King Charles III and Governor General hail Commonwealth Day

THE Commonwealth has a "near-boundless potential as a force for good", King Charles III has said in a message today for Commonwealth Day, while the Governor General of The Bahamas has also released a message to mark the occasion.

In his message, King Charles said: "Commonwealth Day was an occasion of particular pride for my beloved Mother, The late Queen – a treasured opportunity to celebrate our Commonwealth family, to whose service she dedicated her long and remarkable life.

"In succeeding Her Majesty as Head of the Commonwealth, I draw great strength from her example, together with all that I have learnt from the extraordinary people I have met, throughout the Commonwealth, over so many years."

He added: "The Commonwealth has been a constant in my own life, and yet its diversity continues to amaze and inspire me. Its near-boundless potential as a force for good in the world demands our highest ambition; its sheer scale challenges us to unite and be bold.

"This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Charter of the Commonwealth, which gives expression to our defining values – peace and justice; tolerance, respect and solidarity; care for our environment, and for the most vulnerable among us.

"These are not simply ideals. In each lies an imperative to act, and to make a practical difference in the lives of the 2.6 billion people who call the Commonwealth home."

Drawing attention to issues across the Commonwealth, he added: "Whether on climate change and biodiversity loss, youth opportunity and education, global health, or economic co-operation, the Commonwealth can play an indispensable role in the most pressing issues of our time. Ours is an association not just of shared values, but of common purpose and joint action.

"In this we are blessed with the ingenuity and imagination of a third of the world’s population, including one and a half billion people under the age of thirty. Our shared humanity contains such precious diversity of thought, culture, tradition and experience. By listening to each other, we will find so many of the solutions that we seek.

"This extraordinary potential, which we hold in common, is more than equal to the challenges we face. It offers us unparalleled strength not merely to face the future, but to build it. Here, the Commonwealth has an incredible opportunity, and responsibility, to create a genuinely durable future – one that offers the kind of prosperity that is in harmony with Nature and that will also secure our unique and only planet for generations to come."

King Charles concluded: "The myriad connections between our nations have sustained and enriched us for more than seven decades. Our commitment to peace, progress and opportunity will sustain us for many more.

"Let ours be a Commonwealth that not only stands together, but strives together, in restless and practical pursuit of the global common good."

In his own statement, Governor General Sir CA Smith said: "Today, in common with the 56 Member-States of the Commonwealth of Nations, we celebrate Commonwealth Day. This year’s observance is under the Theme 'Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future' which combines the commitment of member states to support the promotion of peace, prosperity, and sustainability. This objective is particularly geared towards the pursuit of a better future for our young people and to generally improve the lives of all Commonwealth citizens.

"It is notable that, as we in The Bahamas celebrate our 50th year as an Independent Nation, it is also the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP). Through that organisation, many of our people have already benefitted, and more opportunities will become available in the future.

"Against this background, I take this opportunity to remind our young people to be even more aware that your future, and that of our Nation, lies within your hands. You must therefore be fully prepared to seize the opportunities which become available. With proper preparation and qualifications, you will be ready to face the future as qualified and effective citizens, and you will earn the regard and gratitude of your parents, your teachers and all the members of your community. As is commonly said, 'the ball is in your hands'.

"Happy Commonwealth Day! And may God continue to bless our Commonwealth of The Bahamas."


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Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Total meaningless bullshyt that will help absolutely no one!


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