Pro boxer Carl Hield to square off with Colombian Edinson Jimenez


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Veteran boxer Carl Hield.

LESS than a week removed from his second professional win, veteran boxer Carl Hield will be back in the ring again on Tuesday.

The professional boxer is set to take on Colombia’s Edinson Jimenez in Santa Marta, Colombia, at Fight Night 2 in the super welterweight division. The professional bout is slated to begin at 6pm.

Hield shared his expectations going into his third professional fight on Tuesday.

“My third match is going to have the same outcome. My mindset is to go in and do what I have to do and if the knockout comes, it would be good. I am just trying to stay as active as I can for next year’s Olympic qualifiers and try to put myself in a position to fight for a world title as well,” he said.

After two successful bouts, the Bahamian boxer has an undefeated 2-0-0 (win/loss/draw) record headed into his next match against Jimenez.

The latter has been a pro boxer since 2001 with a 65-5-3 record in 73 matches. The Colombian’s last professional win came against Jasit Cera, who was making his pro debut, in 2013.

As for Hield, in his previous two matches he was victorious, earning technical knockout victories in both. The seasoned boxer’s first win came against Colombian Elkin Bolaño in his pro debut at the International Knockout Night in Cartagena, Colombia. He followed this feat with one of his most impressive wins yet against Colombia’s Diomedes Miranda, who sported a 21-5-0 record, last week Wednesday at the Fight Night in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Hield said he has learned a lot from his two fights in the professional ranks.

“The pros are a bit different from the amateurs. After the first and second fight I am now more patient and relaxed. I realised in my second fight I was waiting for the punches, instead of rushing and throwing punches like I did in the first fight. As time goes during training and preparing for fights, I am adapting more to the professional side of boxing,” he said.

Before his transition to pro boxing in October, Hield was one of the country’s most decorated boxers at the amateur level.

During his amateur tenure, the 36-year-old competed in 51 total matches and ended with a 15-36 record (including one knockout win). He had a strong message for those following his professional journey.

“I want to show people that whatever you believe in can turn into reality, just focus and keep going about your dream. It is never too late, you are never too young and never too old, the right time will come,” he said.

He is committed to honouring the memory of his late mother Norma Hield through his hardwork and dedication.

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