EDITORIAL: Where are the funds to be found for the PMH?

“WHY did they sign a contract with us when they knew that there were not enough funds to honour it?”

EDITORIAL: The truth behind the real property tax debacle

TOURISM Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar was right on two counts when he spoke out at the end of last week about the government’s decision to backtrack on a real property tax definition that had the luxury market in full-blown panic mode.

EDITORIAL: US holds its breath to see how the mid-terms blow

Too many Americans remain flummoxed about how they wound up with Donald Trump as their president. They can conjure up dozens of reasons why he shouldn’t be president, but how he got elected remains fundamentally mysterious for many. While the Robert Mueller investigation and the evidence of Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election offer a partial explanation, few serious students of American politics believe Russian interference tipped the balance by itself.

EDITORIAL: So, how did we get here?

“I’m going to build a wall, a big one, and keep these people out.” So promised Donald Trump and in doing so pulled on the cord of white America’s deep seated fear of immigration and won himself a seat in the White House.

EDITORIAL: May be there’s another way for our shanty towns

THE Bahamas is not the first country to experience the dilemma presented by what in some places is called squatters’ settlements or slums or what we have come to call shanty towns. As immigrant populations grow around the world and where it is difficult for those immigrants to assimilate or afford standard housing, communities of substandard housing pop up.

EDITORIAL: It’s the economy which could keep Trump in the White House

AUGUST is political vacation time in North America and perhaps even more so in Europe. With the politicians out of time, commentators are able to devote some more attention to matters other than the increasingly seamy but nonetheless diverting circus that democratic politics has become.

EDITORIAL: Tougher legislation against poaching overdue

ON Friday of last week, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard announced in Grand Bahama that legislation was going to be introduced with stiffer penalties for poaching, the illegal taking of fish, conch and crawfish from Bahamian waters by non-Bahamians or non-Bahamian owned vessels.

EDITORIAL: Lessons to learn from America’s northern neighbour

There are many who feel the United States is the luckiest nation in modern history. Blessed by benign geography, the distractions of European powers during the nation’s infancy, an abundance of natural resources and the geopolitical latitude to stumble often in establishing a workable democracy, the US can hardly deny its good fortune.

EDITORIAL: Here’s hoping for Oban 2 - but why would Dhunna & Co give up what they’ve already got?

THE sorry saga of the Oban Energies deal rumbles ever onwards – and a most curious tale it is too.

EDITORIAL: A property tax which rewards neglect

VISITORS to Nassau ride through the historic city wide-eyed, awed by the lines and bones of its architectural heritage and appalled at the number of buildings with holes in the roof or no roof at all, decorated with unsightly graffiti and begging for attention.

EDITORIAL: A bumbling buffoon but could Trump win again?

HISTORIANS will certainly have their hands full with the legacy of Donald Trump. Just when it seems he cannot do anything more outlandish, selfish or just plain stupid, he surpasses himself. His performance in meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland last week almost seemed to be an attempt to exceed his own previously well-documented witlessness. It must be admitted that if that was his intent, he was successful.

EDITORIAL: The two faces of marijuana – medical and recreational

WE ARE pleased that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, in considering whether marijuana should be legalised in the Bahamas, will not be looking at the revenue that such legalisation might bring in, but on the medical benefits that marijuana, if controlled, could offer our people.

EDITORIAL: Why we need to pay our bills

ARE we really serious about ensuring the brightest possible future for The Bahamas?

EDITORIAL: Policing the seas should be a top priority

ON June 30, the eyes of the world focused on The Bahamas for all the wrong reasons. One American woman was killed and at least nine others were injured after a tour boat carrying 12 people exploded a mile off Barraterre in the Exumas. While the cause of that explosion remains under investigation, the incident drew our attention to the business of boating in Bahamian waters and to boat operations in general, vessels being used for commercial charters, fishing and for private recreational use.