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Bahamian blogger lands writing gigs with Forbes, XONecole

Local blogger Ianthia Smith is continuing to take her writing to the world after securing a freelance gig as a contributing writer for two popular online sites – Forbes Travel Guide and lifestyle brand XONecole.

Honour in marriage – A shared responsibility

For most men, honour and respect are huge elements in their relationship with women. It’s usually the top consideration, with sex coming in at a close second place. Sadly, both are the most intentionally withheld elements—even in so-called Christian marriages. Many of the marital challenges couples experience today are rooted in the lack of honour and respect.

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It’s never too late to back to school . . .

Working mothers pursue academic dreams

Ninety-four year old great-grandmother Amy Craton’s compelling story of receiving her college degree last year with a perfect 4.0 grade point average proves that no one is ever too old for school.

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A creative way of showing pride: Miss Bahamas hosts ‘National Costume’ contest

Bahamian pride was displayed in new and creative ways as the ‘Empowered 11’ contestants of this year’s Miss Bahamas Universe pageant showed off their entries into the national costume competition.

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You Go Girl: Miss Grand holds out helping hand to families in need

With memories of growing up in less financially fortunate circumstances still strong, Miss Bahamas Grand Dannise Bain is determined to ease the burden of the next generation during this back-to-school season.

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YOU GO GIRL: Bahamian teen beats the odds and receives international honour

“Gifted, determined and with an indomitable spirit to excel against all odds” is how her loved ones describe Hezrona Moxyz-Currie, who overcame life-threatening medical issues to become somewhat of an academic prodigy.

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Former Miss Bahamas enjoys the 'Pampered Life'

SINCE launching her mobile grooming company Pampered Life in 2013, Raquel Horton has been steadily spreading her vision of nature-based wellness throughout the islands of the Bahamas.It was Raquel’s love for the beauty industry and her experience as

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Lookin' cute for Back to School

Although ‘hair’ may not be on the official back-to-school list, for the mothers of young girls ensuring those tresses are prepped for the big first day is just as important as securing new uniforms, shoes and other supplies. After all, what is cuter

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It ain't about the juice

Hidden deep in much of public debate around respectability is the erosion of rights. We like to blame ‘de juice’ for everything and that justifies people being ‘cut off’ for bad behaviour, especially when we can say they be ‘juicin’ in public. We are

Don't get stressed, get organised

Moms combat back-to-school woes with next-level planning

It’s that time of year again. Kids have to switch gears from late night TV binge-watching to going to bed early so they can get a fresh start for the 2018/19 school year.And if you are like a lot of Bahamian moms out there, you are already dreading t

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Is your marriage as stale as old bread?

Have you ever pulled a slice of stale bread from the bag and just could not bring yourself to eat it? That once delicious baker’s delight which used to tantalise your taste buds is no longer appealing. In fact, you are so bored with it, you leave it

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Look sexy, feel comfy: Undergarment essentials for every woman

It’s a fact that many Bahamian women do not know their correct bra or panty sizes. Some wear undergarments that are either too small, too big, or just ill-fitting.

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The queen of two runways

For the past year, Onesha Adderley has juggled being the queen of two runways. She is the reigning Miss Plus Beauty Bahamas International and is also currently pursuing a career as a pilot.Her reign as Miss Plus Beauty since being crowned last Novemb

'Step It Up' to get out of your rut

The New Image Ladies are calling on all Bahamian women who feel stuck in their lives to “Step it Up” at a workshop designed for those aged 20 to 30.“Feeling stuck, tired? Want to do more?” The New Image Ladies workshop aims to provide a passionate

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The stage is set for modernised Miss Universe Bahamas

New team to spearhead 2018 pageant

A new Miss Bahamas Universe team, headed by Anthony Smith, is set to prepare a true 21st century Bahamian beauty queen to represent the country in Thailand this December at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant.Mr Smith, who is the pageant’s presiden