EDITORIAL: Who gets to claim the sunken treasure?

WHERE there’s gold, there’s a claim to be staked.

EDITORIAL: Gloves are off for Minnis vs Sands

IT’S the FNM fight you’ve all been waiting for… in the red corner, former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, and in the other red corner, his former Health Minister, Dr Duane Sands.

EDITORIAL: Is this how government speaks to investors?

THE tone of dialogue between the government and the company hunting for treasure from ships on the Bahamian seabed has taken a turn for the worse – and then some.

EDITORIAL: Once more, Venezuela touted as a solution

THE price of gas may be around $7 a gallon right now, but Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has a solution, it seems – Venezuela.

EDITORIAL: Tax for bread but not for yachts?

THIS one is going to be a little hard to justify for the administration.

EDITORIAL: We need to talk to Cuba

WHEN Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis flew to the Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles earlier this month, he pointed out a notable absentee. Cuba.

EDITORIAL: Nice words, but what is actually being done?

GLASGOW last year, Rwanda this week, Egypt for the COP27 conference in November … with all this jetting around the world, our climate change problems must be on the way to being solved. No?

EDITORIAL: Groundhog Day again at BPL

REPORTING on Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) sometimes feels like being trapped in the movie Groundhog Day.

EDITORIAL: Which is harder to find - gold or good governance?

WHEN The Tribune reported last year about an underwater exploration group having detected 13 shipwrecks in Bahamian waters, it was described as a “billion dollar” opportunity.

EDITORIAL: Tough call - but will it be the right one?

IT has been expected – but the step to remove the travel health visa was taken yesterday, with it no longer being a requirement for travel from Sunday.

EDITORIAL: Snub the rumours, and let courts do their work

THE accusations surrounding Adrian Gibson MP have landed in a courtroom.

EDITORIAL: Thin margins as high prices drive people to cut back

WE do not need to tell you that the price of gas has been going up, and up – and up.

EDITORIAL: Union unrest amid economic uncertainty

TEACHERS ready for industrial action, nurses voting for industrial action – it looks like there are rocks ahead amid talk of the economy flowing again.

EDITORIAL: Another summer of failure ahead for BPL?

WE’VE ASKED it before in this column – but what on Earth is going on at BPL?

EDITORIAL: Don’t panic - but be prepared

THE Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Michael Darville, sounded a cautious note as news broke yesterday of a suspected case of monkeypox in The Bahamas – but whether the case is confirmed or not, we should be prepared for the eventuality that the virus reaches our shores.