Letters to the Editor


Welcome to the 21st century

Former PLP cabinet minister Loftus Roker (he who gave us the cheeky moniker “Rokerpure” for brackish drinking water) recently expressed his disdain over the fact that outside observers were coming to invigilate our election next month.

Save our antiquities

After reading the article on Nassau’s lighthouse in today’s Tribune I should like to add to the observations made by Mr Ronald Lightbourn, not only is our historic lighthouse in dire straits but many of our other historical buildings and landmarks have also been, one might say, criminally neglected.

Our future, all things considered

Considering all that has been said and done under a PLP administration, we are looking at the possible consolidation of an enslaved state.

A DNA vote is a PLP vote

IT SHOULD be obvious to everyone by now that in this upcoming election, a vote for the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) or for an Independent candidate is essentially a vote for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

The clue to governance

YOUR April 3rd edition had a headline on page five - “PM: Minnis has no clue about governance”.

Cut down on plastic bag usage

WHILE everyone is concerned with the political fervour now consuming our nation, I wish to change strides and mention something on the environmental front (although it does in some way connect to recent and past politics – vis a vis the New Providence “landfill” debacle).

Serve the people

IT IS very important that in this election on May 10, 2017, that the political parties present to the Bahamain people the best ideas, solutions and visions to address the problems facing The Bahamas.

Say it again

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Wish there was a possibility of The Tribune running that same Editorial (April 6) up to the day of Election, or even separate flyers.

No need for outside observers

THE BAHAMAS has enjoyed Parliamentary system of government for over 200 years. The Bahamas has been an independent sovereign nation for over 43 years. During this period this country has enjoyed General Elections on a regular basis.

An open letter to the DNA

“Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”. Proverbs 14:34.

Swaying the voters? A ridiculous thought

Re: Free electricity pledge by PLP (The Tribune, April 13)

PLP only checking for PLPs

CHILE please, the current iteration of the PLP is only checking for PLPs.

The two PLPs

ALFRED Sears is running on the PLP ticket for Fort Charlotte.  He ran for leader of the PLP against Perry Christie, with the message that the PLP will lose under the Christie leadership. Is

Bird or crab?

Re: PM ‘should resign’ after ‘foul’ gesture.

By the rivers of Babylon

THE upcoming general elections will be the most important ever in our wonderful nation, make no mistake about this.