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LIFE LINES: Living well is the best revenge

“Living well is the best revenge” is a quote from George Herbert, a 16th century poet. I don’t know what his motive or meaning was, but my interpretation which I apply to my own life is that to do so means making the best of whatever life throws at us, and making it count.

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LIFE LINES: Putting your best foot forward

Get up, dress up, show up. Words and an attitude to live by. To be our best and live our best lives, we need to take those words and elevate that attitude to another level.To live our best lives we first need to challenge the illusion of perfection.

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LIFE LINES: We will rock you!

I am unapologetically making the case for shining the spotlight on older women.

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LIFE LINES: Gratitude – It's an inside job

Gratitude. Do you spontaneously or consciously take time to feel grateful for the positive benefits or people impacting your life?

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LIFE LINES: Drawing a line in the sand

How invincible or permeable are the boundaries you set around yourself?

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LIFE LINES: The importance of EQ vs IQ

Growing up, most of us were taught that it is our IQ (intelligence quotient) which will define us and play the major role in determining whether we will be successful in life, both personally or professionally.

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LIFE LINES: Failing, but falling forward

Failure – a word that seems to have its own dark cloud hanging around it and one which is bandied about as being some kind of awful low point which might define us for a very long time.

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LIFE LINES: Who do you think you are?

By this I mean, how do you think of yourself? In a healthy, positive way, or beset with fears and anxiety? More importantly, who really wrote that script?

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An independent woman

Quite often “independent woman” is used as a pejorative phrase to perpetuate the myth that women are allowed to be intelligent, even well-educated and professionally successful, but that somehow should still be “kept in their place” – independent thinking or outspoken women being perceived as a threat to the existing hierarchy.

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LIFE LINES: Talking to ourselves

We all talk to ourselves. Our inner dialogue is always running, sometimes quietly and sometimes very loudly, whether we actually speak out loud or not. This inner stream of consciousness has a huge impact on the way we see ourselves, the way we behave and the way we interact with others.

LIFE LINES: Harnessing our thoughts

Why should we try to harness our thoughts, understand them or rein them in when we are frequently told to “think things through”. Certainly we need to “think things through” objectively and in a realistic way before taking certain actions which could be either physically dangerous, risky economically or emotionally hazardous. In other words, exercising some common sense in everyday situations.

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LIFE LINES: Discomfort – a catalyst

We all like to feel comfortable in our surroundings and in our relationships, whether with family, friends or work associates. Feeling uncomfortable is, well, uncomfortable, and affects our enjoyment not only of the moment but often influences our behaviour.

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LIFE LINES: Reaching out and leaning in

I will have a birthday this month and I usually make this event an opportunity to review where I am personally and professionally since the previous one.

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Design your lifestyle – Don’t lose your passion

Victoria Sarne continues her examination of life-changing moments and daily challenges

When I first started writing these articles a couple of years ago I deliberately chose the title – Design Your Lifestyle – for its ambiguity as it would allow me to write about design and décor or lifestyle in general, meaning the way we live our lives every day.

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Design your lifestyle - Friendship

Victoria Sarne continues her examination of life-changing moments and daily challenges. I was thinking about the nature of friendship, the different forms it takes and what it has meant to me in my life. I have a woman friend who lives in Canada and

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Reflections – It’s only math

“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date,” said the White Rabbit to Alice. My birthday arrived this year a whimper rather than a bang, but I was determined not to be late for the date with the rest of my life.


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