Letters to the Editor


Butler-Turner should not go independent

LORETTA Butler-Turner may have had FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis in her crosshairs when she told Parliament that the salaries of MPs who are consistently absent should be cut.

When the smoke clears at the dump

THE election season is upon us again. As I travel around New Providence all I can see is political messages and persons campaigning for a particular candidate.

McCartney and how God works

“Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”.

Destruction of family in The Bahamas

ALMOST everyone, inclusive of yours truly, have an opinion as to how and why the traditional Bahamian society and culture are under assault, if not already destroyed.

Flipping the bird for five years

Except for the fact that they were finally able to take a picture of him “flippin’ the bird I ask the question Why Now?

We March on the wrong track

IN order to express their displeasure at the persistent problems caused by the fire at the dump, the WeMarch group is planning another protest march in April 2017.

Methane and the dump

WHY does the dump burn? Is it old cars or just rubbish going up in smoke?

A letter to Minister Gray on fishing licences

A letter to Minister of Agriculture,and Marine Resources, V Alfred Gray: I am writing to give you my view on the recently enacted fisheries resource regulation, Jurisdiction and Conservation (Flats Fishing) Regulations, 2017.

Banks in the Bahamas

I am moved to write following a recent article whereby the Royal Bank of Canada announced that it was closing branches in Treasure Cay, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells and Bimini. Apart from the pain of adding Bahamians to the list of the unemployed what was the motivation for such an announcement?

Grand Bahamians are fed up with Michelle Reckley and her PLP antics

FEW people outside of Grand Bahama would recognise the name Michelle Reckley. But on the island of Grand Bahama, everybody knows her. Reckley was on ZNS at a PLP event held at a mega church based on Grand Bahama on March 17 imploring Bahamians to give her party another opportunity to govern. She is the Iron Lady of the PLP who calls the shots on that northern island. She seems to wield the same kind of authority as Grand Bahama Minister Dr Michael Darville.

New Lexus for the PM?

Any emperor worth his salt is worthy of a new chariot every now and then.

Making our lives harder

Simon Rodehn’s letter today, 17 March “Waste of time for businesses”, struck a chord with me with respect to doing business under a “trade name”, as my aunt Anne Johnstone had, only last night, recounted her Twilight Zone experience, with our own Government agency BEC, seemingly doing business as BPL.

Directed by God to choose McCartney

One of the classic children’s songs of all times is “Only a boy named David”.

Waste of time for businesses

Please permit me space in your paper to express that I am angry as SIN and frustrated beyond pale. I spent all kinds of time money and effort to collect VAT and pay it, and prove that I have paid all my obligations to real Property, National Insurance and my Business license for all previous years just to get my current business license. I have a trade name that my Business license is issued to.

A vote in a strange year

2016 a strange year for democracy. We saw the rise of populism/quasi-fascism.