FNM never achieved any noteworthy electoral success prior to Ingraham, and has been nothing but a disorganized, chaotic mess without him. The FNM was the Ingraham party for all intents and purposes, and there is no strongman leader in there capable of guiding them out of the electoral wilderness the way that he did. Lincoln is determined and relentless in his campaigning, and managed to pull the CoI over the 20% vote threshold in two seats in the 2021 general despite not having access to the mountains of funding that the establishment parties do. I don't see the FNM being a viable political party in the long term, and I think that all it will take is a major defection or two over to the CoI combined with more electoral losses to disestablish the FNM entirely.


sheeprunner12 3 months ago

Why is it that the Pintard faction is beginning to resemble the PLP goon squads more and more as every day goes by?????? ............... Or is it that Brave is whispering in Pintard's ear???

Or is it that Hubiggity is working hard to keep Minnis out of leadership, by all means necessary?


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