Letters to the Editor


FNM’s downfall by Pintard

The Free National Movement (FNM), once a symbol of political strength and progress in the Bahamas, now languishes under the lackluster leadership of Michael Pintard. This period in the party’s history will likely be remembered as a time of missed opportunities, strategic blunders, and a glaring disconnect from the Bahamian electorate.

Concerned over holiday season safety

Guess I should be saying Season’s Greetings with just short of a month to go, before that big day Christmas, followed by the residual other holidays, a good rest time for some of the country’s essential staffers, well deserved, I think.

Samoa agreement - good or not?

There is presently a push to have the African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries sign on to a 20-year binding agreement with the European Union (EU). This is a revised version of two previous agreements that primarily dealt with trade between the regions, amongst other benefits.

DeSantis an existential threat?

Gov. Ron DeSantis, while giving one of his weird incoherent campaign rants, threatened to “Flatten the Bahamas”. He made this statement while attempting to compare the Commonwealth of the Bahamas to what is happening in Gaza.

Davis’s fight at COP 28

As world leaders convene at COP 28, the stakes could not be higher, especially for nations like the Bahamas. Prime Minister Davis, bearing the weight of our nation's experience with Hurricane Dorian, is set to lead a crucial fight for recognition and action on climate change, a battle underscored by profound human suffering and resilience.

Pintard resignation is bad idea

On A ZNS Radio talk show on the day following the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election, several callers suggested to the Progressive Liberal Party leaning host that Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard, in keeping with our outdated Westminster system of government, should resign his position as leader.

Ingraham tribute to Helen Smith

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Helen Smith who served as my personal assistant and then, senior personal assistant throughout my first two terms in office as prime minister.

By-election affirms Davis’ PLP

Mercifully the bye-election in West End and Bimini has come to a conclusion. It was almost like torture watching and listening to the groveling manner and semantics of the ‘failed’ putative ‘leader’ of the defunct FNM and the absolute humiliation of the venerable Bishop Ricardo Grant.

COI shows no progress at the polls

Dear editor, I was waiting with interest to see if the Coalition of Independents’ Facebook audience would actually show up in the vote tally. Now that this election is over, it is clear that those Live views are not translating into votes.

Inagua man jailed for alleged wounding of man with cutlass

A MAN was remanded after he allegedly wounded a man at a police station in Inagua and assaulted four others with a cutlass last week.

Time for FNM to re-evaluate

The West End and Grand Bahama by-election should be a wake-up call for the FNM. Yes, the PLP poured plenty resources into the contest. They also made plenty promises and signed quite a number of contracts.

Nygard’s conviction a wake-up call

Women United commends the recent conviction of Peter Nygard by the Canadian Court system. The verdict stands as a pivotal moment, shedding light on the unfortunate reality faced by many women who have suffered due to the reprehensible actions of individuals like Nygard. His conviction serves as a stark wake-up call, exposing the complacency of those who allowed his continued operations here in our country.

Women still wait on protection

November 25 marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the beginning of 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, culminating on December 10 - Human Rights Day. This year’s theme, “UNiTE! Invest to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls,” calls for meaningful action and funding towards creating a safer Bahamas where women and girls are free from violence.

Bus systems need more routes

Despite its many ills, the Bus System has been very good to the residents of New Providence. This has been especially true over the past five or six decades. The Bus System transports a significant percentage of the workforce that continues to build and develop our country on a daily basis.

Two year wait for MSC deal

The obviously rushed for PR effect HOA with MSC for further expansion at their treasure island Ocean Cay raises a critical question … declared that the proposal for the $100m development was pending more than two years! By the way Ocean Cay has nothing to do with Bimini or West End.