Jamaican woman and Bahamian man charged with human trafficking


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A JAMAICAN woman and a Bahamian flight mechanic were granted $9,000 bail after they were accused of trafficking three Jamaican women into the country this year.

Magistrate Shaka Serville charged Simone Moore, 41, and Gregory Simms, 56, with two counts of trafficking in persons and two counts of conspiracy to traffick persons.

Mrs Moore faced three counts of unlawful withholding of identification papers and an additional charge of trafficking in persons. 

Murrio Ducille, KC, represented the defendants.

The accused allegedly trafficked Angecia Morgan and Crystal Mais into New Providence sometime between February 1 and October 26. The defendants reportedly withheld the two women’s Jamaican passports during this timeframe. 

Mrs Moore allegedly smuggled Stephine Daley into New Providence and withheld her Jamaican passport between October 1 and 26.

The defendants were informed that they were not required to enter a plea and that the matter would be transferred to the Supreme Court by voluntary bill of indictment (VBI). 

Prosecutor Sergeant Cadero Farrington objected to Mrs Moore’s bail, saying her Jamaican nationality made her a flight risk.

Magistrate Serville noted that Mrs Moore has status in this country and granted her bail on condition she surrender her passport.

Despite Simms’s profession, he was not deemed a flight risk due to his ties to the community.

Under their bail conditions, Moore must sign in to the Grove Police Station and Simms at the Airport Police Station on Mondays and Fridays by 7pm.

The VBIs in this matter are set for potential service on February 28, 2024.


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