Letters to the Editor


Many thanks, Alicia, for your moving words on young men

I am moved to thank Alicia Wallace for the column she wrote about the deaths of the two Bahamians Alrae Ramsey, my former colleague at the Foreign Office and Blair John, the St Mary’s Ph D student.

Get things under control, Minister

THERE are Ministers who can’t go a day without being on the news. So often they appear, usually they talk absolute rubbish as one did last week. Upstaging more senior ministers is a no-no.

CA Smith will do us proud, even though he blurted out the news

Let me start off by saying that I see absolutely nothing wrong with the Honourable Cornelius Alvin Smith being appointed to the august position of Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Having ‘known’ CA for decades, at a distance, I have no doubt that as a seasoned former politician; member of parliament and the cabinet along with his stellar post political career as a diplomat, he will do the people of The Bahamas proud.

Mr Johnson's boxing clever

Too many Bahamians have taken to the use of the conditional perfect, “would have” to refer, incorrectly, to action that was presumably taken. It has become a virus in our language.

Healthcare is a basic human right

THE Tribune has a long and proud editorial history of speaking its mind and doing so with conviction and reason.

Thanks, but we must decline offer

The past generation (40 years) has seen human beings in the free world race toward a brighter, more productive future. Progressive ideas of growth, technological advancements in all fields, new developments daily in science and medicine, all continue to give way to tides of change. Notable global pivoting, redirection, restructuring and even conversations about retribution have come to head in an effort to empower all citizens of earth.

Two wrongs don't make a right

The real story about the North Andros Airport terminal and the exorbitant rent was that it took the good Minister 24 months to discover and even seemingly after not finding a lease Government continued to pay.

Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom

Let me clarify that I am an advocate of corporal punishment and not abuse. I do not advocate hitting children in the head or breaking their bones or “blacking” their eyes. I do see nothing wrong with a child being beaten with a belt or cane on the legs, hips or arms. Again, sometimes cut hip leaves a mark and yes I am “fa real”.

Time to reform pension system

Right thinking Bahamians everywhere should be calling for reform to our current pension system. While I agree with certain positions in government receiving pensions for a specific duration of national service, there has to be a limit on the amount of sources a person can tap into to receive pensions from the public treasury.

Flying to a solution

The Minister recently announced that the biggest drag on Bahamasir’s profit was the high and increasing price of fuel, which he cited as approaching $85 per barrel. Even allowing for a jet fuel premium, can management be so dim as to buy fuel at such a huge margin over the present West Texas Crude quote of about $54, in a flat or even declining trend? That price has come nowhere near $85 since briefly in 2017.

We're losing the silent revolution

A note to our Government: eight out of 10 women in the maternity ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital are Haitian; this from a nurse who works there. 60% of the patients at the Government Clinic are Haitian; this from a nurse who works there. 40% of the children at Abaco Central are Haitian. Similar number of children at Abaco Primary are Haitian. All the Haitian women in the Mud are holding a toddler by the hand, carrying a child in the arms and pregnant with another one.

People who work hard are being prosecuted

The government recently made changes to various tax laws, which included the criminalisation of non-payment of taxes.

No WTO scare tactics, just facts

It is said that people like me who don’t like WTO and have the courage to say so are using “scare tactics”.

Case against legalising marijuana

Today in The Bahamas and in countries throughout the Caribbean and around the world, the marijuana debate rages on!

Beating children is our sport

IN all my many years of buying and reading the dailies, both The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian, I have never seen anything as ridiculous and nauseating as an editorial letter written to this very newspaper.