EDITORIAL: A light at the end of the tunnel

FOR too long, we have been speaking of the problems facing The Bahamas because of the economy – but a ray of sunlight may have just pierced the gloom.

EDITORIAL: That's all right then. Not a kidnap. Just doing your 'job'.

THE Immigration department must hate the sight of Fred Smith QC almost as much as they hate the prospect of doing their jobs properly. If they did the latter, they wouldn’t need to see nearly so much of the former.

EDITORIAL: Will Supreme Court bring Trump's wall tumbling down?

For several years, the composition of the American Supreme Court has been a contentious partisan issue, generally simmering on the political stove but on several occasions boiling over into a full-blown pitched battle between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.

EDITORIAL: Without a cultural change all we'll ever do is dream

WHILE historically there has always been debate about the nature of fiscal policy, it is now generally accepted that, in a modern globalised economy, reducing debt and stimulating growth should be the goals of most governments.

EDITORIAL: Detention Centre a horror story demanding Immigration Dept overhaul

The case of yet another life interrupted by a horrific and prolonged stay at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre punctuated by beatings and abuse without formal charges ever being filed against the detainee makes for grim reading.

EDITORIAL: We need a Marshall Plan for Haiti

They came in their hundreds to mourn the dead.

EDITORIAL: Lessons still to be learned as we take steps in the right direction

Amid claims the crisis in Venezuela has been caused by outside interference, the evidence suggests the reasons are homegrown. Dictatorship and rule by decree, political repression and economic mismanagement on a massive scale have resulted in the disaster of a failing state.

EDITORIAL: So is Oban nonsense, Dr Minnis?

Here we go again with Oban.

EDITORIAL: The Great Game continues as Venezuela continues to suffer

What are we to make of the deteriorating and regionally increasingly perilous situation in Venezuela?

EDITORIAL: What can we learn from tragedy?

What must it take?

EDITORIAL: Has May finally got a chance of a deal?

The thorny issue of Britain’s departure from the European Union is top of the world’s news agenda again. Brexit has divided public opinion in the United Kingdom and precipitated a deep political crisis. It is also significant internationally because of the likely effects on the economies of other countries - ourselves included - arising from disruption and uncertainty in relation to trading patterns.

EDITORIAL: Time to make Debbie proud

Take a walk downtown and you’ll be far removed from the paradise idyll The Bahamas is famed for worldwide.

EDITORIAL: Jockeying for position as Trump stumbles on

Next year America prepares for several landmark events. There is the centennial celebration of women’s voting rights. There is a general election including for the office of president. And there is the once-a-decade process called the census, a process by which individual state populations are counted and surveyed to ensure there is proportionate representation in the American Congress. It appears now all three of these events will be directly related.

EDITORIAL: Hitting the next generation of students

It seems some people here in The Bahamas don’t understand what the word “loan” means.