EDITORIAL: Work permits by the numbers

THERE has been a lot of noise lately over work permits – and the prospect of denying permits to businesses if they don’t have an understudy being trained. Well, listen carefully, here comes the sound of the backtrack.

EDITORIAL: Immigration sense or election trail rhetoric?

IMMIGRATION was in the Prime Minister’s sights yesterday – though his target was not always clear.

EDITORIAL: Last chance saloon for BPL

“THERE will be an end to load shedding,” declared Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) chairman Dr Donovan Moxey in December as the new Wartsila engines were unveiled. How many of us believed him?

EDITORIAL: Speaker should learn when to speak

The current Speaker of the House, Halson Moultrie, came to his post without the benefit of experience of Parliament.

EDITORIAL: Are we prepared for the next hurricane season?

As much as we have talked about the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, we must now turn our minds to a new hurricane season.

EDITORIAL: We must concentrate on the victims, not the politics

TODAY’S developments in the allegations against Canadian businessman Peter Nygard make shocking reading.

EDITORIAL: Marsh Harbour relocation a model for all our futures

Should Marsh Harbour be moved inland?

EDITORIAL: Find answers - not offer distractions

IMAGINE if you will that a serious allegation is made. Two sides look at the allegation, one nods soberly and says yes, we’d better investigate. The other side says that’s crazy and look over there, that other thing over there is what we really need to investigate.

EDITORIAL: Nygard lawsuit shows our failings as a nation

THE allegations against Peter Nygard are horrendous.

EDITORIAL: The long, slow path to justice for Ericka

IT has taken a long time for any measure of justice to be reached over the death of Ericka Fowler.

EDITORIAL: Good news after the storm

THE delight was obvious to see in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ announcements of two big economic deals – one for South Abaco and one for Grand Bahama.

EDITORIAL: Big promises but prosecutions fall flat

FIRST on the election trail and then again once in office, tackling corruption was a theme that Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis kept returning to.

EDITORIAL: Where are our children learning to be violent?

HAS your child been in a fight at school in the past 30 days?

EDITORIAL: Still matters to consider over marijuana

AT long last, the report of the commission tasked with considering changes to our laws on marijuana has been tabled in Parliament.

EDITORIAL: Marital rape law? Don’t expect anyone to rush

WHATEVER your viewpoint on the issue of marital rape – freshly in the headlines after Speaker Halson Moultrie opened his mouth on the subject and put his foot squarely in it – let’s be clear about one thing: Nothing’s going to change in a hurry.