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Local author’s Valentine treat

“Once out of sight from the main road, they relaxed on a seat beneath a casuarina tree and kissed. Then they gazed out across the sapphire blue sea to a lone sailboat on the horizon. The sun was going down, the sky like an artist’s canvas with gold and orange brush strokes. The sweet aroma of a barbecue drifted along the sea shore.” – Excerpt from the short story "Love at Sunset".

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You Go Girl – Leah Davis gets passionate about charitable causes

“Running my own marketing agency was always on the cards for me, the question had always been, when would be the right time?” That was the question Leah Davis, a 20-year marketing executive asked herself. The answer to the “right time” question was, surprisingly, at the start of a global pandemic.

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Learning made fun with Rosheeda Rolle

Rosheeda Rolle is a firm believer that learning should be fun; it should be engaging for the students and allow them to be creative.

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National Student of the Year nominee is a little girl with big dreams

EVEN at the age of 10, Delronae Mitchell understands the magnitude of the first Black and South Asian-American female Vice President of the United States of America being sworn into office.

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Helping women in need dress for success

IN PARTNERSHIP with the Salvation Army, which is celebrating 90 years of service in the Bahamas, local clothing brand CAY 92 is currently conducting a drive to encourage people to donate gently used professional clothing for women in need.

Is it really an engagement without a ring?

CRYSTAL, unlike many other brides, is planning a wedding – deciding on a venue, the style of bridal gown dress, the bouquet, etcetera – all without the formal promise of marriage symbolised by an engagement ring.

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The importance of fathers in the home

Former gospel rapper turned author promotes the family unit

Dominique Forbes is an evolved woman. We were first introduced to her as Junior Prodigy, or “JP” for short - a young gospel rapper and mother-of-one seeking to spread her message through music.

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A growing community seeks to teach Bahamian women how to overcome trauma and reach their full potential

THE AUTHENTIC Woman - a faith based, female-focused community is seeking to help millennial women effectively navigate womanhood and gain the perspective, tools, and support they need to live confidently and find their purpose.

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Bahamian women fall in love with sweeping Regency romance

Who wants a prince when you can have a duke?

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PUTTING SELF-CARE INTO PRACTICE: Bahamians strive for emotional well-being in 2021

AFTER living through an unprecedented year full of turmoil and uncertainty, prioritising self-care should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list for 2021.

Teacher lets balloon business carry her through difficult times

THE last nine months have been taxing on all of us. And it’s been extremely important for us to find new ways to stay positive for our mental health.

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Christmas gifts for your best gal pals

THROUGH thick and thin, real friends are there for one another. From sharing mutual hobbies to organising play dates with each other’s kids, or just picking up the phone to simply vent after an exhausting day - positive female friends have proven to be important for a woman’s mental well-being.

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Bahamian men want women to treat them right this Christmas

Tribune readers share their worst gift-giving experiences

FOR women who are still in the process of doing some “last-minute” holiday shopping and maybe can’t decide what to get for the men in their lives, male Tribune readers had the following advice: steer clear of “generic items” and refrain from purchasing “cheap gifts”.

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Eleuthera joins Zonta in saying no to gender-based violence

Eleuthera is pleased to be a part of the Zonta movement and herald the message of “say no to violence”.

Bahamas AIDS Foundation establishes safe, supervised study centre for kids

The Bahamas AIDS Foundation has received permission from the Competent Authority to assist a small number of primary school-aged children to access and benefit from the Ministry of Education’s virtual learning platform in a safe and supervised space.