EDITORIAL: FNM needs to get house in order

ALL is not well in the ranks of the FNM.

EDITORIAL: Praiseworthy statistics in fight against HIV

FOR those who remember the challenges this country has gone through in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases, today’s news of continuing declines in cases is the kind of news that seemed impossible to dream of at times.

EDITORIAL: Promising action at start of COP28

THE United Nations climate conferences – of which COP28 is the latest incarnation – have perhaps too often been seen as talking shops. Lots of talking, not as much doing.

EDITORIAL: Concerning that Davis was shocked by IMF report

WHEN Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis declared himself in yesterday’s Tribune to be “shocked” by a conclusion from the International Monetary Fund over the country’s deficit, it needs to be considered in light of how government actually works.

EDITORIAL: Where is the investigation into Petty?

THE departure of Sylvanus Petty from his role as chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation came swiftly.

EDITORIAL: We should take time to give thanks

FOR some, the weekend gone was all about giving thanks.

EDITORIAL: Five takeaways from by-election vote

THE race has been run. The votes have been counted. And after all the sound and fury, the money spent and the time on the campaign trail, we are back to where we started. West Grand Bahama and Bimini have chosen a PLP candidate to fill the vacancy left by the death of PLP MP Obie Wilchcombe.

EDITORIAL: Time for voters to have their say

IT is by-election day, and as you read this, voters in West Grand Bahama and Bimini are having their say on who will be their representative in Parliament.

EDITORIAL: Minnis missing on by-election trail

ON Wednesday, voters go to the polls in West Grand Bahama and Bimini – and each of the major parties has been throwing its political heavyweights at the campaign.

EDITORIAL: Any young life’s end is a loss

EMERGENCY lights were flashing outside The Tribune last night – so of course our reporters went to find out what was going on.

EDITORIAL: A pyramid of problems for Grant

Bishop Ricardo Grant’s campaign to become the new MP for West Grand Bahama and Bimini is in trouble.

EDITORIAL: PM’s right response on Petty

THE revelations regarding a contract having been received at the Water and Sewerage Corporation by the daughter of its chairman have raised a number of concerns.

EDITORIAL: Nygard guilty, but what about his enablers?

Peter Nygard is guilty. The long-time resident of the Lyford Cay property in western New Providence had his day in court – and the jury found him guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.

EDITORIAL: BPL albatross around govt’s neck

BAHAMAS Power and Light may just be the albatross around the neck of this government.

EDITORIAL: Shame on those who rob charities and churches

IS nothing sacred? It would seem not given one of the latest crimes to afflict The Bahamas – a pastor whose car was broken into while he was at church.