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LIFE LINES: Talking to ourselves

We all talk to ourselves. Our inner dialogue is always running, sometimes quietly and sometimes very loudly, whether we actually speak out loud or not. This inner stream of consciousness has a huge impact on the way we see ourselves, the way we behave and the way we interact with others.

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Zonta hopes to spark gender equality discussion

Although great strides have been made in the Bahamas in regards to women’s rights, there is still a long way to go. And it is important not to become complacent, as many more barriers must be overcome to achieve true equality between the sexes.

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Leaders in heels

Sherika Brown is encouraging women to discover the power in their femininity as she readies to host her latest event, “Leading in Stilettos”, this month.

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Royann Dean is inspired by innovation

With more and more creative people entering the business world, it’s important to have meaningful conversations that both inspire and educate professionals about the ins and outs. And no one knows this better than public relations consultant Royann Dean. That is why she teamed up with The Current at Baha Mar this year to present another series of “Inspired/By talks”.

LIFE LINES: Harnessing our thoughts

Why should we try to harness our thoughts, understand them or rein them in when we are frequently told to “think things through”. Certainly we need to “think things through” objectively and in a realistic way before taking certain actions which could be either physically dangerous, risky economically or emotionally hazardous. In other words, exercising some common sense in everyday situations.

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At-risk girls join Governor General’s Youth Award

A juvenile detention facility for girls is about to receive a new addition.

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‘Save Adam to uplift Eve’

International Women’s Day calls for balance between the sexes

The empowerment of women plays an important role in the advancement of men, according to Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Frankie Campbell, who encouraged men not to look at International Women’s Day as an event that excludes them.

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YOU GO GIRL: Richine Bethel prepares millennials for the future

Richine Bethel finds fulfilment in empowering youth, helping them organise their lives and goals through her Millennial Enterprise initiative.

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Like a boss! Girls to benefit from unique perspectives

For the third year in a row, Katherine Coakley is seeking to uplift Bahamian girls and teach them how to take charge of their lives with her annual “Girl Bosses” event.

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Did Jordyn Woods commit an unforgivable sin? Bahamians weigh in on the hot scandal

MODEL Jordyn Woods, the 21-year-old best friend of make-up mogul Kylie Jenner, has found herself in the midst of a scandal that has grabbed worldwide attention. She has trended on Twitter, become the subject of countless memes and been the hottest topic of every celebrity blog and talk show.

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Loving who more . . . How self-centered relationships impact children

The misplaced emotions of Elizabeth Smith, a young mother of three girls, were stronger for her boyfriend Nicholas White than for her children.

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LIFE LINES: Discomfort – a catalyst

We all like to feel comfortable in our surroundings and in our relationships, whether with family, friends or work associates. Feeling uncomfortable is, well, uncomfortable, and affects our enjoyment not only of the moment but often influences our behaviour.

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New beginnings later in life

Former dental assistant and beauty queen has major career change at age 55

BEING fired from the same job twice would be enough to make anyone want give up and hide away from the world. However, Oralee Smith took this unexpected opportunity to start an entirely new career.

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YOU GO GIRL: Teen author inspires her peers to pursue writing

It was a simple but powerful message 15-year-old children’s books author Sierra Blair delivered to the Library Cadets Programme: Writing is something anybody can excel in.

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LIFE LINES: Reaching out and leaning in

I will have a birthday this month and I usually make this event an opportunity to review where I am personally and professionally since the previous one.