LIFE LINES: Reaching out and leaning in


Victoria Sarne


I will have a birthday this month and I usually make this event an opportunity to review where I am personally and professionally since the previous one.

This year, although the actual day hasn’t yet arrived, I have decided on the path I want to pursue more vigorously. Not a radical deviation, merely a redirection of priorities. The year 2019 will see me focusing specifically on inspiring and mentoring women to be their best selves.

This is something that has always been spontaneously incorporated into my writing, my interactions with others and the way I live. Sometimes it isn’t always intentional; it seems to be layered into my subconscious. I like sharing and helping others to find their best selves or to help clear a path enabling them to see how to get to their destination more clearly.

This is also a way of my being my best self. It’s been many years now since I spearheaded a team and established a shelter for abused women and children and later became first chairperson of the board of directors. I’d like to resurrect that drive and energy but use it in a slightly different way, making use of the new ways we have of connecting with the entire world via internet sources.

I want to encourage us, women of all ages, to be bold, to confront challenges, to conquer fear or misgivings. In other words, let’s start the journey together to be our best selves. There is no age limit or expiration date for starting a new phase, taking up a new challenge of any kind or embarking on a new career or pastime. Don’t settle for less than what you really want or who you have the potential to be. Don’t be lazy. Yes, it takes energy, but that in itself creates more energy. It’s never too late, young or old, to start a new journey.

I understand the fear, the failures, the loss of energy and how hard it is sometimes to find the support we need; how isolating those fears and doubts can be. I’ve been in all of those places and want to share with others what I have learned through my own experience. I can show how it is possible to own the misgivings; shape the conversations in one’s head; how to change doubt to positivity; how to feel and be authentic, confident and in charge of one’s own destiny; how to trust one’s self and be bold enough to take risks. Most importantly, how to learn the lessons failure teaches us, because that is where we gain our most valuable information, enabling us to keep moving forward and to try again.

At any moment in our life we have the power to change our thinking, change the direction of our journey, and change how we want our life story to be told.

I have many favourite quotes which I save either to my inspiration board or my inspiration book. It’s surprising sometimes how a few short lines can sum up exactly what I feel or think or what I need to hear at that moment. One of my favourites is from Alice’s Adventures Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and spoken by the Mad Hatter: “You used to be much more muchier, you’ve lost your muchness”.

The quote reminds me to not give in or give up when my energy is low,

As women we often lose our “muchness” as we busily serve everyone’s needs except our own and leave ourselves last in the line accepting leftovers. We talk about taking care of our own needs and desires but often still find that we are postponing taking care of ourselves to some mythical date in the future.

I think we all need to grow and celebrate our muchness. Join me on the journey to becoming “much more muchier”.

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