EDITORIAL: The clock’s running on this polarising president

With the month of June just around the corner, American electoral politics is beginning to heat up along with the weather. While there have already been some very expensive and highly newsworthy bi-elections and early primary votes in a few states, the most meaningful phase of the 2018 congressional election season is just beginning.

EDITORIAL: A steady start – with the odd stumble

DESPITE a predictable low grading from the leader of the Opposition, the general consensus has been the Free National Movement Government performed reasonably well during its first year in office and is gathering momentum as it seeks to live up to the expectations of the electorate.

EDITORIAL: Over the Hill - minus web shops - to get facelift

IN announcing his government’s plans “to transform our inner cities in ways only dreamt about”, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis made it clear that tax concessions granted residents to help them rebuild, upgrade and create businesses in their communities, would not be extended to web shops and liquor stores.

EDITORIAL: Out of control jitneys bring wild, wild west to Nassau

Today marks the end of United Nations Road Safety Week and while Bahamians proved once again to be among the world’s most eager population to sign an online safe driving pledge, one segment of the motoring population apparently did not get the message – jitney drivers.

EDITORIAL: The strange return of Oliver North

Oliver North is back. It is surprising it didn’t happen earlier. In light of what is happening internationally and in Washington DC, North’s re-emergence on the public stage seems almost inevitably appropriate.

EDITORIAL: Windrush row rocks British govt

WHILE continuing to concentrate on the complex negotiations about the terms of Britain’s forthcoming departure from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has been faced recently with a major immigration issue that could damage her politically.

EDITORIAL: The FNM enters its second year

AS the curtain is lowered today on the Free National Movement’s first year in office, the second year opens on a sombre note. High unemployment, a medical and educational system under siege, damage from the last hurricane still to be repaired, and a crippled Treasury, unable to meet the demands of an expectant people, promised much, but who now have to face reality – the cupboard is bare.

EDITORIAL: Three steps to put Minnis and Co. back on track

TOMORROW The Bahamas will mark the first anniversary of an election like no other – the former governing party tossed out like two-day-old stew fish and the FNM swept in with an unprecedented vote of confidence, winning 35 of 39 seats.

EDITORIAL: The changing face of diplomacy

Among the many perplexing aspects of the bizarre spectacle that is the Donald Trump administration in Washington, the curious rebirth of the concept of diplomacy is one of the strangest.

EDITORIAL: Jeff Lloyd's discipline is overdue

LAST week PLP chairman Fred Mitchell lost his way in the murky world of “right and wrong” when he turned his anger on a government minister who was doing his job by letting certain government employees know that their days of cheating the taxpayers of this country are over.

EDITORIAL: Health of Bahamian people must come first

YESTERDAY, The Tribune reported that all but five striking nurses — they officially called it taking “sick leave” — had returned to work after walking out on patients and a hospital that anywhere else would have been condemned for not being up to acceptable standards.

EDITORIAL: A presidency like no other, Trump wasn’t kidding

With the election of Donald Trump as US president, many American observers learned for the first time that many government ethics and nepotism rules do not actually apply to the Chief Executive himself. Rules makers apparently assumed anyone elected president would treat the office with the utmost respect, as Barack Obama did.

EDITORIAL: Environment Minister on Right Track with Plastics Ban

If Minister of Environment and Housing Romauld ‘Romi’ Ferreira accomplishes nothing more in his five-year term of office, he will still have had a remarkable impact on the future of The Bahamas through his single act of banning single-use plastics by 2020. Ferreira made the announcement during a press conference along with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation on April 23.

EDITORIAL: Could Bahamas learn from Singapore?

SPEAKING at the CEO Network conference at the Melia Nassau Beach hotel last week, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis told his audience that the Bahamian economy had grown by about 2.5 percent in the past year, which, he said, could possibly signal its best growth in ten years.

EDITORIAL: Opportunities from the Commonwealth

The events surrounding last week’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London were remarkable for their grandeur and splendour, and, judging from the communique at the end of this biennial conference, it was notable for the wide range of issues covered during its deliberations over several days. No doubt, the warm spring-like weather contributed to the mood of goodwill and harmony enjoyed at the gathering.