EDITORIAL: The toughest of sentences to give

“Difficult matters make for difficult decisions.”

EDITORIAL: A victory for Minnis - but a greater battle ahead

As predicted, the vote of no confidence – which was switched around to become a vote of confidence – ended up in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ favour.

EDITORIAL: Why the sudden turnaround on minimum wage?

The news of a rise in the minimum wage to at least $300 per week will be a welcome one for public workers – and beyond if the private sector follows suit.

EDITORIAL: We hope a life will be saved thanks to the lessons learned from Aidan

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child. In today’s Tribune, we tell Aidan’s story. Aidan Roger Dupuch-Carron was born on November 24, 2015, and it was in the following July that his long battle began.

EDITORIAL: They deserve a medal

After Hurricane Dorian, the stories were horrific.

EDITORIAL: Playing the partisan game

IT’S taken the better part of half a year, but PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis is at least on the verge of tabling his resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

EDITORIAL: Grand Bahama needs a Grand Plan - and so does The Bahamas

Where does Grand Bahama go from here?

EDITORIAL: Strong words - but the court will have final say

There were strong words yesterday from Attorney General Carl Bethel about the latest affadavit from Rights Bahamas seeking to prevent evictions and demolitions of shanty towns in Abaco.

EDITORIAL: A good step - but short-term problems persist

With the prospect of shelters closing by the end of the year, an obvious question arises: Where will people go?

EDITORIAL: Questions over failed prosecutions

First, the Frank Smith trial ended with him walking away a free man, and now the Shane Gibson bribery case has ended the same way. Both men are not guilty, both cases leave questions for whether the charges should have been brought in the first place based on the evidence that prosecutors presented.

EDITORIAL: Who is talking to US officials?

THE new travel alert from the US Department of State for The Bahamas prompts a question or two.

EDITORIAL: When it comes to climate change, we really have to try

JUST 11 days ago we asked here how serious the government was when Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said nations needed to intensify their response to the threats from global warming.

EDITORIAL: Time to show Omar Archer the door

TO jump out of the second floor window of a court room - for whatever reason - is not the act of someone thinking straight.

EDITORIAL: We can’t rely on the wheel of fortune to build our future

IN the flood of overseas assistance which poured into The Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian we expect few of us will have noticed one of the biggest individual contributions made towards disaster relief.

EDITORIAL: Once again, PLP figures don’t add up

EXACTLY a week ago The Tribune revealed that Dutch authorities were investigating possible corruption involving the purchase of $150 million worth of ships for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.