Letters to the Editor


Show pride in Ragged Island

I am a native of Ragged Island. In 2017, my home, located on one of the Ragged Island cays, had its roof blown off. I sought assistance from NEMA along with other residents of Ragged Island. Some of the residents of Ragged Island received financial assistance, but this was not extended to all.

Shanty town law change

The government is unnecessarily embroiled in a discussions over the acquisition of property on which shanty towns existed in Abaco.

Dorian, I hate you

Dorian I gon smack you.

Cry the beloved country

I watched in horror and dismay when our northern islands were decimated by the terrible storm, Dorian, resulting in massive loss of life and belongings.

Are we equipped?

A US-based Animal Service using infra-red vision and a drone found a dog, potcake, almost alive under the rubble of Marsh Harbour yesterday which has gone viral on network TV.

Stop cull on Cable Beach

To whom it may concern:

Response to our Haitian brothers and sisters

EDITOR, The Tribune.PLEASE allow me a space in your valued chronicle to express my longstanding concerns as it relates to our collective social response to our Haitian brothers and sisters. Recently I was privy to a group of professionals discussing

Ignore the pundits and demolish the shantytowns

One by one our sadly out-of-touch public intellectuals and fake rights groups line up to feed the gullible among us their canned, imported take on the moral situation unleashed by Dorian.

The new $318m US Embassy

THE US new Embassy all $318 million zero impact to Treasury as all materials - furnishing are Duty Free and Vat Free!

Brave Davis - The Empty Suit

Brave Davis – The Empty Suit EDITOR, The Tribune. Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis is what the dictionary defines as an empty suit: “a prominent person regarded as lacking substance, personality, or ability.” His performance during and after H

Our bank is still manual

When RBC Royal Bank was going through its mega downsizing in the Bahamas, a friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of an empty Main Branch at 2:30pm, with a caption: Mission Accomplished! No more customers!

Effects of inflation

Inflation is the rate at which prices of goods and services rise and therefore the purchasing power of the currency is decreasing. I will argue that inflation has done more harm than good and is by design.

What to do next

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning – the sixth day.” – Genesis 1:31

Examining the causes of migrants

For years, we seem to notice that the Bahamian-Haitian issue has a pattern.

Let us be kind after Dorian

Please allow me a little space in your valuable newspaper to share a few words with your reading audience.