Climate and science

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Possibly someone in the section that advises on Bahamas weather conditions — climate change can do research back to the earliest records - 1851 plus - and get the story a little more accurate.

Fact in the past 245 plus years the period 1926-1933 (seven-years) we had more CAT 3-4 storms than at any other time in history. ‘26 145mph — ‘28 155mph — ‘29 140mph, 137 deaths- ‘32 160mph — ‘33 140mph.

Beg and ask: Was there Climate change — Climate warming in that period of history? Hadn’t even coined the phase or thought?

Years 1941 on few storms of significance till the more recent ones of the 2000.

Exuma — seems critical was the flow of water from the lakes in the area… maybe no one checked for years if the flow was blocked or if roadworks, present and past, may have caused unseen disruption of flow because I am sure Exuma has had downpours before, although this trough was heavy, but a usual tropical trough that we get...nothing new.

Is Climate Change all about hopefully getting millions on millions to spend? Green Climate change dollar’s usually are conditional may only be spent on green projects so no positive for the massive national Debt of $12.5 billion successive Governments have created... Yes, the majority created pre-2017.

So C0P28 Dubai coming up… 30 or so in the Bahamas delegation what are the chances of anything real coming out of this conference being held in a very expensive place? Pre-conference meetings can’t agree on anything!

We build roads immediately after declaring them ‘resilient’ to flood...it took years to remedy the flood near the Dockendale building seems finally a solution...alleluia! Possibly before July 10th PW can eliminate the flooding close to the entrance to OPM along Ft Charlotte-West Bay and as many areas as possible... if PW hasn’t noticed this is the rainy season.

Editor — truth never lies....let’s get Weather and Climate in the true perspective - 245 years of records — a storm every year...Wayne Neeley says New Providence’s risk is low of all islands number 51!!



June 13, 2023.


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