Sidelined prison commissioner’s trial date set for November 27


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE trial date for prison commissioner Charles Murphy’s lawsuit against the government has been set for November 27.

A case management hearing took place yesterday before Justice Carla Stubbs.

Commissioner Murphy’s lawyer, Romona Farquharson Seymour, complained about how long it is taking for the trial to start. She argued for an earlier trial date after Justice Stubbs tentatively set proceedings for early 2024.

Antoine Thompson, the government’s lawyer, said he expects the trial to take only two days.

Commissioner Murphy sued the government after he was placed on leave. Two senior officers who were sidelined under the Minnis administration, Bernadette Thompson-Murry and Doan Cleare, were brought in to oversee the prison when the commissioner was sent on leave.

Under the Davis administration, Mrs Thompson-Murray and Mr Cleare settled a lawsuit they brought against the government after claiming they were forced to take vacation leave.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe’s role in sidelining Commissioner Murphy has faced scrutiny because his law firm represented Mrs Thompson-Murray and Mr Cleare when they filed their lawsuit.

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