Letters to the Editor


Concern for Aliv's funding

IN March 2017, ALIV raised an astonishing $60m from investors, twice the amount they were looking for. That they require more money now, less than a year later, suggests that something has gone badly wrong.

LNG pipeline plan is madness

NEW lower cost electricity generation the 80KW RFP at Blue Hill Road, I read with considerable interest that APD, Arawak Port Developments, are now part of the group headed by the US-based group who was close as a millimetre of getting the franchise of BEC from the PLP, New Fortress Group as seemingly the planned depot for LNG.

The illegal immigrant problem

I would be grateful if you would publish this letter in your column in order to convey my sentiments as a tax payer, a nationalist and a proud Bahamian. Here are some recommendations which I would like to offer at this time to solve the Haitian problem.

Cave calamity

I read with some trepidation the Antiquities, Monuments & Museum Corporation and Ministry of Tourism’s plans to establish Preachers Cave in Eleuthera as a National Heritage Tourism Park.

Moultrie Loses in the Court of Public Opinion

THE Speaker of the House of Assembly believes that his river of crocodile tears can wash away his egregious transgression but he has done irreconcilable damage to a hallowed institution that he cannot now be trusted to help heal.

Quiet, please

WHY do Political Party Chairpersons think they have to comment on everything and be so irrational let alone who really cares do you expect anything more than praise for their “master”?

Is Oban deal all it seems?

GOVERNMENT transparency in how Government is doing business was one of the big election issues for the FNM - remember all the noise almost blaspheming that went on over the privacy of the Agreements on Baha Mar and The Pointe now two projects which the FNM - Minnis/D’Aguilar have taken as theirs and never speak bad about them.

Show your true self

The events that transpired in the House of Assembly on February 7th are well documented.

Back to the same old

ON May 10, 2017, many Bahamians forgot party loyalty as they voted for a change in government, a step they felt was needed for the good of the country. A change was in order they thought, and, given various promises made by the new government it was felt that a change would come.

Parliament tit-for-tat

WE have had three one term governments since 2002. One of the reasons for this has to do with the politicians’ disconnect with the electorate. They do not understand the things which matter to the people, like jobs and the desire for visionary leaders who could take the country to the next economic and socially secured level.

Where’s the Bahamians?

CABINET took a break and I suggest wasted their time visiting The Pointe site at the British Colonial as they did not discover that there are very, very few Bahamians working on the construction as we speak.

The face of misogyny

GLENYS Hanna Martin single handedly took on the thirty-four at every sitting of the current session of the House of Assembly. She was doing such a good job fighting for the little man, that Halston Moultrie, the Speaker, of the House of Assembly decided to help them.

Stagnation of The Bahamas

I would appreciate my letter being published as an open letter to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Speaker’s non-apology

THE Vote of No Confidence brought by the erstwhile “Magnificent Four” of the new PLP, led by our leader, the Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, QC (PLP-Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador), against the Speaker of the House of Assembly, has been debated and defeated. Of course, no sensible observer of this whole exercise expected such a motion to succeed in view of the excessively large majority commanded by the governing Free National Movement in the House.

Symonette has to go

IT is truly agonising watching people major in minor issues while minoring in major issues.