EDITORIAL: Crime leaving residents still feeling aftermath of hurricane

IN the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, crime was a major concern for residents of Abaco. There were fears over looting, fears over inadequate policing with officers not going out at night with no power meaning no lights on the streets.

EDITORIAL: We’ve won the first round of this fight - time to do it again

THERE is good news and bad news in the fight against COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: A man dead, and the police silent

THERE are things that should not happen in a modern democracy.

EDITORIAL: Leaders must make the hard decisions

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis used a word yesterday that you don’t expect to hear from a government in power.

EDITORIAL: Fighting alone to earn victory together

MUCH of the focus on battling COVID-19 has fallen on the efforts of the government.

EDITORIAL: Talk to BPL - before they turn off your lights

THE go-ahead has been given for BPL to start disconnecting customers who can’t – or won’t – pay, and 16,000 could be cut off as a result.

EDITORIAL: Bold decisions at a time when they are needed

WE said it was crunch time for Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis ahead of his national address yesterday – and the stakes only got higher as the country set a new single-day record for COVID-19 cases.

EDITORIAL: Time for big decisions, Dr Minnis

IT’S crunch time for Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis when he gives his national address on Sunday.

EDITORIAL: A history of travel that could impact our future

THERE are three words that show the nature of what we are battling in this latest spike of COVID-19 cases. Those are “history of travel”.

EDITORIAL: Faking test results can harm us all

THERE are two parts to the measures we are using to prevent coronavirus. On one hand, there are the instructions on what we need to do to stop the virus spreading. On the other, there is the enforcement that needs to be done for those who break those rules.

EDITORIAL: Why are safety measures not in place for students?

Across the country, parents are looking ahead to the next school year – and worrying. Having already dealt with children at home through the lockdown, the concern now is what comes next? Will schools be able to deal safely with children once more?

EDITORIAL: Power supply in peril — and it’s time for government to act

FOR a number of hours over the weekend, residents in the Winton area experienced a power outage. It wasn’t load shedding this time, rather that the substation there had tripped offline – but for residents sitting with no lights and no air conditioning, there was little difference.

EDITORIAL: Beach closure explanation just doesn't add up

AT long last, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis spoke up yesterday to explain why he is closing the beaches for the Independence holiday.

EDITORIAL: Knocking down shanty towns alone won’t solve anything

IMMIGRATION and work permits have been thrown again into the spotlight – not least by the arrival of more than 100 Mexican workers bound for employment at Baker’s Bay, and the concern from the public over whether those were jobs that could have been done by Bahamians instead.

EDITORIAL: The traumas that create killers

WHEN you think of a murderer in this country, what do you think of?