Officer allegedly involved in $90,000 robbery

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander says an officer is being investigated for alleged involvement in a $90k robbery. Photo: Dante Carrer

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander says an officer is being investigated for alleged involvement in a $90k robbery. Photo: Dante Carrer


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ALLEGATIONS of a police officer being involved in a $90,000 robbery are being investigated by the force’s deputy commissioner and corruption unit.

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander said at a press briefing yesterday that nobody is on administrative leave at this time, but police have a complaint.

He said: “There’s so much bits and pieces of information that the deputy and his team are trying to bring together. Once that is done, and we are moving quickly to do just that, and I told the deputy I want to see him along with the team as soon as we completed this press briefing so that we can see where we are at with the investigation and we’ll then go from there, but we’re still trying to get some clarity with respect to that incident.”

A 28-year-old Bahamas Department of Corrections Services officer is in police custody after allegedly attempting to smuggle electronic devices and suspected marijuana into the correctional facility.

Last month, an interdicted police officer was brought before the courts after he was accused of brandishing a loaded gun outside a bar.

PC 4394 Dreyon Henfield, son of former Foreign Affairs Minister and current FNM Senator Darren Henfield, pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of an unlicensed firearm and possession of ammunition and was granted $8,000 bail.

Commissioner Fernander said that officers are warned, but they do have to answer for their actions.

He said: “We continue to be concerned about things like that, but they are responsible for their own action. We continue to try to steer, especially our young people, in the right direction. Every day, we are speaking to our officers and with respect to matters with the prison, man every other month you see the same thing. They should get it - the crime doesn’t pay and it’s the same trend.

“An officer from the prison will get arrested today for that and then two weeks later another officer tries the same thing. Something is wrong, definitely wrong with that, but you could see what I’m doing in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. If you find yourself involved in criminal activities, I deal with you right way.

“We just put two officers before the courts who were involved in serious crime - shooting, attempted murder was charged for four counts. How the hell you could be a part of us? You cannot, man, and I will not stand for it.”


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