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All talk and no action

Talk, talk, talk, all day, all night has become the number one pastime for many. But despite the popularity of this talk culture, without taking focused action, there’s no change. You don’t move and you don’t improve. Taking deliberate action is the

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Geena Thompson readies for Miss World

Miss World Bahamas Geena Thompson has completed her trek half way around the world, having travelling to China late last week to compete in the upcoming 67th edition of the Miss World pageant. Geena will go up against beauties from over 120 countries

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Exploring hair colour- L'Oreal Matrix team educates Bahamian stylists -

One of L’Oreal’s leading educators visited to Nassau recently to show Bahamians the latest trends in hair colouring techniques.The ‘Colour Me Matrix’ event was hosted by the Bahamas Supply Agencies at the British Colonial Hilton. Those in attendance

When do children develop their gender identity?

(THE CONVERSATION) – Gender is generally thought of as a stable trait: we are born male or female and we stay that way as we grow from small children to adults.It turns out that for young children, initial concepts about gender are quite flexible. I

Time, not money, is your greatest asset

Considering the obsession many have with money, you may be surprised to learn that money is not your greatest asset. Even so, most people spend a great deal of their time chasing money. Yet, money still remains elusive for most. The question to pond

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Local community leader joins top international coaches

Gena Brown always knew she had a calling in life. She always loved to help people and inspire them to be their best. And along the way the reaped great benefits from sowing seeds of guidance and love into the lives of those she comes in contact with.

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Succeeding in a man's world

Audrey Oswell takes top position at Atlantis

For Audrey Oswell, the newly appointed president and managing director at Atlantis Paradise Island, it is encouraging to see women progress professionally and their roles expanding in every industry, not just hospitality.“At Atlantis we have many wom

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Be positive about change and give back

RAQUEL PINDER’S Beauty Beyond Feelings organisation recently delivered yet another sold out show - hosting a “Dear Future Me” themed conference at the British Colonial Hilton.As the owner of her very own hairstyling company, Styles By Kelly P, Raquel

Tricks to almost being the perfect mum

Your house is spotless, your children are well behaved, and every night there’s a beautiful home-cooked meal on the table. Just how do you do it?The answer: You don’t. From 1960s how-to guides portraying the perfect mother to today’s Pinterest-crazed

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In the midst of rapid change - do you have a coping strategy?

The one guarantee about life is the constancy of change. Whether we define those changes as good or bad, they consistently flow our way. Still, change it and of itself is not the challenge. The thing that causes most to become overwhelmed is the way

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Don't say a word - it's an NFL night

IT IS the only season where women are willing to put up with their significant other’s “sweet-hearting”. And the only reason this love affair wins a pass is because it’s not with an actual person, but with a sport.The National Football League (NFL) g

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Erin sets her sights on Paralympic dream

ERIN Brown may have 1,064 days to go, however when you are a bone cancer survivor, an amputee with limited resources and big dreams of being the first Bahamian female to participate in the Summer Paralympic Games in 2020, every minute matters.The adv

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What to wear - weave or a wig?

WHETHER FOR natural hair protection, versatility or just convenience - there are many reasons and options which come to mind for women when choosing weave and wig hairstyling. Very easily, weaving and wig styles allow women to achieve looks at their

It’s all about style - and colour

Providing local beauticians direct contact with top educators in the field of cosmetology, the Bahamas Supply Agencies will add to their list of events on Monday, October 16 - with the launch of the Colour Me Matrix Hair Show.

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Gender and its implications after the winds have died

Irma has gone for good, José is still ruminating somewhere out there in the Atlantic and we still have a number of weeks left in the Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2017. That does not mean that an out-of-season storm could not churn up unexpectedly, however. At the moment we’ve all got our eye on Tropical Storm Maria which may be heading the Bahamas way.