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LIFE LINES: Be the leader you’d be willing to follow

Authentic leadership ability is often innate but not always; sometimes we have to learn those skills or habits so that we can accept that role comfortably and inspire others. We probably all know the phrase by Maurice Flanagan: “Some are born leaders; some achieve leadership; and some have leadership thrust upon them”.

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A living legend

DR Rita Henderson Pratt received an early and unexpected Christmas gift, being the gold medal recipient of the American Society of Freedmand Descendants Hartwick College New York.

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Bahamian jazz singer Akia Knowles releases music video ‘Jingle Bells’

BAHAMIAN Jazz Singer Akia Knowles recently released her new music video “Jingle Bells” from her 2017 Christmas EP Release “Akia’s Christmas at The Langham”.

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’Tis the Season for fragrance

NO MATTER how familiar it has become, one of the most popular Christmas gift options in the Bahamas is “fragrance shopping”.

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A night of reflection and prayer

A PRAYER night was held in Rawson Square on Sunday as part of the national campaign to end gender-based violence in The Bahamas.

The grinchy Christmas gift

ONE thing that can put you in a “grinchy” spirit is discovering the name you drew for Secret Santa gift exchange is a family member you do not get along with or a colleague you are not fond.

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LIFE LINES: Mind how you think

There are countless books, online courses and suggestions on how to develop positive thinking habits usually associated with a title such as “ten habits of successful people”.

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Melania’s twelve days of love

ELEVEN-year-old Melania Nixon is embarking on a mission to show “12 Days of Love and Gratitude” bringing holiday cheer to those she comes into contact.

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LIFE LINES: ‘What’s Your Poison?’

Addictions or habits - we all have them to a greater or lesser degree.

The Jewel Of Atlantis

A NEW pageant is headed to the islands of The Bahamas in 2020 and is slated to offer a weekend of exciting events.

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Moms conquer festive stress

There is a lot of joy in the air during the holiday season, but also a lot pressure – the pressure to make Christmas memorable for the entire family can bring out the Grinch in even the most cheerful mom.

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Make weddings unique again

When Gina Sands-Brooks started planning for her dream wedding in 2016 she quickly became frustrated with the limited options when it came décor and other choices.

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Zonta leads the charge in fight to end violence against women

The Bahamas government has made a commitment to end gender-based violence in the country by 2030.

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High percentage of Bahamians ‘tolerant’ of abuse of women

Alarming gender-based violence statistics revealed

The Bahamas ranks third highest for being tolerant of the abuse of women, according to a recent survey conducted throughout the Caribbean.

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Leaving an abusive relationship: Exit plan is vital

Yesterday officially launched the start of the “16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls.”