BREAKING NEWS: Man shot dead driving on Heath Street

POLICE are searching New Providence for the suspect or suspects responsible for the fatal shooting of a man who was driving on Heath Street on Tuesday night.

According to reports, shortly before 10pm, the man was driving in his Suzuki vehicle on Heath Street off Augusta Street, when he was shot in the head. The victim collided with a nearby fence and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The identity of the victim is being withheld pending identification by next of kin.

Police are also investigating two overnight shooting incidents which have left two men in hospital.

Shortly after 1am on Wednesday, a man was on Farrington Road when he was shot in the legs and back during an exchange of gunfire between the occupants of two vehicles. The victim was rushed to hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Three hours later, a man was sitting in a vehicle with a female at Coconut Grove Avenue and 7th Street, when two masked men armed with handguns approached and fired at him before fleeing on foot. The man received a gunshot wound to the groin area and was transported to hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Police are seeking the public's assistance in their investigations.


John 8 years, 8 months ago

While Bahamians in general and government in particular have been focused on Bah Mar and what's going there, crime is somewhat secretly spiraling further out of control. MURDER is on a steady and unrelenting climb to reach 148 successful killings in 2015. A new bloody record that no one wants but is less than 5 months from becoming a reality. And while the commissioner of police has said that crime fighting strategy, especially for murder, was not working and there had to be some rethinking, little else was said.bthe country is averaging 13 classified murders a month. The problem with a lot of these murders is that persons who are committing them do not see themselves as taking a life, innocent or tainted and so they have no remorse or no conscience about their actions. They have been programmed (brain washed) to kill and it is being done in the guise of survival or "collecting them before they collect you (dead bodies). On a recent talk show the host,in a very sad and emotional way, stated that not only is the number of illegal guns in the country increasing, but persons are now choosing fully automatic weapons and more high powered ones with extended clips to carry more a munition. They are preparing for war. Their arms outmatch any police issued service weapon, and they are being put in the mindset to use these weapons: against the police, against opposing gangs and even on persons who were once their child hood friends and bosom buddies. Kill or be killed is what they are thinking, not realizing that once you commit murder, you too, will also be killed eventually. With 90 murders already this year there are also 90 sets of families, friends and loved ones who want justice and closure to the death of their loved and eventually someone in these 90 groups, at least half of them will seek revenge. And if they go out and kill someone then there will be another group wanting revenge. This same talk show host suggested that the top brass of the police meet with the leaders of gangs, one in particular who is serving time in Fox Hill, to bring an end to this carnage. THIS I DO NOT AGREE WiTh! Gangs, by nature are ruthless, and violent and their intention is to inflict harm and mayhem on society. Their leader have overinflated egos which will be even more overly inflated if the good guys call on them for a peace treaty. Yes they may agree to it and yes it may work for a while. But they will be looking for every opportunity to break the truce and go back to their old violent and killing ways. When that happens, the murder count will instantly double. This was proven in Mexico and Colombia recently.


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