Letters to the Editor


Executions and the word of God

It is commonly accepted among Christians and a lot of non-traditionalists, that if an individual takes the life of another without legal justification, he/she must in turn be executed by the state. This is the law of God Himself as laid down in the Bible. This eons-old concept of an eye for an eye forms the very basis of most jurisprudence thesis universally.

Public service

TEN, fifteen, twenty years. That’s the amount of time it takes for some hardworking, dedicated public servants to receive their first promotion.

AG on death penalty

HOW strange was the comment of the AG on the PM’s comment and commitment to capital punishment. Such a controversial issue as only 53 countries globally still adhere or have execution on their law books - The Bahamas is in some strange company!

Potholes are a nuisance

THE streets of New Providence are filled with potholes. They are everywhere.

Prince George Wharf

I write to wholeheartedly agree with the chairman of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Michael Maura: the urgent redevelopment of the Prince George Wharf must be a priority of this government. In general, The Bahamas tends to fail at identifying and taking advantage of emerging economic opportunities. Well, in this instance, Arawak Port Development seems to have identified a great one.

Small acts of love

No matter how much love we give away there’s more than enough left.

Guard our borders

I am offended when an agency like the Royal Bahamas Defence Force uses straight-up public relations releases to pat themselves on the back that they can defend our borders and resources, fishing sector. Reality is they can’t.

Why no loans?

I saw in one of the dailies about two weeks ago a statement regarding Bahamians doing more to pay their bills.

Stop killing society in Mayaguana

August 7th saw the return of the National Employment & Empowerment Programme (52-Week Skills Empowerment Programme) to the southern islands and with it, a huge upset throughout the island of Mayaguana.

Straight answers on BPL bidding

I have in front of me an article by Natario KcKenzie of November 21, 2017…BPL studying nineteen bids from power generators.

Revisiting port authority past

The following letter was written to Fred Sturrup, Editor Freeport News, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.

Shanty towns

I commend this government on its decision to rid our country of the Shanty Towns, but I respectfully disagree with the methods and action being taken, which is causing the delays being experienced.

Wrong to back down

Imagine a government so hard up for revenues that it raises consumption taxes on its poor and middle classes by 60 percent, then heroically ignores the outcry of the whole population for a reconsideration. Imagine the fiscal situation getting so dismal that the government cuts assistance for (mandatory) uniforms to the children of its most vulnerable, again boldly ignoring all pleas.

Funeral donation

FUNERALS - what is the respectable length of them?

What tests on water pollution?

Since the recent resurgence of conch poisoning I have been observing the government’s response, or lack thereof, to the possibility of sewerage pollution in the harbour.