How long must we 'stand by', commissioner?

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander was in front of the cameras yesterday as he announced that murders were up 13 percent compared to last year – and soon after he was on the ground at another shooting scene with two men injured at Palmdale Plaza.

Another year and the story stays the same with BPL

THERE were more than a few sighs of frustration at the weekend, as once again the country was hit by load shedding.

Cannabis Bill tabled, but has cost been counted?

IT has taken a long time – but the bills to deal with the decriminalisation of marijuana, and to allow medical marijuana were tabled in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Heartbreaking rise in suicides and attempts

A SERIES of stories about suspected suicides have featured in The Tribune recently – and each is genuinely heartbreaking.

Praise for the rescue - but why did it take so long?

IT is very welcome indeed to see a happy ending to the story about the dolphins of Blackbeard’s Cay.

EDITORIAL: US report tells us what we know

AT the start of this year, a spike in the murder rate brought international warnings to travellers that prompted the government to loudly proclaim – and often – that The Bahamas was a safe place to visit.

EDITORIAL: Andros fire highlights out islands’ need for resources

WHEN The Tribune spoke to North Andros administrator about a fire that had broken out on the island, we were assured that it was mostly contained.

EDITORIAL: Shelter for abused women needs action

LET us take a step back in time.

EDITORIAL: BMW purchase bad optics as many struggle

A photograph of a receipt caused a stir on social media at the weekend – a receipt for a car for the Prime Minister.

EDITORIAL: Sustainable peace needed in Gaza conflict

A MESSAGE was sent to The Tribune’s managing editor recently, asking just one question – what is The Tribune’s position on Gaza?

EDITORIAL: Be cautious not to take away rights

TWO different paths towards justice strike very different notes in today’s Tribune.

EDITORIAL: Questions on Sears amd NIB confusion

NATIONAL Insurance Board Minister Alfred Sears stood up in Parliament and announced a plan to save NIB that within hours his own Prime Minister’s office had disowned.

EDITORIAL: Time to revisit plans for Haiti help

IF there was a plan to restore order to Haiti, then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

EDITORIAL: More action needed in fight for equality

ON Friday, The Bahamas joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day.

EDITORIAL: Remembering a hero and guardian angel

PAUL Thompson was a guardian angel.