A new academy for Caribbean gospel artists is launched

Something big is happening on the gospel music scene, as a new professional academy for artists from all over the region was officially launched this week.

Miracle Life hosts revival for those in need of comforting

For those going through a time in their life where they need to be comforted and encouraged, Miracle Life Ministries believes its one-night Prophetic Revival is the perfect event.

Stop upstaging Jesus!

What has 21st century ministry evolved into? We have moved on so far from where the Church once was during the Apostolic era with Paul, Peter, James and John. It is imperative that we return back to the discarded values of the past, and quickly!

Agape love

There is some misunderstanding about the meaning of Agape love among believers.

Meditation: The world needs more kindness

How kind are we as a people? How kind are you as an individual?

Bahamas Mothers’ Club gives praise

The Bahamas Mothers’ Club is holding its first service of thanksgiving this Sunday.

The significance of Lent

The purpose of Lent is to renew and strengthen our spiritual lives. The Church makes ample opportunity for us to do this; there is an increase in spiritual opportunities that are tailor-made for the season.

Putting matters into perspective

It is conceivable that there are persons who are grappling with various challenges at this time (illness, finances, relationships, employment, et cetera.) This is the reality of life’s journey.

The world needs prayers

The annual World Day of Prayer is a wonderful opportunity for us all to pray for one another.

What is Lent?

There has been an excessive amount of arrogance expressed concerning this holy season of Lent which the greater part of Christianity finds most fulfilling, both spiritually and otherwise. Most of our people are simply not aware of its importance and the possible impact it carries.

‘A good deed is never lost’

New Birth Church reaches out to the needy

A “good deed” is usually thought of as a kind gesture; making a difference in someone’s life with no real expectation of receiving anything in return.

Shiloh Abundant Life bets on the power of prayer

The Shiloh Abundant Life Ministries is hosting its second annual prophetic prayer conference this month and wants to remind all Bahamians that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous availeth much.”

The storms of life

All of us have faced a difficult situation at one point or another. Such is life.


Solutions vs resolutions

Although I am so much like I was last year and the year before, many things about me are no longer the same. Psalm 84 motivates me to go from strength to strength until I appear before God. Hopefully you see yourself growing the same way.

Mount Olive Baptist Walk-About

Mount Olive Baptist Church on Meadow and Augusta Streets will be hosting its Outreach Walk-About this Saturday.