Letters to the Editor


So what is the truth at BPL?

BP&L…what is the truth?

Putting Sir Roland Symonette into context

Over 39 years since his demise, Sir Roland Symonette, first premier of The Bahamas, remains a lightning rod and a polarising political figure among Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters who are unwilling to exonerate deceased members of the Bay Street Boys and their heirs.

The buck does indeed stop with the prime minister

Have zero patience anymore, the buck, Mr. Most Honourable Prime Minister, stops right at your desk. A national Address, with a Press Question and Answer, live Press conference broadcast has to happen, as the residents of New Providence cannot take BP&L any longer.

We need to get tough on immigration laws

Countries all around the world are getting serious about protecting the borders of their country.

US gun law affecting us in the Bahamas

As Americans are massacred by guns that should only be on the battlefield, the right of every American to own a gun for self defence is such a sacred right in the US that it doesn’t even tolerate sensible discussion.

A shock to travel along Bay Street

It is not often that I get an opportunity to travel the Bay Street and downtown areas. On Monday, 12th instant, I had to take my family somewhere in those environments. I was appalled and deeply shocked by the absolutely deplorable and unkempt conditions from the East Street intersection and beyond travelling east on Bay Street! A few years ago it was terrible, but now it is even worse than before.

Banks must do better

Banks are raising, seemingly at any opportunity, the cost of doing business with them, and no one is making any noise, but if their customers were to make noise, the management of the bank would at the least know their customers are dissatisfied. Make noise people!

IT toys not the solution

The Marco Alert programme will cost $3 million plus.

Check your facts

Politicians – especially the Prime Minister – had better do their due diligence before they speak… the advent of the service property, commonly known as Airbnb or Home Away from home, is a thriving sector impacting visitor arrivals considerably but sorry PM your quote of $400 per night is not the average price, far from it. Try between $120-180 and at the high end you are looking at the luxury property on the beach with all the mod cons.

Why must we rely on gambling?

Gambling - be it Web Shops, Lottery or what have you! Do we, the Government, have to rely on this social breaker to such a high extent?

Words I would prefer not to hear

What does URCA actually do? License Cable franchises - cellular systems - Radio and TV licenses - supposed to be now monitoring BP/L, but do we ever see URCA in action?

Spoiled kid who needs a sharp lesson

In most international hostage taking situations, it is usually a local cretin who grabs hold of some unfortunate foreigner and demands a king’s ransom for their return. Exhibit A: the nefarious pirates of Somalia.

We deserve better than being held hostage by BPL

The recurrent power outages has negatively impacted so many businesses and residents in New Providence. This has left many of us with no air conditioning during the brunt of high tempered conditions, spoiled perishable food items, and for some difficulties involving their health. To this date there are no clear answers and poor communication about resources for mitigation.

No one has the divine right to be nominated

What is it, people demanding nominations?

It's time we had some meaningful dialogue

Fifty-four percent of citizens in democracies believe their voice doesn’t have an impact on political decisions, and 64 percent think their government doesn’t act in their interest, ‘Democracy Perception Index 2018’ a survey conducted by Dalia Research, Alliance of Democracies and Rasmussen Global – found.