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TRIBUNE COMMENT: Another drive-by, a man falls fatally shot. We should all be shocked but today after so many killed it’s as if NO ONE CARES

This is the moment gunfire erupted on a quiet street on Wednesday evening – and yesterday it felt as if no one seemed to care another life had been taken.

EDITORIAL: It’s a loan – you have to pay it back

THERE will predictably be outrage from civil servants over just 12 words spoken yesterday by the Minister of Education, Jeffrey Lloyd.

The right man for the job?

“Not fit for office.” That’s the concern being raised amid an apparent crisis of leadership in the Baptist community here in The Bahamas.

Break up the boys club

WHEN you look at Parliament, you’d be forgiven for thinking it looks like a men’s club.

EDITORIAL: A better way of protecting the poor

Out of date, ineffective and failed. That’s the verdict of AML vice president Renea Bastian on price control – the policy that intends to keep the price down on essential items so that people aren’t priced out of the ability to feed themselves.

EDITORIAL: Empty promises mean empty pockets

FIRST, the good news. A deal is on the table from Carnival to settle with prosecutors after one of its ships dumped plastic and food waste in Bahamas waters last year. The company will pay $20m in fines.

EDITORIAL: Let me sell you something, but it’s okay, you don’t have to pay

SUPPOSE for a minute that you’re starting up a business. You go to the bank manager and pitch your business plan – you’re going to let people come into your business, use whatever services they need and when it comes to paying for them? Well, you’re not going to turn anyone away from your business, even if they say they can’t pay for what you’re selling.

EDITORIAL: Why limit our options with red tape?

WE’RE not sure whether we should be wishing Ruth Bowe-Darville congratulations on her new job or happy 65th birthday – but the arrival of both at once has caused a few to raise questions.

EDITORIAL: Steady as she goes

Taking care of the cents seems to be saving the dollars when it comes to the latest budget.

EDITORIAL: Don’t strike when there’s still time to talk

We should listen to Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar.

Don't blame the player, Mr Symonette, blame the game

Stop beating us in court, Fred!

EDITORIAL: More summer trouble as hotel union votes

When we wondered in Friday’s paper if a summer of discontent was heading the way of The Bahamas, little did we know another cloud was already forming on the horizon.

Is a summer of discontent heading our way?

To hear some members of the government talk, you’d think all was right with the country – but is that a summer of discontent we glimpse on the horizon?

EDITORIAL: Time to clean up our act

The national motto may be Forward, Upward, Onward, Together – but for some people it seems to be Backward, Downward, Rearward and Every Man For Himself.

Stop leaving people in limbo over immigration

THERE is a lot of sabre rattling when it comes to the issue of immigration – so it was very welcome to hear the clear voice of retired Justice Rubie Nottage yesterday putting issues into perspective.