Vouchers to help nursing students


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THE Nurses’ Association of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas distributed grocery vouchers to some 35 nursing students yesterday, who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The vouchers, valued at approximately $50 each, were donated to the association through an anonymous donor, who wanted to lend a helping hand to the aspiring nurses.

Yesterday, NCAB President Rebecca Johnson referenced the selfless act as “a circle of caring”.

She said the organisation was called to action after being told by representatives that there was a great need among student nurses.

“The president of the Student Nurses Association, she saw the need in her members in the (nursing) students and she reached out to see if we were able to assist,” she told reporters at the association’s headquarters yesterday.

“And in turn, the nurses association we reached out to our corporate partner who is more than willing to assist the nursing student so it was really important for us to show the nursing students that we support them in their journey to becoming nurses because as we know, we are really in need of healthcare workers to maintain our health status and economic status.”

“We were very happy to assist the nurse’s students,” she added. “This is what I call a circle of caring.

President of the Student Nurses Association Juliene Johnson said the donations will go a long way.

“Most of the students here are single parents,” she said. “They would’ve been laid off from their jobs because they are the sole breadwinners of their family and so as a result of that, we did that to help them.”

“So, we would’ve compiled a list of students who would’ve expressed need due to these unprecedented circumstances to an anonymous sponsor and we compiled a list of their needs and as a result they solicited some vouchers to disperse to them.

“…And so, most of them are very appreciative because they said it will go a very long way.”

Delray Davis, a voucher recipient, added: “I am very thankful for it. It is a great help, the initiative. I feel as though they were cognisant because like (the president) said some of us are the sole breadwinners for our family and so it’s a lot going and so this is a help and we feel encouraged.”

Ms Johnson also thanked the NACB for the group’s willingness to assist the nursing students, adding that students will be looking forward to future initiatives.

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the nurses association for the collaborative effort for being very congenial towards us in this time of need and we look forward to future initiatives.”


TalRussell 3 years, 8 months ago

As Flu season approaches, Street talk comrades have it that despite the decrease in the numbers virus testing being administered - along with deep backlog hospital care and surgeries - a plan is underfoot layoff 100 Nurses and Doctors, plus another 100 hospital workers?
A nod of Once for Yeah appears minister health, couldn't be bothered to announce there are sufficient Flu vaccines available, and where go vaccines, Twice for No?


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