24 new cases confirmed in two days

THE Ministry of Health recorded 24 new cases of COVID-19 over a two-day period and one additional death.

Ten cases were recorded on February 22 and 14 more were recorded on February 23, bringing the nation’s toll to 33,105.

On February 22, one more death was recorded: a 74-year-old New Providence man who died on February 17.

His death brought the nation’s toll to 771 since the start of the pandemic.

At last report, 27 people were in hospital with the virus.


carltonr61 2 years ago

CDC has strange news for the vaccinated. But the Bahamas is not a real place. What takes place in the world does not happen here.



carltonr61 2 years ago

New CDC guidelines backs up hotel property owner's claims on unmasking. Amazing that our covid team followed CDC into extreme measures going in but not getting out. Even the PAHO seems to be off line with CDC and is not upfront with with Vax danger warnings from across the globe.



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