Dominoes game ends with a man dead after drive-by shooting

ONE MAN has been shot dead and three others are in hospital after three separate shooting incidents in Nassau on Friday night.

Police reported that shortly after 10pm, a man was sitting on a bench playing dominoes with a group of men on Matthew Street, Nassau Village, when the occupants of a red Kia jeep drove past and fired several shots into the group, hitting the man in the left chest. He was pronounced dead on the scene. It is the 51st murder of the year according to The Tribune records.

A short while later a group of males was standing a block away in front of a yard at Butler Street, Nassau Village, when the occupants of a gold Nissan Maxima drove past and discharged several shots, hitting two of the males. The victims were transported to hospital, where they remain in stable condition.

In the third incident, around 11pm, a man was walking in the Masons Addition area when the occupants of a white Honda drove past and shot at him, hitting him in the arm. The victim was transported to hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Police have launch an island-wide search for the suspects responsible and investigations are ongoing.


Well_mudda_take_sic 9 years ago

Playing dominoes outdoors seems to be a very dangerous pastime these days. We did so in a totally carefree way when we were under minority rule by the UBP. Sadly, many Bahamians now believe the quality of life in those days of yore was better than it is today. So what if most of us back then couldn't go to the Savoy Theatre downtown on Bay Street because of the colour of our skin. At least we could sit outside and play dominoes without fear of being killed. And today most of us cannot afford the luxury of going to a cinema anyway. Sadly, it certainly is beginning to seem for many of us that we were much better off back then than we are today.


John 9 years ago

Some are starting to think the dominoes killings are a trademark of a particular gang operating on New Providence, a kind of ritual even. Others think they merely use the domonioes game to lure the victims to an open area and keep him distracted until the killer arrives and can get a clear shot. Usually only the intended target is killed or even injured unlike in this instance.


duppyVAT 9 years ago

What is wrong with Nassau Village???????????? Where are the MP, the pastors and the parents??? What is the endgame with the gun violence in this community????????


TruthHurts 9 years ago

"What is wrong with Nassau Village????????????"

LOL That's quite the conundrum we've been dealing with for many years now!


John 9 years ago

The fact is the government needs to start digging deeper to find the real reasons behind these killings. Even though the police claim a detection rate of over 70%, the conviction rate is below 50%. Where are the guns coming from? Is it now time to post defense force craft at our western boarder to scrutinize marine traffic? The problem with illegal weapons is not a problem here in the Bahamas, and the Caribbean but it is a problem in most major cities in the U.S. Not only do criminals want guns, but persons want to sell guns on the black market where they can fetch three, four, five times the value of a gun that is sold legally. Maybe a study needs to be done and backtrack guns to the manufacturer or at least it's point of entry into the Bahamas. That should then point to who's bringing them in. Or do we really want to know?


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