Letters to the Editor


KPMG’s Britnell a hypocrite?

I read with absolutely no surprise that KPMG’s Mark Britnell upset the business community at a recent Rotary luncheon.

UN’s LGBT agenda

WHO gave the UN the right to promote one particular lifestyle over another?

Baha Mar hiring

Baha Mar ....... blatant discrimination over hiring? Is it only PLP’s can apply?

Bring Anime to Atlantis!

WHILE Baha Mar is getting their workers into gear, I should be wondering on one thing.

The $100m fishing question

Having spoken with many fly fishing guides, lodge owners and international fishermen, I can say the following with absolute certainty.

Bahamian churches

OVER the past decade I have been watching the steady proliferation of churches throughout the Bahamas. This is particularly evident in the capital of Nassau, the island suffering most from social unrest, violence, poverty and poor educational development. 

Dear Mr Prime Minister

I am not often one to get into public political commentary or debate but my heart is heavy. As someone who has watched your political career over the past 40 years, and witnessing where we are today I could not resist re-reading George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”. 

Loud music is unfair

Montague Park has become a popular venue for all sorts of functions hosting religious and informal gatherings, many regattas, and most recently the annual Marathon Bahamas event.

Sour grapes?

THREE months after category four Hurricane Matthew passed through The Bahamas, Flamingo Gardens Park still has not been fully restored.

A case of racial hypocrisy

I’m writing this letter on January 15, 2017, a day that has been set aside around the world as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Answers still needed on NHI

NHI.. Do the Civil Service - employees of all Government Agencies understand their external Health Insurance policy will be cancelled with the introduction of NHI with absolutely no compensation?

Time to pass baton has gone

It is with utter amusement that I listened to the Prime Minister speak of the passing of the baton during his Majority Rule Day remarks.

Spinning the news

BOY these Ministers love to spin news and pretend things are okay - Swift Justice... Editor isn’t it logic if you rush serious cases to the Supreme Court cases that are winnable you will see a considerable improvement in the processing of cases?

Launch of NHI

IF all the advertising and promotion is accurate we are supposed to be in the midst of the launching of the much heralded NHI but…

Response to Moss and UPM

GREG Moss and his UPM should be public ally called out for their cynical ploy of raising and inflaming anti-gay sentiments as a transparent attempt to score meagre political points on an unpopular administration.