Coroners inquest into Evans’ death begins again


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Coroners Court inquest into the death of Deangelo Evans began yesterday –– five years after his police-involved killing sparked a firestorm in Masons Addition, prompting hundreds to attend a vigil where they mourned his death and demanded answers.

 Acting Coroner Kara Turnquest-Deveaux and jurors heard testimony from Evans’ mother, Beverly Lee, and two officers who took photographs of the scene and Evans’ body.

 This is the second inquest into the matter –– the first ended without resolution in March because of a juror issue.

 Evans, 20, was an avid junkanooer and a member of the Shell Saxons Superstars. He was killed on Sandy Lane off McCullough Corner on May 27, 2018. His killing in the densely populated neighbourhood –– one of 11 police-involved killings in 2018 –– inflamed tensions between residents and the police. Former Prime Minister Perry Christie attended his vigil.

 Evans’ relatives became distressed yesterday when Inspector Lawrence Smith revealed photographs of the man’s body, taken on June 8 as it lay in the morgue. Evans sustained gunshot injuries to his lower back, extremities and right chest.

 Detective Constable Austin Bowles testified that he photographed the scene of the incident around 10.50am the day of the killing.

 His photos showed four 9mm bullet casings scattered along the road. A single bullet near a pool of blood was opposite the casings.

 Ms Lee said her sister called her early the morning of the incident to say Evans had been shot.

 She rushed to the scene only to find that the ambulance had left with her son.

 On her way to the hospital, she encountered the ambulance but was forced to remain in the waiting room as medical staff took her son away.

 Ms Lee recalled when staff told her Evans was dead. She said she only saw her son briefly as he lay in a hospital bed.

 K Melvern Rolle represents the two officers in the case, Corporal Wright and Inspector Wilson.

 Romona Farquharson Seymour and Ryzard Humes represent Evans’ estate.

 Patrick Sweeting is marshalling the evidence.

 The inquest continues next week.

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