EDITORIAL: The two stories of the FTX collapse

THE story of the collapse of FTX, the crypto exchange that so spectacularly fell apart, is one that is divided into two parts. There is the international story – which primarily affects the customers who put their money into FTX’s hands, and who now join the list of creditors seeking billions from the fallen company.

EDITORIAL: Fyre Festival fraudster returns to scene of his crime

WHEN Billy McFarland left The Bahamas after the debacle that was the Fyre Festival, the country was collectively glad to see the back of him.

EDITORIAL: Safe and sound after the storm

IT’S pleasant to be able to report good news.

EDITORIAL: Double blow to economic hopes

WHILE all eyes have been on the storm rolling towards Grand Bahama and Abaco this week – understandably given the destruction those islands experienced in Hurricane Dorian – there has also been economic turbulence to keep a watch on.

EDITORIAL: Take storm Nicole seriously

OF all the people in our nation, the ones who need to be reminded least of the importance of taking a storm seriously are the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

EDITORIAL: What lesson can we learn from pharmacist talks?

WHEN the government and pharmacists came to a “win-win” agreement last week, there were those who were quick to portray it as a success for the government.

EDITORIAL: So what is the plan to stop the murders?

ANOTHER spate of murders has prompted questions over how effective the government’s strategy for fighting crime has been.

EDITORIAL: Aisha shows we can reach for the stars

AISHA Bowe is making history. She is to become the first Bahamian to go into space – on board a commercial flight with Blue Origin, the spaceflight company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

EDITORIAL: The tangled web of PLP’s Bermuda trip

THE story of the PLP’s jaunt to Bermuda is becoming increasingly tangled – and it doesn’t need to be.

EDITORIAL: Our public servants deserve better

WHEN Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander took up his post, one of the first things he addressed was the vacation leave he was forced to take under the Minnis administration.

EDITORIAL: Fight over trip misses the big picture

THERE is something of a debate going back and forward between the PLP and the FNM over a recent trip to Bermuda – and it misses what should be the fundamental point.

EDITORIAL: Bishop adds a reasoned voice to the debate

ON today’s front page of The Tribune, Bishop Laish Boyd expresses the view of the Anglican Diocese on the issue of marital rape laws.

EDITORIAL: What should we do to help Haiti?

THE grim reality of life in Haiti is that it is a broken nation.

EDITORIAL: So many left hungry in our nation

YOU don’t have to look far to see signs of how hard life is for many Bahamians.

EDITORIAL: Davis tells us the state of the nation

IT has been some time since we had a national address by the nation’s Prime Minister.