Letters to the Editor


And pigs might fly . . .

The new tourism promotion advertisement and Lenny Kravitz … Madam DG be careful when stating statistics, as to the good gentleman’s following … accuracy shows professionalism.

Hard to contain waste

The City dump - or as we politely call it now - the Environment Disposal Site. The hype from the final signing months, seemingly of negotiation had to be negotiating down from the original $140 million to $45 million over 15 years one asks, begs accuracy. When was there a National emergency declared at the dump - ever Mr Minister?

Our shared concerns

I watch the BBC, and Al Jazeera networks daily, to get a good understanding of global events, and trends.

Some people are just too gullible

The gullibility of some people in positions of influence can be nauseating at times.

Stench of corruption too strong

The PLP has been in panic mode ever since the beginning of investigations into alleged corrupt practices on their watch.

Ashamed to call myself a Bahamian

The absolute horror reported on the above date of Mr Douglas Ngumi's unlawful incarceration at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre sent shockwaves through me.

Cronyism is still thriving

We have had no garbage collection in our neighbourhood for more than two weeks now, forcing me to transport stinking maggot encrusted bags of refuse to a public dumpster in my own vehicle.

Reusable fuels is the way to go

OBAN - very disturbing comments from Senator Foulkes.

It's just rubbish

What on earth is going on with garbage collection on Breezy Hill off Village Road?

Get the adverts right

Not to put a damper on the Minister of Tourism’s enthusiasm, the new advertisement for tourism is nothing to shout about - rather sort of more okay than a smashing hit.

Solar the only power we need

Other than our food bill, the largest bill we have to find money for is BP&L - which continues to hurt, as the rates do not seem to wish to come down.

Relying on hope is not a strategy

When engaged in international relations a government must never base its policies on hope.

Time to take responsibility

Aquisition by the Defence Force of $240 million worth of patrol craft, and the development of the RBDF Base in Inagua and Coral Harbour truthfully started when Hon. Tommy T. Turnquest was Minister - at least the purchase of the patrol craft.

Keep it simple

Nothing has changed over the past 30 years. There is a constant and continual flow of economic migrants from Haiti, which remains still in an economic mess, even after massive aid after the earthquake, now years ago.

Apply the three Cs to help build your business

I read an article in your paper recently written by a Bahamian male who was celebrating our successes over the past year regarding tourist arrivals to our shores.