Taxis back on Bay Street


Tribune Staff Reporter


AFTER a three year absence from the country’s main tourist hub, designated taxi cab spaces will be reintroduced to Bay Street, according to Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin yesterday.


Glenys Hanna-Martin

Mrs Hanna-Martin said the Ministry of Public Works is expected to soon start to plot and clearly mark those spaces. She did not give a date when the work would begin.

She said her Ministry would enter into a dialogue with the Taxi Cab Union to agree to the best placement of those spaces.

The Minister made the announcement amid parliamentary discussions focused on passing amendments to the Immigration Act. Several other bills are expect to be brought before House Members as the Christie administration’s 100-day plan ends next Wednesday.

“I’m advised that the Taxi Union, some three years ago, was informed that taxi parking would be removed from Bay Street on a temporary basis so as to permit a paving exercise to take place on Bay Street. Some three years later, and the paving, re- paving and no paving, the taxi parking spots have not been reinstated.

“Good governance is fair and even-handed it must never be seen to allow the interest of one sector to arise over and above the interest of another sector,” Mrs Hanna-Martin said.

Noting that taxi drivers have contributed for a rich history on Bay Street, Mrs Hanna-Martin said taxis are an important ingredient to tourism in the country.

“The taxi driver is more than a driver, he or she is the front line face and voice of our people,” she said.


mynameis 11 years, 8 months ago

Another reason to keep me off of Bay Street...all the parking spots will now belong to taxi drivers who sit and wait on fares, not necessarily personally contributing much to the Bay Street economy themselves while I and persons like me have to pay for parking and/or walk long distances to visit and shop at a Bay Street store...no balance...


moncurcool 11 years, 8 months ago

It is amazing. I go to New York City and there is not one taxi stand that I see across the place. You need a taxi u wave flag one down and this is one of the busiest cities in the world. Come to the Bahamas, and we want to reserve space on a major downtown thoroughfare not for paying customers, but for people who believe they are entitled to something for nothing.

How do those spaces contribute to the economy of Bay Street?


Deepdrop2 11 years, 8 months ago

This is why I stay off of Bay St. - way to go you people!!


sansoucireader 11 years, 8 months ago

Ridiculous.Any of these MPs been downtown trying to find a parking spot lately? Ain't none to find! Twice I wanted to go on Bay Street looking for an item but gave up after driving round and round. If I, as a customer can't find a parking space, me and my $$$ will go elsewhere. Taxis need a call up system. Create an area near the ol' City Market/St. Agnes' maybe and have a few booths on Bay Street with 1 or 2 persons who can call the taxi for the client. Phone-helper has a job, taxi driver has a job, client has a cab and people who want to park on Bay Street can do so because waiting taxis aren't taking up valuable parking space. "Everybody wins" as the saying goes. Minister Hanna-Martin, you're going backwards.


bahamiangal 11 years, 8 months ago

Since tourism is down, how about trying to encourage locals to shop downtown. Well, if we could find a place to park - we'll shop there. Duh.


Required 11 years, 8 months ago

I didn't even notice the taxis were gone. Most of the lines were still yellow indicating that mere mortals such as myself had no business there, and whenever I walked down Bay Street, I was harassed by taxi drivers soliciting business.


Concerned 11 years, 8 months ago

Everybody have to get their political kickbacks from this PLP government; no matter how dumb the idea. How do taxi stands on Bay Street benefit the Bay Street stores? First, every available parking space will be filled with parked taxis rather than potential paying Bahamian customers. Then, storefronts will be hidden from street view by taxi vans and minibuses parked up, waiting on customers. Then, tourists will be constantly harassed by taxi drivers standing outside their taxis "ride to Cable Beach pretty lady?" "Going to Paradise Island, folks?"


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