Letters to the Editor


Cause for concern

Chester Cooper’s headline story in The Nassau Guardian on September 18, 2017, “Government wasted money”, is concerning.

Job well done

I have many differences with the Minnis led administration but he and his crew are to be congratulated on a job well done with the recent hurricanes, especially Irma. Never before in this era has the central government ever seen fit to actually evacuate many of The Family Islands that historically have borne the brunt of any hurricane. Thousands of grateful Bahamians were brought to New Providence for safety, at the expense of the public, as it should have been.

The evil spirits of the hurricanes

Hurricane (’huracan’ : Taino / Arawak for evil spirit )

Risk costs

ISN’T it more rational for the PLP and its leadership to wait until hurricane season is over before determining whether or not the government wasted money on the Caribbean Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility?

New Providence Is "Dirty Gulch"

AS a young boy growing up in the 1980's, I absolutely loved watching Sesame Street.

Ragged Island Will Rebuild

THE people of Ragged Island and its descendants will not abandon their home in it's time of need. Many have seen the pictures and the videos that have come from the island, which are devastating. In the wake of Hurricane Irma a massive cleanup has to be undertaken, and there will have to be a period of rebuilding. Ragged Island has withstood the test of time for hundreds of years and will continue to do so.

Restore the death penalty

The recent murder of an eight-month-old infant has horrified and incensed many of us. But I wonder if we as a nation are sufficiently horrified and incensed to ensure that all convicted murderers receive the just and fitting punishment for their crime, which is swift execution by the state.

Did we learn from Irma?

The two tracking systems - the US/GFS and the European equivalent are two essential tools to know precisely where a storm is travelling - the potential wind field (speed of the winds) - when it will arrive at any island, etc.

Define success at Baha Mar

IN an article posted in the Tribune by journalist, Neil Hartnell, dated August 30th, 2017, Neil recounts a report issued by liquidators of the Baha Mar resort.

Need more financial options

FIRSTLY, let me thank you for having this feature that encourages freelance writing of this sort. Freedom of the press is essential to society’s maintenance.

Time for jobs, Dr Minnis

CONTROLLING corruption does not create jobs and jobs-jobs-jobs is what the people who want jobs want to hear - where are they, Mr Minnis?

Reckless powerboats and missing police

WESTERN promenade, midday Monday, September 4th... shocked to hear and see a red powerboat speeding and making sharp moves in Nassau Harbour realising to my knowledge there is a very low speed limit for any type of water craft.

Brave and democracy

I read with great interest Brave Davis’ promise to appoint a Constitutional Reform Committee to look into the deficiencies of the PLP’s constitution.

After the hurricane

Now that Irma has passed through the country, we who are alive and above ground have much to be thankful for. Material damage can be corrected. Lives lost cannot be replaced. The Minnis Administration along with the Official Opposition, led by the Hon Philip “Brave” Davis (PLP-Cat Island) both rose to the challenges in a mature and unified manner. The PM and Brave, et al, are to be congratulated on a job well done. The initial preparations were in fits and starts but better late than never at all. NEMA needs an urgent make over and possibly a change in managerial personnel.

PLP leadership

CAN’T believe Ms Glenys Hanna-Martin launched her bid to be leader of the PLP using transformation in education as part of her platform. Hasn’t transformation in education been a part of the PLP manifesto propaganda machine since it was founded in 1953? That’s sixty-four years of no-can-do. No news there.