Letters to the Editor


Protect our children

“WE owe our children, the most vulnerable in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” — Nelson Mandela.

National health care system plan

FROM the very early days of the late great and deeply lamented Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, The Bahamas has been debating and talking about a National Health Care system, as nauseum.

FTX customers

I have seen a pie chart from, https://twitter.com/whalechart/status/ 1595384133827854336?s=21 – about the global distribution of FTX customers as of “The Petition Date”.

Charlotte St roadworks

People have said much about what the former Prime Minister Hubert Alexander Ingraham did, and what he did not do...attempting to penalise him for not being a Saviour to many of them, etc?

Christmas is back

The Bahamas has been on a rough economic, mental and societal roller coaster over the past several years. First we had assorted storms and hurricanes, Dorian being the most destructive in many years.

Taken aback by how FTX met its demise

Greetings and thank you yet again for the opportunity to address these several points of national importance, I appreciate it.

Is this a parking zone?

West Bay opposite OPM the Wynn property the centre green median – is this a parking zone? The past few weeks obviously construction workers are using this green no parking zone for a convenient parking area – one, it obstructs the view for oncoming traffic, secondly, if there was an accident certainly potential for fire in a number of vehicles.

Power to the people?

We said that the former Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), now the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), belonged to The Bahamian people.

The rising cost of food

Many Thanksgiving dinner ads are popping up all over Facebook.

Race and politics

The Republican Party red wave prominent conservative political analysts had forecast before the November 8 midterm elections did not happen.

FTX collapse

This past week has been one of the most eventful for a long time if not years - yes, FTX alone saw us googling and reading so much that we saturated our minds and thoughts. Ask ten people their opinion and you will get 12 opinions or more.

Remember our brave volunteers

As usual, the second Sunday in November was observed in the Bahamas as Remembrance Day.

A tribute to Fred Ramsey

Fred Ramsey, a Pioneer and True Fox Hill Patriot. I have known Fred Ramsey for most of my life. He and his family lived opposite our home on Bernard Road, Fox Hill. Born on 24th March, 1937, he was raised by his Grand Aunt, Anna Bonamy, and a cousin, Julia Saunders, two strong women who demanded respect and discipline from him and his other family members.

Basketball team funds

I wish to comment on the disappointment of the women’s National Basketball team having to cancel their participation in an international tournament in Mexico due to funding for travel. In the decades of the fifties and sixties sporting organisations, including the Olympic Association and the BAAA, held raffles and other fundraising events to finance teams traveling to international tournaments. Government contributed, but was not expected to finance these trips. Today, it appears, that our sport­ing associations expect government to fully finance international teams travelling.

Bank’s future

The Inter-American Development Bank finds itself at an historic crossroad. The direction it takes will affect the lives of the nearly 700 million people living in Latin America and the Caribbean.