Letters to the Editor


Impossible policy to stop gaming

Once again, a well meaning public servant with the best of intentions has presented a policy without thinking it through, that would be unrealistic, expensive and totally unfeasible.

McAlpine courage

Frederick McAlpine must have struck several nerves in the Free National Movement. Surrogates are “coming out the woodwork, just like worm”.

Don’t beat on rebel

An anonymous wise person once said that there are five things you can’t take back: “A stone after it’s thrown, a word once it is spoken, an occasion once it is missed, an action when it is done, and time once it has passed.”

Editorial false claims

I read with interest a Nassau Guardian editorial titled, “Carnival continues, as it should”, dated May 4, 2018, and thought I should respond to two glaringly false claims made therein. Time does not allow me to respond to more.

Costly tugboats

Just for some perspective on the $15,000.000.00 Tugs, the People (taxpayers) have to spend $ 200,000,000.00, or in English, two hundred million dollars, to generate $15,000,000.00 of VAT.

Missing projects

IS the perception or disillusionment of corruption a reality against foreign investment? Truth experienced since May 10th, 2017, it seems to be the opposite as under the supposed to be lily-white-uncorrupt FNM not a single investment project has been announced except for the odorous Oban energy refinery deal.

Light at end of the tunnel

I hoped that all of the mothers in our wonderful country had an enjoyable and blessed Mothers’ Day. Despite the naysayers, inclusive of myself occasionally, all is not yet lost in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. In fact, it is my considered view, as a social activist and Executive Director of The National Public Policy Institute and Common Cause, that our best days, collectively, are yet ahead of us, God willing.

Intelligent strategy

IF you look at The Bahamas’s crime predicament, you have to look at all the factors that contribute to its manifestation. There are both social and economic factors.

LNG deal problems

BP&L and LNG…What really is this deal?

Carnival: Let people decide

THE so-called privatised carnival has come and gone. Like the overwhelming majority of Bahamians, I did not attend. However, I’ve viewed many videos and pictures over social media and on the internet. Once again, I’m appalled and heartbroken to see what was allowed to take place in our streets and public spaces with government permits and government support.

Unhappy McAlpine

IN my view, I feel that the Good Reverend needs to come clean and say what is his real problem, with his consistent whingeing?

Distorted views on corruption

It was disappointing that your article in Tribune Business on the 26th April (‘Not a Single Bribe Demand is Probed’) while quoting heavily from a group claiming to be Transparency International’s local affiliate, contained not one single reference to The Bahamas’ ranking in that group’s all important Corruption Perception Index.

It’s hip to be negative

THINGS are starting to move.

Pointe workers

THE Pointe issue of Bahamian construction workers: There could be a translation issue here…Article: 3.2 of the HOA agreement tabled very clearly makes no mention of the argument the Chinese have to put to the Ministry of Labour and and seemingly the Ministry of Labour have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Dupuch's revisionist history

Pierre Dupuch is a likeable enough grouser who tries to dispatch folksy opinions that in his mind reflect a point of wisdom, but to the thinking community come across as misinformed at best.