‘I still don’t believe it’, says sister of man who died in a traffic accident on Monday

DEANDRE WOODSIDE, aged 27, died in a vehicle accident on Monday.

DEANDRE WOODSIDE, aged 27, died in a vehicle accident on Monday.


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AFTER a crash claimed the lives of a man and a woman, a grieving sister said she is still catching her breath from the shock of losing her brother and his girlfriend.

On Monday, Latonya Marshall’s brother, Deandre Woodside, 27, was heading north on East Street South on a black motorcycle. His girlfriend and another woman were with him when they collided with a vehicle trying to overtake another car on the other side of the road.

The incident near Calvary Deliverance Church resulted in the death of Deandre and his girlfriend. The third passenger is in hospital with serious injuries.

Ms Marshall said she couldn’t breathe when she heard the news.

“This is a lot for me to process right now because it’s still fresh,” she said. “I was hurt, shocked. I literally couldn’t breathe. As a matter of fact, I still don’t believe it.”

She said she last heard from her brother on Saturday night. She said he had been staying with her in New Providence, though she works on Andros and was on that island when they last spoke.

“He was just talking to me, and he said, I’m going out by the tracks,” she said. “I was always telling him be safe, be safe, and I told him I loved him.”

She said though Deandre was unemployed, he worked sometimes as a painter. She said his landlord recently offered him a job opportunity to help get his life back together.

“He was getting $100 a week, and he was just trying turn his life around,” she said.

“This would have been the third week that he was working with the landlord. That was something good, and I always used to tell him how proud I am of him.”

Ms Marshall said her brother was a “hustler that loved riding bikes”. She said he was the life of the party, brightening any room.

This crash is one of two deadly traffic incidents this week.

Several hours after the incident, a black Nissan Juke collided with a white Chevy Express Bus near the London Bridge on Queen’s Highway in Andros.

Police reported that a local doctor determined the driver of the black Nissan Juke, a 29-year-old American man from Tallahassee, Florida, died of his injuries on the scene.


hrysippus 4 months, 1 week ago

Two innocent young people killed. Will the man responsible get anything more than a $5,000 as happened in the past? The value of a life in the Bahamas according, it seems, to our judicial system is $2,500. Just sad. Sigh.


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